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Blood of Angels Halfway Between #2 When I learned the truth of what I was seventy years ago let’s just say I didn’t take it wellI’m not human I never wasI’m a homunculus crafted by two creatures for their benefit Azrael the archangel of death made me to be his daughter and Asmodeus the archdemon of lust created me to be his wifeThat’ This is the second book in the Halfway Between series and this picks up where we left off previouslyIn this book I got of a sense of AlistairAsmodeus as we get to peek into the past through a series of Veils flashbacks this also gave me some much needed insight into the current dynamics at play between them bothI loved the uniue take on heaven and hell and also the dynamic between brothers Asmodeus and Michael in fact Michael was an absolute hootStill not warming to Veil though I did start to thaw later slightly towards the finish shes just so judgemental and self righteous when it comes to her arch demon Lover but then Azriel gets a free pass for the exact same thing totally hypocriticalAsmodeus I adored I'm still #teamAsmodeus to the core I thought he was patience personified and I felt for him entirety his deep loneliness while surrounded by others was heartbreaking the world around him constantly evolving and shifting those he loves dying leaving him behind again to repeat the whole sorry cycleIs it wrong just to want something for your own and in my opinion the punishment just doesn't fit the crime hereI also liked his other side his demon persona of pure wicked intent was just so toe curlingly delicious I'm not surprised Veil couldn't hold out for long Veil herself was so much like a spoilt child massively acting out against her parents her time alone over the last seventy years is the human euivalent of having a teenage tantrumBut despite my reservations these two are liuid fire and have some definite chemistrySo yeh enjoyed this it was again well written and I especially adored the twist at the end looking forward to the next oneI voluntary reviewed a copy of Blood of Angels Halfway Between #2Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom

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MOBI ✓ DOC Blood of Angels Halfway Between #2 FREE ☆ KATHRYN ANN KINGSLEY ↠ When I learned the truth of what I was seventy years ago let’s just say I didn’t take it wellI’m not human I never wasI’m a homunculus crafted by two creatures for their benefit Azrael the archangel of Re for Asmodeus He loves me and I loved him once But in the face of all his lies I’m not sure if I can or should love him againWith Octavian closing in taking and of the archangels and archdemons for some mysterious purpose I may never get the chance to decide how I feelI may not make it through this at all Wow I didn’t see that coming and I can’t deny that I didn’t love it This series continues to be intense intriguing and suspenseful Veil is having difficulty when it comes to her emotions towards Alistair now that he is a physical being Let me say his sidekick Michael is absolutely flipping hilarious and a nice addition to her suad More secrets are revealed and lies told but Veil seems to persevere through it all I can’t wait for this series to continue

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S the simplest part of my life right nowNow there’s a murderous cult in the city of Boston who’s abducting angels and demons I thought this had nothing to do with me but Octavian the cult’s leader wants to show me how very wrong I wasI’m trapped between my desire to fight the cult and fighting my desi Blood Of Angels took a turn I wasn't expecting but can't deny that I liked it Veil is now having to deal with her emotions towards Alistair as he is here in the flesh now He comes with a hilarious sidekick though I didn't expect Michael but I found him absolutely hilarious He was a good fit into Veil's little tribe More truths are exposed and lies revealed Even though Veil is right in her mixed up feelings about Alistair I still fell in love with him His vulnerable side just kind of drags you into his depths and now I love him I agreed with Michael Veil's self loathing was getting tiresome I understand it but at the same time I wanted her kickass self to get her head straight More serious shit is going on rely on those in your corner instead of fighting them Like I said I understand it though Blood Of Angels delved deeper into the insane world Kathryn Ann Kingsley created Shocking truths heartbreaking lies and a bad guy who just won't fecking uit will leave you begging for the next book