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The Wind in the Willows eBook Õ Hardcover · There is nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boatsWhen Mole flees his little underground home he discovers new friends and adventures with Raj Toad and BadgerThis much loved story has been carefully retold for young children to enjoy With beautiful illustrations throughE he discovers new friends and adventures with Raj Toad and BadgerThis much loved story has been carefully retold for I feel like I have been in a bit of a reading slump lately It is not that I am reading a whole lot less I am just not REALLY enjoying the time that I am reading It might be that the whole family is in back to school mode so schedules have changed Or maybe just the general ups and downs of life will occasionally put me in a “low interest in reading” category All of this just to say that The Wind in The Willows is another victim of my “reading is meh” stateWhen I first started this I tried to read it to my kids every night I figured since it was written for a younger crowd and I found it in the kid’s books section at the library it might be perfect for them I recently read The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe to them and they loved it So this would be the next best step right? Nope they were not interested at all We sat down for about 10 nights straight trying to read this and they uickly lost interest loudly exclaiming “I’m bored” after a few pages Around 40 or 50 pages in I finally gave upThen I went on to reading it on my own Maybe my experience was tainted by my disgruntled children but I was not getting much excited about it than they did Every time I read it I had to force myself to refocus as my mind was wandering Now this is not a complicated book so the fact that I was losing touch with the content was definitely a red flag And I think another thing about it that was frustrating was that most of the book is really long run on sentences with lots of commas You might think that doesn’t make a difference but it is uite taxing on the brain when sentence after sentence goes on and on without a break I kept wanted to yell “yes yes I get it You can stop now”For many this is a classic If it was released now I am not sure if it would be met with the same excitement The story is kind of silly which is okay as it is for kids But since it didn’t keep my kids interested it must not be the right kind of silly I need to look into the background of this story as I am sure that the anthropomorphic woodland creatures interacting with humans in a normal fashion must be an allegory for something Or maybe it all doesn’t mean anything Either way I am glad it is finally done and on the bright side of things I can check another classic off the list

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Young children to enjoy With beautiful illustrations throughout it provides the perfect introduction to a classic ta This is one of those books I want to love; I REALLY really want to love this book I've read so many essays by book lovers who have fond childhood memories of being read this by their father or who ushered in spring each year by taking this book to a grassy field and reading this in the first warm breezes of May I want to find the tea and boating and wooded English countryside to be slow yet sonoriously comforting like a Bach cello suite or a warm cup of cider on a cool April night But I just find it tediously boring I've tried it three times and after about twelve pages I sigh put it down and pick up something else Perhaps my father needed to have read it to me when I was young

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The Wind in the WillowsThere is nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boatsWhen Mole flees his little underground hom An Edwardian children's book that ends with the reimposition by force of the traditional suirearchical social order on the upstart lower orders as represented by Weasels Stoats and FerretsIt is a through introduction to traditional British conservatism of the Country Life rather than the Economist variety for children with a side order of mild paganism As such is an unwitting counterpoint to The Ragged Trousered PhilanthropistsAs with How to Read Donald Duck once you look at it and shrug off the view that it is just a children's book then the values on show are not so nice What is it that readers are asked to feel nostalgia for? This was published in 1908 before Lloyd George prepared his People's Budget in 190910 before The Parliament Act of 1911 and at the same time as women were agitating for the vote There are the book's Weasels Stoats and Ferrets so take up your cudgel to uphold Merrie Olde England and our ancestral rights to under occupied manor houses and the freedom to behave with some reckless abandonAlternatively we have the nostalgia of The Leisure Class our heroes are people who don't have to work who are so different from ordinary people that they don't even have to be human any and who can indulge themselves as they see fit save for the inexplicable unreasonableness of the lawUltimately it is what is as we all are in this particular case a homoerotic fantasy in which all the men and boys can go off and live an upper middle class life as animals by the river banks without having to deal with the conseuences of that decision the women will still be prepared to do the washing and the ironing apparently and indeed woe betide the creature that tries to interrupt this way of life The only duty is to one another infringement of privilege punishable by violence For all its emphasis on nature and the river it is a very inward looking book It is a closed off world the industrial urban society with a market economy is literally populated by a different species There are few things uite as curious and peculiar as the stories people would like children to delight in