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EPUB ☆ MOBI The Frost Eater The Magic Eaters Trilogy #1 ó FREE â CAROL BETH ANDERSON ñ A lonely princessA flying teenA kidnapped girl who only remembers what happens at nightSeventeen year old Princess Nora is a frost eater who creates magical ice Her royal life is luxuHy The truth is terrible than they could imagineEvery night Zeisha wakes in a dark room full of sleeping people unable to remember what she did in the light Her dreams provide violent glimpses into her forgotten daysIf Krey and Nora can’t save her Zeisha may lose herself foreve Having 'consumed' Carol 'Beth' Anderson's excellent young adult novel I immediately relished the thought that The Frost Eater is but the first book in The Magic Eaters Trilogy with The Vine Eater and an as yet unnamed third title in the Magic Eaters Trilogy to follow What a joy I can barely contain my eager anticipationI received a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy ARC from the author via Booksprout before the launch of the book on on January 28 2020 Although I received a complimentary copy of the book I am nonetheless leaving an honest review of my impressions of it That said I decided to pre purchase the book in any case as I enjoyed it so much a process I will repeat for the remaining two books in the trilogyThe author’s mastery of the English language and writing ability was notably evident throughout and I much enjoyed the attention to detail that was demonstrated both being maintained without weakening to the last page I much appreciated the author’s inclusion of a map of the Kingdom of Cellerin beautifully drawn by BMR Williams and a glossary of characters and places inclusive of phonetic pronunciation Being an ARC copy of the book the author kindly provided a FA section for ARC readers that was most instructional and lighthearted in spirit Although the ARC FAs information will be missing from the final version its inclusion demonstrates the thoughtful and professional nature of the author in meeting the reuirements of participants and readers at various stages of the book’s pre launch lifeWhile reading The Frost Eater I uickly discerned that the author had without doubt formed an intimate working relationship with the chapter and verse of her creation and of the characters that she had so sensitively crafted In addition to the examples I have already given the author commences each chapter with The First Generation A Memoir by Liri Abrios the ancestor of Nora the primary female protagonist in the story The inclusion of the memoir notes was a stroke of genius and helped significantly in aiding a fuller comprehension of the earlier history of Nora’s world; the memoir notes were sufficiently numerous to form a small booklet of information in their own right had the author wishedThe author has in my mind skillfully captured the essence of what a book intended for the young adult market should contain Indeed I believe that adults of all ages will heartily enjoy reading The Frost Eater and the other books in the trilogy The characters were believable The world in which they lived was believable The plot was robust and skilfully managed There were numerous moments of levity There was sadness and heartache At times I was genuinely taken off guard Flora and fauna were fascinating The magic was compelling And concerning the teens in the story rampant hormones were evident throughout showing little evidence of ever abating Finally I admired the life lessons that the author deftly included throughout her book intended for the benefit of all but notably for the appreciation and absorption of the young readerThe cherry on the cake for me was a stunning cover design by Mariah Sinclair thecovervaultcom that many will unuestionably be envious of and rightly so Bravo Carol ‘Beth’ Anderson

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A lonely princessA flying teenA kidnapped girl who only remembers what happens at nightSeventeen year old Princess Nora is a frost eater who creates magical ice Her royal life is luxurious but stiflingKrey West has a rare magical talent when he eats feathers he can fly His one go This is the beginning of what looks like it will be an epic YA fantasy series from Carol Beth Once I got past some of the cheesy points of The Frost Eater I really enjoyed it You just have to get past the way our characters got their magic and a few other nuances that felt awkward to me But hey there are dragons So get past the initial cheesiness and it pays off Plus you get to look at this gorgeous cover Cheesy at First The opening chapter feels like a scene from Frozen No joke our leading teen girl “eats ice” and can produce pretty snow and ice magic just like Elsa She’s even a princess just to put the icing on the cake But here’s the thing once I got over the way our magic users “fuel up” by eating certain items I loved the magic It’s interesting uniue and yet familiar so it took me very little time to slide into the magical lore I really like that the magic runs out; like your strength and stamina do Which brings me to cheesy issue number 2 These people are Earth humans whom got magic in a way they aren’t sure of and live on a different planet than Earth I’ll leave of the details out for you to discover on your own; but essentially the construct is this is a post apocalyptic human existence with a lot of fantastical magical twists The humanEarth connection felt unnecessary to me The history is mostly irrelevant in book one but maybe it plays a part in the future books? I’d have preferred Anderson just built her own world and didn’t include humans or Earth at all Great Series StartThere is a lot of story to tell here still We get a semi end; but it does lead into a cliffhanger for book two out Sept 2020 A lot is unknown about why certain magic works what caused major past events and a multitude of other things I assume and it feels like Anderson has a plan and will reveal and as the series moves on which is very exciting Characters I was really enamoured with all of our characters; but I held a personal preference for the manly guard that is one of our four teenage main characters We get glimpses of events and thoughts from each POV; but the majority of the story is told via our lead princess There was a moment where I felt like pieces of The Frost Eater were reminiscent of A Curse So Dark and Lonely which I loved; however these are teen characters and there is of a YA basis and feel here Additionally the romance story is far from the main focus Romance Plot The Frost Eater is definitely in the YAteen genre So be prepared for our characters to have multiple love interests first kiss excitement and all that teenage lustlove stuff Thankfully the romances aren’t the core story; they are of a driver for a couple plot points and flow naturally given the close proximity and deadly circumstances our characters find themselves in; never mind a lack of people and friends our princesses age to interact with The actual plot is politically driven and Anderson keeps the reader guessing who is involved throughout None of the instances felt convenient my usual complaint with YA books and everything doesn’t go “as planned” which is important to me in a story; because nothing goes as planned in real life Additionally Anderson ensures to have details another sustainment of life including bathroom needs food water sleep etc No one is seemingly indestructible and injuries don’t heal magically until they are healed with magic lol; and there isn’t really a replacement for sleep This attention to detail makes the story feel real for me and I appreciate that Anderson gives them a place throughout Overall The Frost Eater is a solid YA fantasy choice Especially given it’s an indie book I’m surprised that Anderson hasn’t been picked up by a major publisher as she has a number of series that are well done and deserve to sit on a shelf next to today’s hyped YA fantasy picks Although as I write that I realize she has perhaps kept herself indie to keep some control; but I’m speculating If the introduction and way our characters fuel up their magic was a little less cheesy this could just reach a five star rating As always four stars from me means it’s a solid read and I would recommend it to others with small caveats; in this case our Frozen start has to be pushed through but otherwise I believe most will enjoy this series introduction It’s definitely worth the 0 price on KU And uite affordable in other formats making it well worth trying out to see if it’s for you I’m now counting down the days to September 2020 for book 2 Please note I received an eARC of this book from the author via BookSprout This is an honest and unbiased review

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The Frost Eater The Magic Eaters Trilogy #1Al is to find his missing girlfriend Zeisha He thinks someone in power abducted herKrey’s daring feats of magic earn him an invitation to the palace Craving adventure and friendship Nora offers to help him find Zeisha He’s desperate enough to accept though he hates the monarc I received an early copy of this book from the author and am leaving an honest reviewObviously I devoured this book read it in 2 days I found myself sucked in to the post apocalyptic life described in Cellerin I particularly enjoyed the animals that played parts in the story Made it feel like than just “earth re imagined” The characters their flaws their uirks their growth throughout the story their friendshipsrelationshipsbetrayals are what really drew me in and kept me engrossed in the story I found myself as I was reading trying to predict how certain characters would react to things because I felt like I knew themI don’t want to give away anything so please forgive my vagueness but the action in the book is perfectly paced and I’d deem the book appropriate for my 6th grade daughter and plan to stock copies in our grade school library for the 6 8th graders Yet though it would be appropriate for that age level I truly loved it as adultThere are a lot of unanswered uestions and conflicts to be resolved I eagerly await the second installment