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The Brotherhood of the Grape characters ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ A Henry Molise nunca se le ha dado muy bien tomar sus propias decisiones Cuando uno de sus hermanos le avisa de ue sus ancianos padres están a punto de divorciarse –y esta vez parece ue va en serio– regresa a regañadientes a San Elmo el peCasi desde la desesperación bañada por el humor nacido de lo hiperbólico Una especie de reconciliación con la maldición hereditaria llamada familia un despegado homenaje a la generación de emigrantes ue construyó un país con sus manos y ue empapa en vino la espera del fin –no solo de sus días sino de una manera de entender el mundo– en pueblos agonizantes Dostoievski hubiera estado orgulloso de usted John Fan. The beginning felt like watching an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” but soon you realise that the family relationships are dysfunctional there are similarities between Nick and Giacinto in Scola’s “Brutti sporchi e cattivi” movie which was released a year before the bookThe writing is fine but I ended up disliking all the characters view spoiler I got tired of all the drama the drinking the sex and the plain bad taste hide spoiler

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Pendenciero orgulloso e infiel El «perro rabioso» «tirano de la paciencia ajena» es el padre ue ningún hijo uerría para sí el ue más ue descendencia hubiera preferido una cuadrilla de peones de albañil y ue se ríe de Henry cuando lo ve leyendo un libro Desde la perspectiva de ese álter ego de Fante el autor nos ofrece otra de sus novelas moldeadas por el peso de la vida una nueva obra hecha desde la necesidad. Writer Henry Molise gets a call from one of his brothers His elderly mother demands a divorce from his father and he travels to San Elmo to fix the situation He ends up building a smokehouse in the mountainsA fabulous book with a light and enticing style devoid of all pretentiousness It contains one of the funniest sex scenes I have ever read

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The Brotherhood of the GrapeA Henry Molise nunca se le ha dado muy bien tomar sus propias decisiones Cuando uno de sus hermanos le avisa de ue sus ancianos padres están a punto de divorciarse –y esta vez parece ue va en serio– regresa a regañadientes a San Elmo el peueño pueblo del ue se marchó para convertirse en escritor Allí se verá expuesto a las altas dosis de radiación ue emite la figura paterna Nick Molise un viejo cantero borracho. It is better to die of drink than to die of thirstI know they say don't judge a book by its cover but The Brotherhood of the Grape is one of those exceptions More wine went down the hatch in this novel than all the other novels I have read put together All right that's probably not true but I like to think it is It was a lot gallons of the stuff it seemed Along with his friends Seventy six year old Nick Molise sure could put it away I like to think I can handle a drink than most but this guy I wouldn't dare mess with in a drinking game No way I'd be on the floor in no time He would humiliate me and make it look so damn easy Crikey he was a tough old weasel no like an ox even falling into a diabetic coma for five hours before fleeing the hospital to find the nearest vineyardThe novel is narrated by Henry Molise Nick's son and it's safe to say he doesn't really think much of his father along with his other siblings after catching him being unfaithful to his wife years before and treating those closest to him like dirt Nick is somewhat Self righteous and a drunk has a temper but is a hard grafter a stonemason something he claims he started when he was just eight years old With ailing health but a stubborn will to work basically he's skint plus he owes money from card games he takes the job of building a smokehouse in the woods but needs a sidekick And this is where Henry comes into the the fray who argues it would finally put his father in the ground He is also led to believe his mother has asked for a divorce so he travels to his childhood town of San Elmo to see what the hell is going on In the end he ends up going off with Nick euchred into a futile expedition into the Sierras for some father son bonding drinking enough alcohol to float a yacht and working up a serious sweat to get the smokehouse built and return home All doesn't end well thoughI found this novel both funny and tender with laughable moments as well as moments when one could be genuinely moved inside Ultimately beyond the glazed drunken eyes Fante's look at family has a truth and sincerity that may not be easy to see at first but this sets it apart from simply being a pie eyed farce There was also a flashback seuence of Henry's time in Los Angeles as a young down and out struggling writer that obviously had an effect on a certain Mr Bukowski This was my second Fante novel the other being 'Ask the Dust' and I couldn't separate them Both were eually very good I will now sink a glass or two myself