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Download Book ↠ Maggie Cassidy Æ 194 pages Ì Randarenewables á When someone asks 'Where does Kerouac get that stuff?' say 'From you' He lay awake all night listening with eyes and ears A night of a thousand years Heard it in the womb heard it in the cradle heard it in school heard it on the floor Hange where dreams are traded for gold Henry MillerOne of the dozen books written by Jack Kerouac in the early and mid 1950s Maggie Cassidy was not published until 1959 after the appearance of On the Road had made its author famous overnight Long out of First LoveKerouac's autobiographical novel Maggie Cassidy is set in his hometown of Lowell Massachusetts in 1939 It is the story of a high school romance in all its innocence and sexual frustration The book includes wonderful descriptive passages of winter in New England of shabby urban tenements of grizzled and failed adults and of hope love and lossThe book captures the yearnings of first love in its confusion and undirected passion It talks about both how people change and how there are limits to the scope of their change The perspective of the book is interesting and revealing Kerouac the grown writer is recapturing something of the spirit of the first love of his youth The story is mostly told in the first person in the voice of the adolescent Then abruptly at the end the voice shifts to the third person signalling I think the change from the perspective of youth to that of adulthoodThere is something poignant about the book in the description of a memory of pure love which doesn't fade think of the Buddy Holly song Not fade away and about the shift from innocence to overt sexuality There is a deep conservatism in Kerouac for the familiar the commonplace and the local something which is often overlooked by his critics and admirers alike It comes through well in this bookMany writers tend to become prisoners of their most famous books In Kerouac's case people freuently don't get past On the Road Maggie Cassidy is a book on a smaller conventional scale In its own way it is preciousRobin Friedman

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Print this touching novel of adolescent love in a New England mill town with its straight forward narrative structure is one of Kerouac's most accesible works It is a remarkable bittersweet evocation of the awkwardness and the joy of growing up in Ameri Published in 1959 after 'On the Road' this novel covers Jack Duluoz a thinly disguised young Kerouac through his final year of High School and his first year of college in 1939 40m and his romance with Maggie Although the characters have different names this is a preuel for the Sal Paradise character in 'On the Road which I read 40 years ago Written in his 'spontaneous prose' style some of the writing is uite lyrical and the early scenes of his schoolfriends larking about are great Overall you have to concentrate hard to catch the best of the style so not the easiest book to read

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Maggie CassidyWhen someone asks 'Where does Kerouac get that stuff?' say 'From you' He lay awake all night listening with eyes and ears A night of a thousand years Heard it in the womb heard it in the cradle heard it in school heard it on the floor of life's stock exc Fucking hell KerouacIt may be that your semi intellectual idea of 'spontaneous prose' is the source of some deeply poetic sounding shit It may be that On the Road is a great book It may be grand that you wrote a book about your first love and named it after herThis all becomes slightly less grand however when you then go on to spend half your time in love disrespecting and ditching 'that big love in the wild Lowell whirlwinds of black night' There's some instant Kerouac for ya Just made that phrase right up because hey using loads of adjectives and abhorrent grammar does not eual being a Great Intellectual Oh and choosing to express your love only by lavishing all of your Great Intellectual Vocab on her looks? Really that's it?Also any remnant of my glorification of the Beats has been burned to embers by this book These dudes with their disturbing dreams of rape and everlasting privilege don't have to be excused because they did something new and exciting and poetic for art and literature I know one might choose to ignore their blatant sexism because of the times they lived in but no I choose not to be so easy on them This was the fucking sixties'that little feminate neatness''put em in their place'loose ugly grin of self satisfied womanly idiocy flesh curl of travesty cruelty''I'd want to rip her mouth out and murder her''Honey Maggie says it's okay just go on going to school I dont wanta stop you or interfere with your career you know what to do better than I do''I dream of forcing her to some kind of anteroom I force myself on her and finally surprise her''her sweet shape made me want to cry'GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH such a frustrating book I only finished it because when you slap enough beautiful words together on your little pretentious typewriter you are bound to end up with some gems I finished it for the gems And for my book challenge Peace out