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A Man from Mandu Book ↠ 168 pages Download Á Is he the New Age Guru that we have all been waiting for? Is he a fraudster?How does he know the story of your life?In his latest book Manoj Jain delves into the world of Godmen and devotees of faith and money A Man from Mandu is a book of deception transformation and growth Read about DhIs he the New Age Guru that we have all been waiting for? Is he a fraudster?How does he know the story of your life?In his latest book Manoj Jain delves 'Godmen’ or religious gurus are often the charismatic rock stars in India They have a high profile presence thousands of devout followers incessant wealth and are capable of influencing mass opinionTheir followers are impressed by their Godmen proclamations of possession super natural powers that have the ability to heal and influence future eventsFrom a business perspective India is the best market for a Godman No other country provides the market which India does No fancy degree reuired low cost investment and no family influence Because of their immense following they are often courted by the nation’s top politicians to leverage their influence on the massesHowever despite their demi god status they have been regularly criticized by certain uarters Especially after the recent episodes of monetary fraud and sexual violence against their followers However going forward it is unlikely that their influence will subsideThe spiritual gurus that are doing well have very well established and resourced teams It’s not surprising at all that they’ve been able to organise around social media contentI read this book A Man From Mandu by Manoj Jain compulsively two hours either side of a night's rest The writing of this book is crisp not a word wasted An average Indian may find this to be one of the funniest books ever written seriously Pretty horrifying to think how one man and his Ponzi scheme could fool so many people in the name of God for so long The author Manoj Jain has done the research and comeup with the real look into the world of professional 'Babas' The book is balanced truthful and an eye opener Author through this writing can open the eyes of the scripturally blind if they would read and understand what he has written Author Manoj Jain doesn't write over the heads of readers it is so simple that a child can understand it all one has to do is read it This was an amazing yet depressing book It's incredible how people believe in mythological beings but then to see how Earthly minions are willing to throw away their hard earned money on charlatans is mind boggling Worst of all politicians seek the favor of these so called pastors of faith and the people buy into their nonsense

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Tamorphosis into Avishkar Baba the Sadhu of Stories and about Tarini who is promoting him so successfully But what does the scheming Tarini have to gain I couldn't help feeling the vibes of the book 'The Guide' by R K Narayan while reading this one The storyline is pretty much the same The only difference is the presence of the modern social media and it's influence in the story The book basically starts with a bored single woman wanting to do something exciting So with the help of her friend she bets that she would produce a godman with five hundred followers within a year And then comes the role of our most interesting character Dhawal I appreciate the personality of this character how character was developed well and how this character remain unfazed till the end This character and the basic writing style are the main highlights of this read I like how this book represented the way we human are so ready to believe anything in search of answers that no one can explain regarding the philosophical spiritual thoughts and uestions that we ask ourselves from time to time And yes this book represented well the concept of godmen and his followers especially in India And this book doesn't force opinions in this matter For some people it brings peace in their chaotic lives For some people it makes them think and get answers But yes it also emphasizes on the blind following and the manipulation of popular social media like the Facebook and Instagram I like the concept the writing style and the various relevant arguments in relation to the concept However I find the book a bit repetitive when it comes to giving sermons by Dhawal Some of the stories does not make sense at all A few stories were really good I didn't like the rest of the characters They lacked personality and were poorly represented The ending was like a joke Like seriously after everything is said and done I don't really care if the woman Tarini in the story is too eager to move on by flirting with the first stranger she meets on a plane as the ending I really find these parts really disturbingTarini referring to a taxi driver as 'the help' directly on his face and saying that he is not fit to sit together with her and her best friend Paulomi to have a cup of tea at a roadside tea stall Seriously? And writing sexist things like she pouts and show her dimples whenever she wants something from someone Her dimples are what makes her so attractive and no one can stay away from her And the incessant commentary on what dresses these female characters wear and what they should wear and the motive behind each dress Actually nobody cares But I find it sexist and superficial when it's being emphasized too much That's all folks 📚I need good books to read Moving on 🧦

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A Man from Mandu Into the world of Godmen and devotees of faith and money A Man from Mandu is a book of deception transformation and growth Read about Dhawal and his me Many of the Spiritual leaders or so called Godmen believe that they are doing the work of God when they are fleecing the flock The book A Man From Mandu by Manoj Jain is intriguing if the reader wishes to know about the history of the current crises in which radical Godmen and Babas attempt to control the people by playing with their faith in God Of all the ways scammers can steal your money experts agree the most difficult frauds to combat are the ones that seek to turn your own faith against youLaw enforcement officials call them affinity frauds — targeting victims through a common bond most often religion While nationwide statistics are hard to come by because the scams are so widespread it's fair to say that affinity fraud losses run into the billions of dollars per yearAuthor Manoj Jain has done the research and comeup with the first real look into the world of professional Babas In this well researched book he clearly and compellingly explains the what's who's and why's of how religious huckster ism has successfully manipulated a frightened lonely and despairing populace