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Snow BearHappens that will break up the happy pair With simple text and lavish illustrations this Arctic picture book will warm readers' hear. This is a story of a girl who makes friends with a polar bear cub It has a happy ending because the mother bear and the girl's brother are patient and I appreciate that lesson On another note I recently learned that the word Esk is actually a racial slur I've seen the word a lot in other reviews so I figured I would put that information out here

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Snow Bear Free download Ó 104 ï When Bessie decides to explore a frozen ice ship one morning she finds a new playmate a baby polar bear Snow Bear and Bessie are instant friends but Bessie's brother and Snow Bear's mother are worried The grown ups wait and watch the little ones play until something happens that will break up the happy pair With simple When Bessie decides to explore a frozen ice ship one morning she finds a new playmate a baby polar bear Snow Bear and Bessie are inst. The writing was so simple and written in a way that makes you read in a robotic voice It just wasn’t pleasantWhen I reread the synopsis and saw where it said this was written in ‘beautifully simple text’ I was confused as to why that would be called beautiful It’s not a good thingThe text didn’t match the illustrations which were actually goodThe name Nanu was familiar I've heard it in a movie or something'Bessie is in danger Mother polar bears kill people who threaten their cubs He follows the tracks''Snow Bear her cub is in danger Humans kill bears''Bessie goes one way around the ship Snow Bear goes the other way They meet on the far side''Snow Bear licks Bessie's nose Bessie hugs Snow Bear He turns a somersault Bessie turns a somersault Snow Bear falls over backward Bessie falls over backward They sit up and look at each other''Little cubs are friendly' and then 'children are friendly''Vincent looks for Nanu Nanu looks for Vincent Vincent remembers his father's words The Arctic cannot be rushed If we wait the answers will come Vincent waits Nanu waits'That implies that Nanu knows of Vincent's father's saying and is deciding to wait too'Bessie climbs She slides down to Snow Bear Snow Bear runs in circles His fur and his fat make him hot He digs a snow cave and sits in it Bessie is cold She sits beside Snow Bear''Vincent waits Nanu waits Bessie and Snow Bear wait The Arctic will not be rushed' What are Bessie and Snow Bear waiting for Maybe for her to warm up and him to cool offI did like how the next sentences say inside the snow cave Bessie grows warmer and Snow Bear grows cooler because it showed the differences between them Even though they're playing and doing the same things they're having different experiences out in the cold Snow Bear looked cute there I don't think you should say mother bears will kill people who threaten their cubs in a kid’s book That might be a little scary to themI was surprised the thing that happened that tore them apart was just a male polar bear appearing I expected something differentNanu sees the male polar bear which is dangerous than Vincent because they kill whatever moves even polar bear cubs I've seen on tv that male polar bears will kill cubsAt the same time Vincent sees the male polar bear and knows it's dangerous than a mother bear with a cub Bessie and Snow Bear also spot the bear and run back the way they came It was a little anticlimactic the way it ended up not being a real threat He just sank back into the water when he smelled Vincent's gunIt shows the differences in the humans and bears' lives when it says the bears go further inland and will eat sedgeswhatever that is and lemmings until Snow Bear grows big enough where no male bear will hurt him Vincent and Bessie go home to eat go to school and learn the wisdom of the Arctic like Eskimo children do This ended up a tad depressing The ice cap ship floats away They don’t even speak or anything after going separate waysI realized there was no point to the story no lesson or anything to take away Except maybe to show the difference of two lives out in the Arctic and how they can come together The best thing about this was the pictures which were pretty I loved the clothing that Bessie and Vincent wore and how it shows Eskimo cultureThe first page with the bluewhite ice blue sky and stars was very pretty There's also a scene of the iceberg during the day and the sky is blue green and yellow When I looked through the book again I noticed that the shadow of the bear and the shadow of Bessie are on either side of the iceberg while her brother starts to follow her The page where the brother and sister and cub and mom bear are walking away is pretty too; the snow is pink and cream colored and the sky is orange and yellow The last page shows the dark blue ice berg and the orange sky and the polar bear is on the ice ship

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Ant friends but Bessie's brother and Snow Bear's mother are worried The grown ups wait and watch the little ones play until something. I just got a pile of books from the used book store including this title I was uite surprised when my active 20 month old son sat still long enough to listen to the entire thing even surprised that this is now a freuent reading choice for him I really thought the text was too long and not exciting enough However he really enjoys the beautiful paintings of the girl and the polar bear cub and he loves the gentle cadences of the words Personally I think the story is wonderful It reads not uite like a fable It strikes me as something a child would be drawn to understanding something of its truth almost instinctively but not fully comprehending until later in lifeOverall very gentle understated and wise