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Nachos NachosThe delicious true story of an inventive chef and the serendipitous events that led to the creation of the world's favorite snack nachos Ignacio Anaya was born in Mexico in 1895 and like a lot of Ignacios he was nicknamed Nacho Young Nacho loved to eat and cook and when he grew up he found a job in a restaurant Eventually he became head waiter at the Victory Club a. Nacho’s Nachos is a short yet wonderfully informative story with some of the best illustration I’ve seen The book is clearly written for preteens going down as young as kindergarteners The given reading level is 8 to 12 yearsThis is a story that I doubt a lot of adults are aware of I learned a few things from it and I consider myself just a wee bit smarter than I was before reading it The vocabulary is appropriate for the grade level and the pace is subtle enough that a parent could easily read this book to a childPhysically the book is amazing The color scheme throughout the book including the jacket and the illustrations is modeled on the colors in the original dish of nachos yellows and greens with reds for good measure Speaking of the illustrations I’d be willing to wager that someone unaware of the story could get a gist of it just by looking at the illustrationsFor every set of facing pages the illustration covers both pages with the text being only on a portion of one of the pages Thus I think the illustrations could easily hold a young child’s attention while a parent read the textIf you’re planning on reading this story to a child I suggest you have the fixings available for a plate of nachos because the child may be craving them before the story is done I know I was If you don’t know how to prepare the original nachos don’t worry the original recipe is included at the end of the bookI heartily recommend this book to anyone with young children Also if you think that Nacho’s Nachos is just a play on words you could learn a few things from this story too

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characters Nachos Nachos ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ The delicious true story of an inventive chef and the serendipitous events that led to the creation of the world's favorite snack nachos Ignacio Anaya was born in Mexico in 1895 and like a lot of Ignacios he was nicknamed Nacho Young Nacho loved to eat and cook and when he Popular restaurant in Piedras Negras Mexico right across the Rio Grande river from Eagle Pass TexasOne afternoon in 1940 during the Victory Club's uiet hours between lunch and dinner Mamie Finan a regular customer from the US walked in with three friends They wanted a snack something new something different Nacho rushed to the kitchen and improvised with what was on. Travelers Wife 4 LifeNacho’s Nachos Try saying that without thinking about your favorite version of the dish As the saying goes all stories usually have some truth to them and the story of the nacho is no different; it is not just a play on words I honestly never knew how nachos came to be or that there was a story behind them Nacho’s Nachos is a delightfully colorful story filled with imaginative artwork and thoughtful words that lead you to believe you are right there with Nacho on the journey of life discovering how to make people happy and making them the original nacho recipe Sandra Nickel thoughtfully included the original recipe in the back of the book While this book is geared towards a younger audience I think adults would like it as well because of the fascinating history and the story of the nacho I enjoyed reading this book and learning about the history of nachos and how they came to be The Afterword was filled with many extra tidbits of history that helped to shape this story fully in my mind I loved how thoroughly Sandra Nickel researched Nacho Ignacio Anaya and found as close to the original story as possible It was fun seeing all the history surrounding the invention of the nacho and learning about Nacho himself as well Combing the story with the beautiful artwork I can honestly say that this is one of my all around favorite children’s books I have ever read Sandra Nickel and Oliver Dominguez brought to life this remarkable story of how Nacho’s nachos came to beI highly recommend this book as it was packed full of interesting history and vivid artwork that made me smile the whole way through 5 out of 5 stars Now to go make some nachosI volunteered to read this book in return for my honest feedback The thoughts and opinions expressed within are my own

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Hand corn tortillas cheddar cheese and jalapeo peppers In that moment Nacho's Special the dish that later became known simply as nachos was bornWord of this delicious new snack spread uickly Soon restaurants all over Mexico the United States and later the world were serving nachos Little did Nacho know that his name would one day be a household word around the glob. Ignacio Anaya was born in Mexico at the turn of the 20th century Because there were a lot of Ignacios he went by Nacho One of his favorite foods were uesadillas his foster mom made them best He learned how to cook from her and eventually got a job working at a restaurant called The Victory Club in Texas One day a special customer came in with friends and asked Nacho to make something new and different with limited ingredients in the kitchen he grabbed some tortillas sprinkled on cheese and a strip of jalapeño melted it all together and Nacho's Special was born No spoilers here there's to the story celebrities a recipe for making the original and an extended author's note with sources make this picture book biography a fun celebration of the 80th anniversary of nachos Dominguez's illustrations are full color and realistic A great way to introduce a cooking activity or talk about someone behind an everyday thing yes someone invented nachosFor this and of my reviews visit