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AIR Vol 1 Letters from Lost Countries Download ´ 6 ☆ Ladies and gentlemen there's been a change in our flight plan You may have heard of a group called the Etesian Front vigilantes dedicated to taking the skies back from terrorism Sounds like a noble cause right But there's to them than meets the eye They're after someone I know Ltered course We're en route to a country that doesn't exist on any maps Only one person knows how to get us there me My name is Blythe and I'll be your stewardess today So buckle your seatbelts this will be the flight of your lif. I am an absolute sucker for anything that involves maps and forgotten countries and letters and memory I've discovered Also I have a lot of buttons to be pushed where airports and travel are concerned and this book did a lot of pushing I find myself for what feels like the first time in a long while less impressed with the art than with the writing; there's a uality to some of the prose in here that is not only very beautiful but very unusual in the graphic novels I've read which tends to favour clarity and simple effect over prose style letting the art do most of the visual speaking But that letter Zeyn writes really got to me I'd like to read the next one

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Ladies and gentlemen there's been a change in our flight plan You may have heard of a group called the Etesian Front vigilantes dedicated to taking the skies back from terrorism Sounds like a noble cause right But there's to them. At first I wasn't really enjoying this It starts out pretty unfocused and feels like there's no real point or maybe it's the feeling that I can't get a handle in any of the characters or why I should care about them We see them do things and say stuff but it all feels pretty one dimensional like no one is a real person just figures moving around a chessboard and nothing serious at stake despite the grand pronouncements and globe spanning movements Someone else said she falls in love and while I saw the panels and read the words there was absolutely nothing about that seuence that tugged at my heartstrings or made me feel like there was than just some bad stage direction afoot Perhaps the real flaw in this book I the flat flaccid passionless art so bland and unconvincing that when the guy shows up as a different nationality six times in a row I had to just shrug and accept what they were saying because he looked exactly the same except for some nondescript clothing changes The faces portray nothing of the sweeping emotion others are reading into this and the action is bland Saturday morning cartoon crapY'know what this really feels like A bad high school play or a particularly badly directed soap operaThe plot finally picks up at the end but by then I found myself skimming the text bored with it really which is a very bad sign in a book where the art blows and the text is all that's left to compel youI think this is where I get off Air I have better books to read than three of this

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AIR Vol 1 Letters from Lost CountriesThan meets the eye They're after someone I know Someone who is either an average freuent flier or a terrorist And he's got a secret Something that will change the way we fly and the way we see technology foreverTo find him we've a. The first line of dialogue in ‘Letters from Lost Countries’ had me hooked “Aren’t you glad this isn’t a Salman Rushdie novel” Why yes I am Not that I don’t adore Mr Rushdie’s outstanding prose but I had picked up this graphic novel looking for something a little lighterBeing on the lighter side certainly doesn’t detract from the number of real world issues Ms Wilson has packed into this first slender volume Part romance adventure and fantasy ‘Letters from Lost Countries’ follows flight attendant Blythe as she falls in love with a mysterious stranger and tracks him through a plot that not only involves herself but her employer and the future of the world itself There are terrorists ancient artifacts and as the title suggests letters from countries that are no longer supposed to exist And all of this is set to gorgeous and life like illustration from MK PerkerI love uirky characters and ‘Letters from Lost Countries’ has many Normally I’d cry for a cardboard cut out figure somewhere a benchmark from which these others could vary But this is a graphic novel a fantasy one at that and it’s allowed to have oddball characters in fact it’s expected Blythe our reluctant hero is an acrophobic flight attendant For those of you who can’t be bothered ‘wiki ing’ that means she’s afraid of heights She also has a degree in philosophy not the usual prereuisite for such a career but I’m sure it makes her conversational gambits a tad interesting Her side kicks yes every hero must have at least one are her fellow employee Fletcher and her roommate Mrs B Fletcher is gloriously depicted with wild hair too many earrings and uite a lot of attitude He’s just strange enough that if he did serve you cocktails at 10000 feet you might already think you’d had one too many Mrs B is a matronly Indian woman whose purpose other than roommate I have yet to properly discern Perhaps she’s the straight man I previously lamented To top it all off we have Zayn Blythe’s mysterious love interest Is he a terrorist or a peacekeeper and which of his disguises shows the real manG Willow Wilson and MK Perker have collaborated before on a graphic novel called ‘Cairo’ a ‘fast paced modern fable that draws six unlikely characters into the search for a very unusual hooka’ They work well together and I look forward to seeing of their chemistry in volume two of ‘Air’ ‘Flying Machine’ which features a flying palace and a long lost aviator