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Comprised of a collage of interrelated scenes the action begins with a reunion six years after graduation of five close friends and classmates at Mount Holyoke College They compare notes on their activities since leaving school and then in a series of flas I thought I had finished my 2019 reading year and I thought wrong My husband and daughters are watching movies on Netflix and I just wasn’t in the mood I’m still in my Wrigley Field sweatshirt and Patriots fuzzy socks having spent the entire day reading All of my challenges are in place for 2020 and I’m so excited to get started One group that I neglected in 2019 was 500 Great Books by Women and I will be participating in Women’s Bingo in 2020 One task is read a play written by a woman so of course I read the entire play before the clock struck midnight I have loved and laughed with everything that Wendy Wasserstein wrote so when I saw that she had written a play that I hadn’t read yet I slotted it into the drama slot for women’s bingo Like all of Wasserstein’s work Uncommon Women and Others was hilariously poignant I am grateful for the women of Wendy Wasserstein’s generation They shattered the glass ceiling so that the women of my generation x could have any choice available to us in life Uncommon Women centers around six friends who graduated from Mount Holyoke Women’s College in 1977 and then gathered at a reunion six years later To put into context Ivy League schools had only begun to admit women as undergraduate students less than ten years earlier In the throes of the women’s movement single gender colleges were still the reality for many intelligent women looking to get a leg up in life upon entering society Mount Holyoke has an illustrious history counting Emily Dickinson among her many alumnae In 1977 Mount Holyoke was still as much of an option for top female students as the Ivy League as those institutions still worked out the kinks as to how many women to admit As the 1970s spilled into the 1980s when baby boom women entered the workforce like never before Wasserstein has set the stage for her college reunion of six “uncommon” friends What I have enjoyed about all of Wasserstein’s plays that I have read is that her premise is real enough to have happened yet just far fetched enough to provide comedy My favorite of hers is Sisters Rosenzweig because the comedy and far fetched premise outdoes the real to life premise I think though the real life changing reality in Uncommon Women has vaulted it to second place for me ahead of the Pulitzer winning Heidi Chronicles We meet six friends who have gathered in 1983 at their six year college reunion In college they were all feminists but as they near thirty most have settled into adult life and are dealing with the everyday trials and tribulations of adulthood Katie is a successful lawyer and a long term relationship with Kent Samantha married Robert upon graduation and they are expecting their first child Holly relies on her wealthy father and is still finding herself Meanwhile Rita the easy woman in college is married to Timmy and doing well for herself All the friends appear happy to see each other There is drama in their flashbacks to college angst than in their adult lives As American society moved into the 1980s perhaps this was normal as things started to settle down Wasserstein created fleshed out characters even creating a role for Glenn Close on stage Even though the script is on the short side there are memorable scenes and interactions between all of the characters stressing how women had choices available to them upon graduation than in generations past Yet these top women still attended a college like Mount Holyoke which allowed Wasserstein to point to the discrepancies between a new generation of women and the traditional society women of time gone by In the generational gap working women who desired than being housewives won out over those who received their Mrs degrees even though there were many of these women as well Wasserstein has created an archetype of the married woman working woman and the woman still searching for herself making for a light comedic play that addresses themes that touch all wo

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Uncommon Women and OthersHbacks we see them in their college days and learn of the events some funny some touching some bitingly cynical that helped to shape them Each of the group is a distinct individual and it is their varying reaction to the staid sheltered and often anachroni One of my all time favorite books Read it while in college and still thinking the world was our oyster and read it again many years later when I realized what really made an uncommon woman

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FREE PDF Ô BOOK Uncommon Women and Others Ô WENDY WASSERSTEIN ´ Comprised of a collage of interrelated scenes the action begins with a reunion six years after graduation of five close friends and classmates at Mount Holyoke College They compare notes on their activities since leaving school and then in a serieStic university environment with its undercurrent of sometimes darker personal desires and conclusions gives the play its special meaning for today's young women as they go forth into the changing and often disuieting world that awaits them after graduatio It's super interesting Slow paced please take the time to understand the meaning of each scene and why each character is in it And there's a lot of symbolism in each scene Each character stands for something in women hood I would like to see this play Rita is hilarious I feel so bad for Samantha and Muffet holly was bland and Carter I wish was involved I know they all aspired to be the thing that had the least reliance and that to me is a statement I don't know I hope it isn't I'm Just a little talented at a lot of things I want to be with someone who makes a public statement; amazing It's uotes like this that give the feminine look in this play a stereotypical name When the women all want marry the richest women even though they're straight and how this play acts out the key intelligence of a variety of women makes this play noticeable in the eyes of any actor seeking a humorous or dramatic monologue and or scene Great play hard to follow but make sure to remember that it's never in a single time It's of a black box play