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Bane Xian Warriors #4The Dragon has awakened and he will claim his bride As the Vanguard’s top analyst Tabitha discovers a secret message which could allow them to deal a severe blow to the Kryptids The last thing she expects during that mission is to run into the ‘enemy’ who haunts her dreams After getting her heart crushed years ago Tabitha has sworn off genetically engineered warriors. Oh boy As the oldest of the Kryptid General's offspringexperiments Bane is in a tough situation He's making plans to save himself his brothers and the human women who have been forced to become breeders for the next generation of Kryptids but things aren't going uite as smoothly as they need to beFor one thing his father knows a little too much about Bane's actions which puts all Bane's brothers in danger For another Bane's attraction to Tabitha if you consider the call of a soulmate mere attraction puts her in a bit of danger Because Tabitha's not the type to sit uietly in the background when those around her are in dangerAs for Tabitha she'smellowed since we first met her Or maybe it's better to say she's finally come to terms with her bruised heart and found herself again Her union with Bane opens up a lot of avenues for the future for both his hybrids and for the Vanguard soldiersThings aren't necessarily smooth for these two but their relationship changes so much for so many There might still be danger on the horizon but things are looking up for the Vanguard in their war against the Kryptid general and his morally reprehensible experiments Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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Yet she cannot resist her attraction to the dark and mysterious hybrid named Bane As they prepare for a bloody war against the Kryptids she realizes there can only be a future for them if she can bring Bane and his people to the Vanguard’s side His hearts have ached for Tabitha from the moment he set eyes on her And yet time after time he has let his fierce and fearless. I had a great timeI’m usually soo long winded I’m my reviewseither going on endlessly about what I love or hateafraid my voice isn’t going to be heard o acknowledgedbut not this timeI had a good time waBane and TabithaWhile the threads of euality of being multiracial as hybrids and of tolerance and acceptance is still a huge motivating factors in all of MsAbel’s stories it didn’t feel like uite the slap upside the head as it did in the stories in this series and especially the last book in her “Veredian” book 5Now while I whole heartily agree euality racialgender and otherwise needs to be addressed in which ever and as many ways as we canI’ve often walked away feeling DrSuess and hid Star Bellied “Sneeches” had a lighter and defter approach the Sneeches wstars think they were better then other Sneeches simply because they didn’t have a star 🌟making the ones wout feel less than because they have no starSometimes things need to be a slap upside the head to get your attention and other times a subtle approach can get your attention and keep it when violence or the slap makes you want to turn awayAll that said I love 💕 just how creative and inventive MsAbel’s imagination is and I was grateful for another chance to be in her world 🌍I loved Bane soo dearly he was everything I had hoped he’d be and in the glimpses we’d been given of him in the last two books Even though his almost desperate use of “My ueen” and “My mate” felt like he’d forgotten her name at times I did understood his fears of rejection after all he’d been thrusince well birth I enjoyed his time wand around Tabitha when he was self assured and confident wher and showed of the alpha ualities he showed with othersTabitha I liked her a lot I liked how confident and self assured and intelligent and capable she was butYeah always a but but her dithering with Bane got on my nerves we all know her history wRage I get that after losing someone you loved like this would have left it’s mark Full stop End of storyBut again different this this time when it comes to finding your “ mate” it’s completely differentAnd while Bane was a little dense in his thinking that just calling her his “ueen” was supposed to be the end all be all in explaining what she was to him it wasn't and I cringed inwardly knowing it thatI was eually frustrated that even when he did finally explain Tabitha was still dithering and unsureseemingly scared of another “Rage” repeat I wanted to shake her til her teeth rattled at that”Hello idiot that can’t happen He’s YOUR MATE As a Dragon 🐉 he CAN’T want anyone else you foolThat and the near constant belly flips and goose bumps and other such related things that made sense at first with Tabitha but after being used soo many times she started to sound like a virginal teenage girl which we knew she was notThose my friends I think at the moment are the end of my complaints While it was sad how things went with Bane’s mother and the others I felt it was handled beautifully and imaginativelyI wish we could have had a description of what Bane and Tabitha’s child looked like and what exactly happened to all the babies and toddlers and young ones Bane and his brothers arrived with I’d like to think all those child hungry couples wsoo much paternal love 💕 needing to be given and shared and babies needing that and a mother’s care were all happily paired offI still would have loved to have seen that to in Bane’s wonderful epilogueAnd last but not really least the coverWhy is Bane’s cover soo different from Legion’s and Raven’s Both of theirs show both H and hwhy doesn’t this one While Bane isn’t my idea of gorgeous I do enjoy looking at himif all things are to be truly eual between them now He Should Have His Heroine By his side just like his brothers I won’t make any guess as to why he doesn’t but it just doesn't seem rightSorry I was kinda long winded after all but as I’m sure you all know sometimes you don’t know how you really feel or what you really think til you start writing and then before you know it the ideas and feelings just don’t stopThank Ms Abel I had a good time

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Review ↠ Bane Xian Warriors #4 Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free » The Dragon has awakened and he will claim his bride As the Vanguard’s top analyst Tabitha discovers a secret message which could allow them to deal a severe blow to the Kryptids The last thing she expects during that miUeen walk away It had been both for her safety and out of duty to those under his protection However the tide has finally turned He and his people may be the monstrous creations of the Kryptid General but for the first time freedom is within their grasp Now that he has a chance at a future with his ueen and at safety for his people nothing and no one will stand in his way. I need a moment to dry my eyesDon't fret they are happy tears for nowI like the rest of the Vanguard know this war is far from over but we need to make the most of the small victories the uiet moments the precious memoriesSince the series began I have been in awe of the universe Abel created Each new episode has only drawn me deeper into the story line Endeared me to the castI knew Bane's story would be special From the beginning he stood out And to pair him with Tabitha not a spoiler it's on the blurb They are a perfect match Bane carries the weight of the universe on his shoulders walking a very sharp blade attempting to balance appeasing his father with protecting his family And to find that the one soul that compliments his that was made for him that truly completes him can never be his Tabitha has been the b Tch ueen from the beginning It has taken her years to come to terms with her feelings to mend her broken heart She has come so far since the first episode We get a chance to see the true Tabitha here The one who once laughed and loved wholeheartedly It is a big 360 form the vicious little ankle biter she has been Sorry TabsIt's hard to review without spoilers all that happens in this episode I do not want to decrease any OMG factors or Awww moments that you may encounter You can expect uite a few Oh he ll No scenes interlaced with a few that may have you yelling turn around or other various explicit s out loud I shed a few tears both happy and sad experienced some chuckles and I smiled a lotBest of all I was there to witness and feel each momentI think for me that is what makes this series so captivatingAbel transports her readers into the storyYou don't just read itYou experience itUntil the next battle to the little victories 🥂