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Child of an Ancient CityY child I can tell you that I am an only child who was raised by my grandparents and yes I can agree that being an only child especial one that was raised by their grandparents was great doing the holidays Deep Purple Child in Time YouTube Lyrics Sweet child in time you'll see the line Line that's drawn between good and bad See the blind man shooting at the world Bullets flying ooh taking to Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine Official Music REMASTERED IN HD OVER A BILLION VIEWS AppetiteForDestruction The Debut Album Remastered and Expanded Available now as Box Set Super Deluxe Double LP Child Development Wiley Online Library The Science of Learning and Teaching at Home An SRCD Virtual Issue The Society for Research in Child Development is pleased to share a cross journal virtual issue on The Science of Learning and Teaching at HomeThese articles freely available online until July were selected from SRCD's scholarly journals and publications because they explore research relevant to remote learning Century Child Wikipdia Century Child est le uatrime album du groupe de Meta This is a remarkably good little book It tells the tale of an ill fated caravan journey between Baghdad and Armenia and how the book's protagonist and narrator Masrur al Adan manages to survive bandit raids and the attentions of the vampyr stalking themThe structure of the narrative is a tale within a tale and in the final third goes even further to include several other tales within the tale within the tale While this might sound complicated it's surprisingly well done and obviously owes much of its origin to One Thousand and One Nights The fact that most of the tale is told in the first person by Masrur gave the narrative a much intimate feel for me and gave the story a bite that it might not necessarily have had if told in the third personThere's also a sense that Dracula and other similar works have had a small but significant influence on this tale The growing sense of dread attributed to the characters is in a similar vein to that imparted by Jonathan Harker during his time travelling towards and then staying at Dracula's castle though it should be noted that the vampyr in this tale is not at all like the eponymous vampire in Stoker's work Indeed by the end of the narrative the authors managed to provide an almost sympathetic view of the vampyr something I never got from StokerThe seven micro tales told by the surviving characters at the end of the book are fantastic little stories in their own right and the resolution of the conflict between the vampyr and the protagonists came as a bit of a surprise to me Taken as a whole this is definitely a book worth reading if you can find a copy; as far as I can tell it's now out of print which is a bit of a shame to be honestA strong four and a half stars