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As I Lay Dying review ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó La familia de Addie Bundren se prepara para cumplir su última voluntad enterrarla en la tierra de sus antepasados El viaje de los Bundren –blancos pobres pero sobre todo muy humanos– se convertirá en una odisea coral donde el trayecto se entrecruza con sus respectivos itinerarios Por donde se avista la presencia amenazante de unos buitres al acecho o el brillo descarado y vil de una flamante dentadura postiza el lector observa y a la vez se siente compañero de esa intemperie ue ahoga a todos Imposible olvidar las atmósferas y personajes de este clásico con el ue Faulkner se instala para siempre en nuestra memori. This thrilling chilling tale is told through a sort of schizm The conglomeration of different consciousnesses is a bubbling soup mixed in with dark symbols Southern Gothic elements and it is indeed a delightful experience an overly delicious dish The macabre is Alive; this prose palpitates This is waayyy accessible than say The Sound and the Fury and for those who have strayed away from this darling writer this particular masterpiece will immediately put him or her in Faulkner's direct sphere of influence heshe will swim in that dark twisted atmosphere bask in it for some long while Read this and you will know what Faulkner his deep haunted tortured South are all aboutThe Best Willy Faulkner book

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La familia de Addie Bundren se prepara para cumplir su última voluntad enterrarla en la tierra de sus antepasados El viaje de los Bundren –blancos pobres pero sobre todo muy humanos– se convertirá en una odisea coral donde el trayecto se entrecruza con sus respectivos itinerarios vitales los de unos personajes guiados por un enconado. Where to start with a masterpiece that is both short like the distance between two thoughts and deep as the thoughts themselves This is one of Faulkner's true masterpieces a grotesue road trip with a rotting corpse told in the voices of the extremely dysfunctional and occasionally insane family members It is Ulysses in the Southern United States or a Georgian Grapes of Wrath Faulkner having been inspired by the former and certainly influenced the latter The writing is some of the most powerful that Faulkner ever produced I would think how words go straight up in a thin line uick and harmless and how terribly doing goes along the earth clinging to it so that after a while the two lines are too far apart for the same person to straddle from one to the other; and that sin and love and fear are just sounds that people who never sinned nor loved nor feared have for what they never had and cannot have until they forget the wordsThe words leap off the page and both drawn you into their language’s inner beauty and repulse you for the violence he depicts It is as visceral as a slaughterhouse complete with awls piercing caskets and yet optimistic than this generation’s Walking DeadOne of the greatest American novels ever written and one that will still be as moving and relevant centuries from now as it speaks eternal truth in the American vernacular A must

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As I Lay DyingSentimiento de deber al honor ue no obstante irá desenmascarando también actitudes y sentimientos menos amablesEn el camino de dificultades físicas y morales por donde parece escucharse el rasgar monótono de la sierra de Cash mientras construye el ataúd de su madre y sentirse el pálpito de la vida en su hermana adolescente Dewey Dell;. And since sleep is is not and rain and wind are was it is not Yet the wagon is because when the wagon is was Addie Bundren will not be And Jewel is so Addie Bundren must be And then I must be or I could not empty myself for sleep in a strange room And so if I am not emptied yet I am is There are people who actually like thisSeriously though I'm pretty sure I get it I just don't like it There is a family and each one is a reflection of a way of living or in some cases a way of dying Anse is the 'woe is me' type and Addie is the 'Serve your purpose and die' type and that's all well and good and it's a pretty cool idea for a book I just don't like Faulkner Do you know that skill has very little to do with the process of inventing a concept I'm still not entirely convinced that Faulkner is the genius he is made out to be In fact I'm not entirely convinced I should like him at all Based off his biography he is kind of a pathetic lying failure so what am I supposed to think of his writingStream of consciousness is one thing writing in Faulkner's way is another Scenes are dropped onto our heads in ways we cannot comprehend and actions are portrayed without explanation And do you know the unfairest cut of all Faulkner knows what he is trying to say he knows all about these characters he just isn't showing us anything An example originally there were no names at the beginning of the chapters Yeah no kidding He just wrote this shit with no explanation of our speaker and expected us to figure it out That is not genius Writing is about making a connection to a stranger bridging a gap of confusion to create understanding and to share an idea a theme an image with thousands or millions of people who you've never met Faulkner writes in jargon he understands with little to no respect for the reader and I can't forgive him for it If you don't believe me then write something Write a short story Write 3 or 4 or 5 pages Flesh out the characters and their histories and their conflicts Got it Okay now when you are writing a scene with multiple people use only the pronoun he You will know who you are talking about do we Is that good writing No it isn'tIt is easy to be confusing It is easy to write something beautiful and understandable for yourself It's hard to write universal words which we can all connect Good idea Faulkner poor performance