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Characters Í In My Wildest Dreams (Governess Brides, #4) Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Æ Christina Dodds's popular Distinguished Academy of Governesses trilogy Rules of Surrender Rules of Engagement and Rules of Attraction may be completed but the romantic advGhted to accept a position at Blythe Hall where her mother was the cook her father the gardener and Ellery Throckmorton the younger son of the family her idol She's been hired to teach Penelope the daughter of Garrick Ellery's widowed older brother and Kiki a mysterious wild child under the family's protectionBefore long Celeste has her two. Hey ladies Do you love rape How about being raped by a ruggedly not uite handsome romance novel protagonist in a scene reminiscent of nothing less than Don Draper aggressively dominating some poor woman in a random restaurant hallway Then you will LOVE this A blatant 11 retelling of the classic movie Sabrina with notably poorer characterization and a dash of mid 19th century espionage this novel gives you all the THRILLS and CHILLS of your actual rape Aren't you excited to relive this moment YET AGAIN as you read the tender story of naive Celeste and her super controlling and creepy wooer Throckmorton yes Throckmorton Isn't it SO ROMANTIC that he just couldn't control himself Isn't it JUST PEACHY that we're supposed to believe this experience could not only cause our heroine's first sexual awakening but also lead her to realize she has fallen in love with him I KNOW I AM 100% CONVINCED

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Christina Dodds's popular Distinguished Academy of Governesses trilogy Rules of Surrender Rules of Engagement and Rules of Attraction may be completed but the romantic adventures of one young woman trained there have just begunHaving received glowing references upon leaving her post in Paris in a diplomatic household Celeste Milford is deli. This book was another free library bin read and while not breathtaking storytelling the premise and the characters made for a light entertaining Sunday afternoon read I really like the heroine Celeste who was of humble origins a gardener and cook's daughter who grew up on a wealthy estate Celeste has grown into an astute young woman and as a recent grad of the Distinguished Academy of Governess of London fluent in French Italian Russian and some Romanian she returns home to take the job of governess for the widowed hero's daughter as well as another ward of the familyThough Celeste had a long unreuited love for the hero's younger brother Ellery she is nonplussed by her attraction to Ellery's staid older brother Garrick Throckmorton The verbal interactions between Celeste and Garrick were humorous and engaging especially since she was educated enough to hold her own I am glad that Lady Hyacinth Celest's rival for Ellery's affections was not portrayed as the usual caricature as an evil conniving other woman I am very happy that the author didn't portray the heroine as a insecure shrew Three stars for those pointsThe incessant onetwo star complaints regarding comparisons to the book plot and the movie Sabrina seems rather petty and flimsy criticism Yes I seen the movie starring Audrey Hepburn as well as the not as charming remake and while there are similarities there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to fictional stories The flood of vampire fae werewolf etc plotlines that are the foundation of the plethora of current PNRUF plots are glaring examples of author putting their own spin on old stories Dodd has done a decent job with her re telling of the Sabrina eues story set in a historical genre

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In My Wildest Dreams Governess Brides #4Young charges well in hand But she's also encountered several impediments to pursuing her long unreuited love for Ellery and discovered a most unexpectedly passionate attraction to Garrick that her new employer returns with interest If all goes well Celeste's next post may be a lifelong position with extraordinary benefits for all concerne. It kept my interest Enjoyable read 4