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READER ✓ DOC Baby Sitters on Board The Baby Sitters Club Super Special #1 ↠ 9780590442404 FREE Å RANDARENEWABLES Ý Kristy Mary Anne Stacey Claudia and Dawn are the luckiest baby sitters in the world This summer they're going on the greatest tBoat trip around the Bahamas and then three days of fun in Disney WorldOf course they have a million adventures Claudia gets notes from a mysterious Secret Admi This book was way boring than I remember it being except for some intense lesbian subtext The BSC goes on a cruise with the Pikes and the Brewer Thomases Dawn gets dragged around by an overly pushy dude and nobody finds anything wrong with it Claudia has a stalker and it's So Romantic ugh Kristy spends the whole cruise hanging around an old man which makes me wonder where her parents were throughout this trip But the subtext man I admit that I was a naive kid I didn't know where babies came from until a slumber party in fifth grade where a much sophisticated friend asked me if I knew gave me a withering look when she heard my response and handed me a medical textbook of some sort Therefore upon my first reading of Baby sitters on Board I completely missed Mary Anne's cruise ship crush on one Alexandra Carmody From her first chapter Yeah I replied vaguely I was looking at a girl who was standing at the appointment desk apparently waiting for someone to help her She had masses of dark wavy hair that cascaded over her shoulders and partway down her back and she was wearing one of the skimpiest bikinis I'd ever seen Even though she looked just a little older than me she had a figure that filled out the top of her bikini nicely Wow I said softly I was highly impressedThe girl turned around then and I blushed I hoped she hadn't overheard me That would have been too too embarrassingSERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY???Mary Anne has some intense drama with this girl Mary Anne immediately becomes friends with her but ignores Alexandra when she finds out she's been lying about some things Alexandra spends an entire day following Mary Anne around Disney World trying to make amends instead of riding the rides like a normal twelve year old Mary Anne ignores her and her entire day revolves around making a big point out of this The subplot culminates with the two reconciling but Mary Anne feels that she doesn't want to keep in touch with Alexandra She decides this even though it turns out that Stoneybrook is only a few towns over from Alexandra's I like to imagine that once they finally get off the Lost island and stop repeating eighth grade in a torturous loop Alexandra and Mary Anne re meet at a football game eventually go to prom together much to Kristy's chagrin of course and cause much lesbi gossip throughout the Stoneybrook communityI know there are loud rumblings that Ann M Martin is a lesbian and she's said numerous times that she patterned Mary Anne mostly after herself but MY GOD This was like O It's easy to find lesbian subtext when one wants to particularly in an all girl preteen novel series that's written by a lesbian but this is ridiculously obvious Somehow it evaded the Scholastic publishers way back in 1988 Good going there Ann

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Kristy Mary Anne Stacey Claudia and Dawn are the luckiest baby sitters in the world This summer they're going on the greatest trip ever a plane ride to Florida a this is the first of the super specials i remember being so psyched about this book's release when i was a kid it was extra thick had chapters from the points of view of every club member plus byron mallory karen the premise mr pike won a contest at work the prize was an all expenses paid cruise for his entire family plus three days at disney world i bet whoever came up with the bright idea for the contest was kicking himself when mr pike father of eight won with all those kids the pikes of course brought mary anne stacey along as mother's helpers when kristy's stepfather watson heard about the trip he decided to book his family as well himself elizabeth kristy sam charlie david michael karen andrew he bought tickets for dawn claudia too so no member of the babysitters club would be excluded i totally just went with this when i was a kid but nowwhat the fuck? watson just hears that this other family won a prize that had to be pretty costly decides to join in? he gets tickets for kristy's friends too but none of the other kids have friends along? i find it very dubious that karen wouldn't have petitioned for hannie nancy to be invited you can't break up the three musketeers i can't even imagine how expensive it was for mr mrs pike to pay for mary anne stacey to come along on the trip this defies all of my understanding of finances now that i am a grown up but let's suspend disbelief just accept it for noweach character has a little storylinekristy is bunking with claudia dawn kristy is messy her messiness annoys dawn they fight a lot during the cruise portion of things kristy is also anxiety ridden about trying to think of a good gift to give to watson elizabeth mr mrs pike john dee dee to thank them for the trip she meets a sad old man on the cruise ship be friends him the old dude is bummin' hard because he's a widower a walter mathhau style curmudgeon but kristy helps him have fun on his vacation says she's going to set him up with her grandmotherdawn is annoyed by kristy's messiness because she is apparently a compulsive neat freak you'd think she's learn to just roll with the punches after thirteen years with sharon dude where's my car? schafer but whatever while she's not fighting with kristy she's all in love with some random dude she meets on the cruise who is apparently taken with her as well she buys herself a glass unicorn charm then loses it she cries her new boyfriend buys her a replacement yawnclaudia shares a bunk with the odd couple finds their fighting annoying she finally puts her foot down gets them to make up she also overpacked to such an extent that the extra bunk in their cabin served as her overflow closet throughout the trip she keeps getting little notes gifts from a secret admirer at times this is really creepy to me like when she's wandering around nassau alone everywhere she goes her secret admirer is one step ahead of her paying for her ice cream sundae buying her expensive mother of pearl earrings she forgets about her secret admirer when she meets a nice guy they date at disney world at the end of the book it is revealed that the nice guy she met was her secret admirer all along was scared to confess he's the son of a popular singing duo stacey is watching the pike kids meets a little boy who is confined to a wheelchair due to a heart def

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Baby Sitters on Board The Baby Sitters Club Super Special #1Rer Kristy Mary Anne and Stacey make some unusual new friends Dawn has her first real romance And they still have time for what they like best of all baby sittin Next up in revisiting childhood faves I have so many thoughts I also can’t possibly rate these