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Read Sons and Lovers ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ì She was a brazen hussyShe wasn't And she was pretty wasn't sheI didn't look And tell your girls my son that when they're running after you they're not to come and ask your mother for you tell them that brazen baggages you meet at dancing classesThe marriage of Gertrude and Walter MoreShe was a brazen hussyShe wasn't And she was pretty wasn't sheI didn't look And tell your girls my son that when they're running after you they're not to come and ask your mother for you tell them that brazen baggages you meet at dancing classesThe marriage of Gertrude and Wa. Rating 0125 of fiveBkC51 SONS AND LOVERS by DH Lawrence The worst most horrendously offensively overrated piece of crap I've read in my lifeYeup Since I'm in a real bitch slappin' mood here goesThe Book Report Sensitive aesthetic nebbish gets born to rough miner and his neurasthenic dishcloth of a wife She falls in love with her progeny and tries to Save Him From Being Like His Father which clearly is a fate worse than death So lady if you didn't like the guy why didn't you just become a prostitute like all the other women too dumb to teach did in the 19th centuryThings drone tediously on some vaguely coherent sentences pass before one's eyes the end and not a moment too soonMy Review Listen DH Lawrence couldn't write his way out of a wet paper bag The reason his stuff is known at all today is the scene in Lady Chatterly's Lover where the gamekeeper bangs her from behind Oh and those two dudes wrestling naked in front of the fireplace in Women in LoveBelieve me when I tell you those are the highlights of the man's ouevre The hero of this book Paul MOREL is named after a bloody MUSHROOM He's as soft and ishy and vaguely dirty smelling as a mushroom too Lawrence was one of those lads I'd've beaten the snot out of in grade school just because he was gross Weedy and moist are the two words that leap forcefully to mind when I contemplate his sorry visage which exercise in masochistic knowledge seeking I do not urge upon youIf you for some reason liked this tedious crapulous drivel then goody good good but if we're friends I urge you not to communicate your admiration to me It will not do good things for our relationship I easily forgive Hemingwayism than affection for this This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 30 Unported License

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Lter Morel has become a battleground Repelled by her uneducated and sometimes violent husband delicate Gertrude devotes her life to her children especially to her sons William and Paul determined they will not follow their father into working down the coal mines But conflict. How do you leave a mother who associates her life’s meaning and fulfillment to you and your achievements without breaking her heart How do you surrender all your passion to a lover while leaving some for the woman who gave birth to you reared you and loved you Should a man give greater love to his mother or his lover How do you achieve balance between the women in your life DH Lawrence’s semi autobiographical novel Sons and Lovers displays the pendulum of a young man’s love swinging to and fro from his deep bond with his mother to his passionate relationships with his lovers It is a fragile pendulum that slowly cracks and inevitably breaks “And in the same way she waited for him In him was established her life now After all the life beyond offered very little to Mrs Morel She saw that our chance for doing is here and doing counted with her Paul was going to prove that she had been right; he was going to make a man whom nothing should shift off his feet; he was going to alter the face of the earth in some way which mattered Wherever he went she felt her soul went with him Whatever he did she felt her soul stood by him ready as it were to hand him his tools She could not bear it when he was with Miriam She would fight to keep Paul”It is often said that young men unconsciously look for the ualities of their mother in a spouse I do not know whether or not this is true but if it is this primal instinct is the definitive sign of the maternal clutch that holds us so that a man never truly leaves his mother that a wife is in a way only her substitute Much in the same light that a woman would look for ualities of her father in a partner this shows the strong influence of the family unit in our romantic compass At the same time it can also be seen as a deeply embedded desire for harmony between the abandoned family and the newly established one But these are all just conjectures It is often the case that a man would leave his mother for his wife and forget about her altogether Mothers are often relegated into a secondary role often only visited during holidays usually abandoned at elder’s homes But then isn’t that the way it is But should that be how they are treated when their love for you is much than a lover can ever give you How do you satisfy both women’s need for your love And if you do satisfy them what then is left for youThe novel starts with a wife and a husband Gertrude Morel the wife the mother I believe is one of the greatest female figures in literature Her fortitude despite a slovenly drunken husband and her defiance towards him is an impressive feat in itself Her unfailing love and devotion to her children makes her a champion greater than any female lover character Granted there may be flaws in her character yet her wisdom her strength and her abiding maternal love makes these flaws insignificant The story starts off with the difficulties and relationships of the family then morphs into focus the second son Paul and his relationship with his mother and later on his lovers It scrutinizes how he traverses the tightrope between his love for the woman who brought her into this world and the women who make his world go round A significant highlight of the novel aside from the mother son relationship is the conflict in Paul’s heart between Miriam and Clara These two women give face to the different sides of loving Miriam a friend since childhood embodies the deep love that pierces the soul and being They understand each other perfectly soulmates as they call it She loves Paul to the very core yet no passion arises in her She considers love making as something she must endure because she loves him herself a sacrifice Clara on the other hand is the very flame of passion A beautiful older woman her affair with Paul is one of desire and physicality Her love is that of a wild carnal storm that reduces both into total abandonment Yet they are two very different beings only united by an animal need and nothing deep takes hold They give Paul two different things but none of them ever truly takes his heart “But no mother I even love Clara and I did Miriam; but to give myself to them in marriage I couldn’t I couldn’t belong to them They seem to want me and I can’t ever give it them‘You haven’t met the right woman’And I never shall meet the right woman while you live he said”Ever since he was born Paul has always had this deep awareness of his mortality a melancholy attitude that was drawn to the surreptitious darkness around He was always keenly aware of their poor standing in life His empathy for his mother’s suffering when he was young might have been the driving force of his intense love for her And as a young man he developed an existential crisis that made him unable to really love another woman It was as if his deep love for his mother exhausted all his reserve and made him empty His life was grounded on his mother as she had grounded her life on him So when the inevitable happened he was shattered“Now she was gone and forever behind him was the gap in life the tear in the veil through which his life seemed to drift slowly as if he were drawn to death”Therein lies the danger of such an intense proportion of love He gave away all pouring between his mother and his lovers that none was left for him His melancholy character enabled him to empty himself to abandon his preservation He forgot that before one can be a son or a lover one should be a man Before one can be a daughter or a partner one should be a woman As such one should always remember that you must also hold enough love for yourself to rationally love another Otherwise the love consumes and is foolish “he was in such a mess because his own hold on life was so unsure because nobody held him feeling unsubstantial shadowy as if he didn’t count for much in this concrete world”“Not much than a big white pebble on the beach not much than a clot of foam being blown and rolled over in the sand”In Sons and Lovers a young heartbroken DH Lawrence throws a pebble into the sea not to see it hit the water but only to feel the freedom of its release He doesn’t aim to shed light in the darkness but rather only to defy it “His fists were shut his mouth set fast He would not take that direction to the darkness to follow her”This novel is the nostalgic lamentation of an empty young man abandoned by love and numb to it a young man who feels loss in every sense of the word blindly going forward Go forward

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Sons and LoversIs evitable when Paul seeks to escape his mother's suffocating grasp through relationships with women his own age Set in Lawrence's native Nottinghamshire Sons and Lovers is a highly autobiographical and compelling portrayal of childhood adolescence and the clash of generatio. There has been a robbery A theft on a grand scale Cleansed of the detritus of a self a presence an ability to act on desire he waits to be alit uponThe fretwork strums a baroue dirge as an accompaniment to realizations of the smallness of any life upon the vastness of the universe and its grand seduction of infinite stars; the largeness of the interiority of ones passions and the labyrinth they must circumvent Their interactions and the labyrinthine yearnings of others result in collisions sparking a cannibalism of blood spotted gore within their circumvented livesLawrence writes this in the style of his time; a third person narrator who does not hesitate to drift from points of views occasionally to the detriment of the narrative’s pace He dilutes the meaning of characters gestures and movements by explanation and confirmation There is a doubt within him the reader will get what is expressed This leaves less room for the reader to enter into the story but room for the reader to be filled up by the characters The author The duty of the author to fill the reader up The year is 1913 Readership was less sophisticated then Yet I can but imagine how scandalous the contents of this story burned within its package of seeded tropes Generations tumble through decades Psychologically steeped in acute vision he understands the psychoanalytic Oedipal situation bordering on the incestuous Sex whispers through the sentences His autobiography finding its form of fictionPaul finds himself strewn upon the rough edged rocks of a family living within a small English coal mining town Gertrude his sensitive mother married to a crude miner has attached herself to her son’s Paul especially after her eldest has died uietly she mines an attachment to Paul that may also make up the lack of nourishment gained from her marriage He a budding artist with little recognition from an often sodden father who is neither a role model or a mirrored reflection back for Paul to see who he is who he might be as a man He needs much from others as he grows but is frightened to ask or seek Attracted to a woman he hesitates falters swings back and forth between betrayal of his mother and a withdrawal removed in layered shades from life around him from any circumference of a globe he may safely enter Left in a removed isolation alone but only occasionally lonely This is a space leased to him fitted to his contoursI hear somewhere deep within my inner ear an echo of Lawrence’s voice asking in an English accent to stop here He warns that if I go on to describe the others their relationships the sucking ooze of life I will be betraying him by stereotyping his finely wrought complex characters so completely themselves He is right Words will dampen their vitality confining them to less than they areIn the end this bold book crashing through time illuminating its elastic taunts and tumbles uestions the minute and the vast while spinning its compelling tale