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Rampion Cosmic Fairy TalesSometimes you find love in an unexpected placeRapunzel isn’t fond of being a princess but her rebellion against her royal parents can only take her so far When her adventures playing pirate result in embarrassment for her family she’s sent away to a scrapyard in the middle of Nowhere on a barren moon that has been barely terra formed to support life As far as Zel can see the only other person on the moon is a grumpy old caretaker named Gothel who doesn’t bother to show any respect for her royal statusOld man Gothel has plenty of rules and he’s made one huge part of the scrapyard I have to say this book took a turn I wasn't expecting at first and it totally rocked my socks off In case I'm not being clear I LOOOOVVVVED where this story went I'm not even sure I can express the whys and hows without completely giving away ALL THE THINGSLet's just say Rapunzel has a lot of growing up to do before she can be the princess she's meant to be Her bodyguard gave her good start by making her think for herself but she still has a long way to go when she's first dropped in the scrapyard She's challenged and poked and prodded by turns until she begins to see that she can be so much than what she currently isIn their own ways both Gothel and Rampion help her toward that point One is antagonistic and uncaring of her position the other treats her like the princess she was created to be One actively tries to avoid her the other is eager to be around herAnd somehow SOMEHOW Rapunzel begins to see that the truth she's been telling herself isn't uite as uncomplicated as she thought it was and THINGS HAPPEN Also nobles are kind of whacked and some are just flat out not right in the headGOOD TIMES man Good times Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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Forbidden which means Zel can’t resist exploring it In that forbidden area she discovers a tower drawn there by a sexy masculine voice singing unusual musicBut when she finally finds her way inside the tower she discovers something she never expectedThere’s a lot than just a heart on the line when it comes to the secrets that surround Rampion and his captor GothelRapunzel must learn the truth before it’s too late and she loses everything she holds dearAuthor’s Note 18 Contains strong sexual language and graphic violence and an artificial intelligence learning about the intricac Great book Susan Trombley did it again I'm dying of curiosity about what's going on in this world

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doc ´ Rampion Cosmic Fairy Tales 277 pages Download  randarenewables ½ Sometimes you find love in an unexpected placeRapunzel isn’t fond of being a princess but her rebellion against her royal parents can only take her so far When her adventures playing pirate result in embarrassment for her familIes of love and the fact that it follows no logic Cosmic Fairy Tales is a collaboration in which several authors are retelling beloved tales with a science fiction romance twist Each book is a standalone containing its own Happily Ever After and they can be read in any order Be sure to explore the other titles in the collection The Hunchback by Regine Abel The Frog Prince by Tracy Lauren Contaminated by Amanda Milo The Ugly Dukeling by Bex McLynn Jackie and the Giant by Honey Phillips Escaping Wonderland by Tiffany Roberts Rampion by Susan Trombley The Lion and the Mouse by Emmy Chandle A beautiful combination of a classic fairytale with so many calculated twists and turns that it has become its very own scifi fairytale apart from all others The story was supposed to be a scifi version of Rapunzel but the only true to the tale parts of the story were a tower and the names Gothel and Rapunzel Don't be decieved This book is its very own kind of fairytale and so much than expectedThe world building character flaws and overall exploration into 'ideals of perfection' were spot on AS YOU CAN SEE THIS IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO REVIEW WITHOUT GIVING THE DAMN'D THING AWAY so I will kindly say this;Read it It is completely worth every second of your time and penny in your pocket The characters are real living coughcough the world is far to interesting not to want to return to and the future of a new scifi romance addicts dream series is far to possible PLUS I need Mirvala's story because HELLO Dragon Aliens?? What can i say? It's really a great read And exploring the possible intricacies of AI romance?? Hells ya bebe425 domo arigato Mr Roboto stars ☆