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Ly She also charts Diana’s profound commitment to her charities and her rare connection to and empathy with all those she met; the struggle to find an identity after the separation from Charles; and the final complicated year as a single woman With the authority missing from all previous accounts as well as remarkable new sources and firsthand accounts acclaimed royal biographer Sarah Bradford delivers a complex and explosive study of one of the most popular figures of the twentieth century I'm not much into reading contemporary biographies but because my theme as probably some of you have noticed is royalty this was something I had to read Diana Princess of Wales is such a figure shrouded in mysticism at least for me that reading this book clarified many doubts I had I liked that Sarah Bradford didn't fawn over Diana but showed the true woman behind the public persona not only the kind People's Princess figure but also the victim the passionate the jealous the petty the beautiful the fragile woman as people around knew her I also liked how my suspicions about Charles were apparently true and that men have always being the Worst

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Diana By Sarah BradfoFrom The New York Times bestselling author of America’s ueen the definitive biography of Diana Princess of Wales Diana Princess of Wales is nothing less than an icon remembered in death as vividly as she appeared in life Yet throughout her brief life Diana was plagued by rumor innuendo and scandal With exclusive access to those closest to Diana Sarah Bradford now casts aside the gossip and lies and takes us to the very heart of the royal family to separate the myth from the truth of the Dia This review can also be found on my blogCW infidelity eating disorders paranoia stalking behavior mental illness and car crashI know that I’ve written on this blog about Princess Diana before She’s an incredibly difficult subject to write about because even 20 years after her death she’s so polarizingWhat I liked most about Bradford’s biography is that she was a balanced author Very balanced with a topic like this She tried to keep it open with either side of the story Of course she was likely to err in Diana’s favor but when she was obviously doing wrong she pointed it outSuch as the story about Diana throwing herself down the stairs when she was pregnant with William Bradford went through the sources and eventually concluded that it was something Diana made up Diana fell down some stairs but it wasn’t a suicide attempt It was her personal manipulation of the press and public I’ve always heard that story and seen it treated like it was true So it was refreshing to have an author challenge everythingAnd really Diana was a mess I’ve always said that right when Diana died she was coming into her own and getting better but she was never a very stable woman She had major ups and downs Bradford put it as her need to self sabotage I’d say it was whatever mental illness she had — and I’m not going to try to diagnose her — leading her to unfound conclusionsThat still doesn’t discount that she was an amazing woman who did a lot of good in the world She was simply a flawed individual like the rest of us But I really enjoyed Bradford’s objectivity since this is still such a polarizing story Periodically my mom and I fight about it since I like being the devil’s advocate My mom loves Diana and hates Prince Charles So I point out Diana’s flaws and try to show her what Prince Charles might have feltShe doesn’t appreciate it and ends up getting very mad at me But see PolarizingI also loved how easily this read It wasn’t dull or overly complex Bradford used a lot of primary sources There were tons of uotes and she let those do the talking for her I appreciated that because it was nice to read what the people who knew Diana had to say Not all of it was good obviously but it was realI’d definitely recommend this book to people who want to read about Princess Diana but don’t want to have to pick a side in the ongoing war

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MOBI Â DOC Diana By Sarah Bradford 9780670038077 FREE ´ From The New York Times bestselling author of America’s ueen—the definitive biography of Diana Princess of Wales Diana Princess of Wales is nothing less than an icon remembered in death as vividly as she appeared in life Yet throughout her brief life Diana was plagueNa years Diana follows the old fashioned courtship that saw her captivate the Prince of Wales; the transformation of an unworldly teenager into an emotionally demanding but adoring wife and mother; the damage caused by the ever present specter of Camilla Parker Bowles; and the eventual collapse of a doomed marriage once hailed as the ultimate fairy tale Bradford examines Diana’s lovers and her relationships with her staff friends and family as well as her children husband and the royal fami Prince Charles and Princess Diana were exhibits A and B in any discussion about how parents can so screw up a child cold motherbully for a father him; mother abandonmentweak permissive father her that it will never be an emotionally stable adult; and when these two people get married it should be no surprise that unhappiness and divorce is a given She was so needy demanding manipulative and vengeful that she gives High Maintenance Princess a whole new meaning He had no idea what to do with her However they were also exhibits C and D in how much the world will forgive when you are absolutely gorgeous and how much it won't forgive when you aren't and you just happen to love somebody else who isn't nearly as gorgeous She used her fame and position to shine a light on AIDS land mines and a number of other very worthy causes but she reuired so much love and adulation that only the whole world could satisfy the need and those causes were a way to get it in spades Even then she wasn't happy; and no doubt if Charles had adored her and only wanted to make her happy she still wouldn't have been The whole world and everything in it was never going to be enough for her