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A heart stopping Regency romance Perfect for fans of Georgette Heyer Mary Balogh Jane Aiken Hodge and Jane Austen Can Belinda shield her cousin from scandal without sacrificing her happiness Regency England Having spent several years caring for her grandmother Belinda Melville has hardly ever left her family home But when her beautiful but selfish. A good angsty little story with interesting characters and excellent writing The story falls into three parts The first uarter is a little slow as it sets up the stage for later On her 15th birthday Belinda falls in love with a stranger she meets on a path who kisses her before he leaves to join the cavalry When they finally meet again 5 years later at her selfish cousin's house Not only does he not remember her but he is infatuated with her MARRIED despicable cousin Dierdre By this point I'm getting a little tired of Belinda always getting she shit end of the stick She's a compassionate kind woman who never comes first or even second with even her own father Now she's in love with a turd who would try to run off with a married woman DamnSOooo after a couple uncomfortable weeks of watching them flirt and hoping nobody else notices Deirdre's sister in law arrives She is a ruthless woman who misses nothingNext thing you know Belinda is marrying the Captain Anthony The wedding doesn't go well and their wedding night is full of vitriol He leaves again for war and she leaves to stay with her old governess in northern England Now I was getting a little pissed because there's absolutely no hinting at softer feelings on the Captain's part No hint that he's realized what an ass he is and how he's overlooking the true gem for the cheap paste that is her cousinIn the last third of the book Anthony returns 5 months later a man wounded in spirit He has had time to think about his behavior and after talking to his friend JackJohn and Belinda's father he is fully cognizant of what an idiot he made of himself over Dierdre and how she played him But that he was also at faultI loved that Belinda had written him off on the wedding night She never replied to his letters which kinda sucked anyways Even when he does show up out of the blue her heart doesn't go pitter patter But he wants to make their marriage work and together they travel to his great uncle's who is unwell They make peace and even become friends Cause Belinda doesn't hold grudges I got a little impatient with this part I wanted to savour it but it was telling then showing unlike the earlier parts of the book So it wasn't really satisfying He also never showed any inclination that he desired her like ever And she is fine with that at first I wanted him to prove that he cared and desired her than Dierdre Especially as Belinda and her cousin look so much alike Eventually they do get busy but it seemed so out of the blue He told her he burned for her and was waiting for her to make the decision but where was the evidence This is a guy she saw flirting with her cousin day after day for weeks She caught them in an embrace kissing He couldn't keep his hands off Dierdre So pardon me for not being convinced by his change in affectionsAt the end we get the return of Dierdre which I loved I hate when OWs just fade into night never to get their just desserts I do wish Anthony had been vehement in his pushing her away though Maybe had some disgust on his face or somethingI felt really bad for Dierdre's husband So there was lots to love about the writing and the characters but I wasn't blown away by their love when all was said and done They felt like friends than loversSafety is not great of course but better than I hoped view spoilerAlthough Anthony had been pursuing Deirdre for months since before her marriage she spun lies he never did than kiss her passionately He leads Belinda to believe it had been when he was being cruel But anyways Belinda is a virgin and he is the only asshole man that she's kissed Dierdre is mad at the end but unrepentant There is some sexy times near the end Not terribly explicit but not PG either hide spoiler

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A Temporary BetrothalEirdre that could land them both in scandal To protect her cousin’s reputation Belinda agrees to become temporarily betrothed to Anthony But it soon becomes clear that she is in danger of falling for a man who has already bestowed his heart on another A Temporary Betrothal by Dorothy Mack is a classic Regency romance full of twists and surprises. Very interesting

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Download Ò A Temporary Betrothal Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ A heart stopping Regency romance Perfect for fans of Georgette Heyer Mary Balogh Jane Aiken Hodge and Jane Austen Can Belinda shield her cousin from scandal without sacrificing her happiness Regency England Having spent several years caring for her grandmCousin – Lady Deirdre Archer – summons her to Archer Hall while her husband is away Belinda reluctantly agrees to act as her companion In the whirl of society activity Belinda crosses paths with the handsome Captain Anthony Wainright newly returned from the Peninsular war To her dismay she discovers that he is nursing an illicit passion for D. Slow burn romance that is memorable for the heroine NOT accepting the hero's apology scorning him and his behavior and making him work for itHer incredibly selfish cousin puts her in a bad situation where she lies to protect the family name than anything Idiot hero thinks he is love with the married cousin and loses his honor as he confesses to the heroine laterview spoiler The evil OW cousin gets an off page comeuppance that I think might actually be worthy as her husband hears her complaining that the hero loves the heroine rather than her hide spoiler