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Hide author S.J. Morgan kindle ä Paperback ☆ randarenewables õ It’s 1983 in Thatcher’s Britain Alec Johnston has left his comfortable family home in Cardiff and taken a flat with bikers Minto Stobes and Black There he meets Sindy Minto’s strange and vulnerable young girlfriend When she starts to vieJourney one that begins in a small town in Wales and continues through the vast Australian outback As the threats get closer Alec fears this is one journey from which he may never return Hide builds suspense with each new chapter The threat of violence ever present S J Morgan juxtaposes everyday characters living normal lives against the seedy underworld of a bikie gang As Alexander and his family emerge from the grief of his sister's death they are pulled into a world they are poorly euipped to understand let alone survive A great novel that might keep you reading well into the night

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It’s 1983 in Thatcher’s Britain Alec Johnston has left his comfortable family home in Cardiff and taken a flat with bikers Minto Stobes and Black There he meets Sindy Minto’s strang Set in 1983 HIDE is one of those novels that clearly demonstrate how a couple of simple life choices can send somebody spiralling into dark territory very uickly There's nothing unusual in the setup as Alec Johnston moves into the sort of share house we've all probably lived in at some time A slightly grotty old house this time in Swansea South Wales which he shares with three other young men Minto Stobes and BlackMinto is an odd character a menacing bikkie type with a very young girlfriend who is fragile beyond belief Johnston with than a sneaking suspicion that he should just keep his nose well out of it finds himself drawn to the very vulnerable Sindy and right into Minto's bad books as a result Moving between the interactions of Johnston and his housemates and Johnston's parents and friends in Cardiff things get increasingly weird tense and threatening in a way that's absolutely mesmerising In a very bad slow burn darker and darker sort of way that had this reader sitting up way too late with all the lights on In an elegant twist however this isn't Sindy being moved from one dangerous and manipulative relationship to another Johnston is a decent young man his parents are good people and there collective willingness to help somebody in trouble is nicely pitched not cloying or over playedWritten in a series of short pointed chapters HIDE keeps twisting up the tension creating a creepy all consuming who is going to be for it now sort of vibe that keeps the pages turning no matter how uncomfortable it gets Even the move from darker small town up close Wales to the wide open outback of Australia doesn't help as it turns out that bright light cast in dark places just makes them easier to see into The concluding chapters of HIDE were an absolute standout with the twists and turns revealing an intricately knitted together tale of bravery and determination and the tension never lets up as the most unlikely heroes emerge into that light right up to a tantalising finishing paragraphhttpswwwaustcrimefictionorgrevi

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Hide author S.J. MorgE and vulnerable young girlfriend When she starts to view Alec as a possible saviour from her abusive relationship it earns Alec a big target on his backHide takes us on a dark unsettling This atmospheric page turner shines a stark light on international bikie culture and will likely leave most readers gripped by the complex menace confronting an ordinary Welsh family in the early 1980s Casual control and subtle manipulation are the major themes of 'Hide' as it charts the choices protagonist Alec is forced to make when he finds himself under pressure to 'get ahead' in Thatcher's Britain This wild ride takes him as far as outback Australia but it's his emotional journey that's ultimately far profound than mere geographyThe characters are well drawn the trio of female leads incredibly so for a work that trades on masculine brutality and loyalty so keenly Unlike other thrillers in this genre that I am aware of 'Hide' doesn't conceal the coercion and peer pressure that goes on between men it explores every false friend and excuse for violence at Alec's cautious naive paceMorgan's portrait of the book's Welsh setting has all the hallmarks of someone who was there with the popular culture of the times calling at the edges of Alec's life while he's mired in the sludge of economic rationalism when it was really on the rise in the UK An insightful recreation of Gen X angst in the pre dawn of the Millennium