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eBook Ö Steel Rose The Cardinal Winds #1 ê 450 pages Download Ú Kathryn Ann Kingsley Ö The commander of the East Wind Dominion is a terrifying man He leads an army of automatons He can control lightning itself And now Rose Calder is his prisoner of warAll Rose has ever knowNd her home she takes to the skies to battle for her freedom For hopeWhen the war comes to a sudden end at the hands of commander Viktor Lang she is certain that she is about to die When he discovers her impossible secret she becomes a mystery that he is desperate to solve and that may 5 stars An advanced reading copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review First let me tell you why this author became one of my favorites such a short time It's like she looked at the outline the design for books and characters in a certain genre and decided to add so many details until it became something new and original and creativeThis book is different And so interesting and enjoyable Like a breath of fresh air You never know what to expectThe worldbuilding is intriguing We don't get many details as to why it got that way but the concept of such a structured world that isn't oppressive and cruel? AmazingThe main character Rose was delightful Some might say that she got pushed around and didn't fight back but seriously What could she do? She was just one person and did her best in an awful situation I liked that she wasn't meant to be the martyr that fought anything in her path for some 'noble' reasonI love villain romances There's something just fascinating when the villain's whole world changes because of one personCompared to other 'bad guys' Viktor is not that bad I loved how adorably confused he was because Rose didn't fit his strict rulesOne thing I have to say about this book is that the romance felt a little rushed at some point It started out well and slow but exploded in just a few pagesIn my defense I thought this series would be a trilogy But the next book will focus on other characters So I understand the need to wrap up the story with Rose and ViktorThe ending was both happy and sad I really hope to see of these characters in the next book Which will be Nero's I have a feeling he'll be the most disturbing one yet Can't WaitI wholly recommend this book Or any of the author's books But 'Steel Rose' is somewhat tamer in terms of violence cruelty and angst But no less exceptional

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The commander of the East Wind Dominion is a terrifying man He leads an army of automatons He can control lightning itself And now Rose Calder is his prisoner of warAll Rose has ever known is fighting When the invading forces of the East Wind Dominion take away her friends her family a Whoa This was surprisingly good One of those you don't think it'll be much but I loved it

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Steel Rose The Cardinal Winds #1Be worseThe war may be over but now she stands to lose much much Authors Note Steel Rose is what I consider to be a villain romance My male characters are often not very kind or gentle This story has a HEA but it may be a tough ride getting there This story has mature themes and conte Kathryn Ann Kingsley has hit it out of the park again with this one⭐⭐⭐⭐5 starsSteel Rose is set in a completely different world that is dystopian and a little dieselpunk ish The author never fails to dazzle me with her creativity and imaginationRose Calder has been fighting against the forces of the East Wind Dominion as a pilot for years and the rebels are on the losing end When the rebels are finally defeated and captured by the Dominion forces she fears that it's her end but a sudden turn of events puts her in the Commander's clutches and a few of her secrets are revealed to him She doesn't know what to make of the man that she has considered as an enemy for so long and what does he plan to do with her?If you want me to be completely honest I think I liked this book better than the author's Halfway Between series and I believe that's mainly because of the characters Don't get me wrong The Masks of Under series will always be my favorite but the Steel Rose has uickly captured the second spotRose was a refreshing change from the typical stubborn heroines that we see in fantasy books She's strong scrappy and intelligent but she knows her faults too And she was cheerful and optimistic than I'd expected and that's mainly because she's a go with the flow type of personOn the other hand Viktor was a complete enigma in the beginning But as we slowly get further into the book the author reveals his inner characteristics and I loved them Also the chemistry between Rose and Viktor is literally off the chartsfans selfKathryn really knows how to write her villain romance stories because there is no sort of taming the beast routine in her books The anti heroes don't suddenly change for good just because of the heroine's love The heroines love them just the way they are and the couple learns to meet each other halfway which is so realisticAnd the world building is off to a good start in this one I would describe it as something similar to what would have happened if communism had ever been implemented successfully What set this apart from other dystopian worlds was that it wasn't actually dystopian Rose learns that though she might have thought she was fighting for freedom the common citizens see her as something close to a terrorist as most of them are content with their lives That was a uniue standpointI think there's a lot for us to see and I'd have loved to find out about how the select fewlike Viktor Rose Nero etc got their powers and what sets them apart I hope we get to find out in the other books I think Nero's book is next and I have a feeling that it might be even delicious than this onebecause I know the author is evil haha Can't wait xD I was provided with an ARC in exchange for an honest review