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In Fury Lies Mischief Midnight Mayhem #2 characters ↠ 107 Ú She was everything that I wantedHe was everything that I despisedUntil she wasn’tUntil he wasn’tKillian Cornelii was a walking calamity He reached inside of me and touched every single inch of my ruined soul but he didn’t just touch it He caressed petted anShe was everything that I wantedHe was everything that I despisedUntil she wasn’tUntil he wasn’tKillian Cornelii was a walking calamity He reached inside of me and touched every single inch of my ruined soul but he didn’t just touch it He caressed petted and captivated it He tailored me to fit into. OMG Amo Jones did the damn thing ONCE AGAIN In Fury Lies Mischief was legit FIRE I was mesmerized and consumed from the first page Killian and Saskia were basically a cauldron of explosiveness that never let up from the getgo And honestly I thought King was everything but Killian God Almighty Jones broke the mold with him HE IS THE BEST HERO SHE HAS WRITTEN TO DATE I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE THIS WORLDWhat I love most about reading an Amo Jones book is feeling like I am coming home Her stories hit the spot and I never want them to end I thought I knew who Killian was after reading book one but honestly I HAD NO IDEA This man had hidden facets upon hidden facets that I could only dream of Ladies and Gentlemen he was beyond sexy and addicting He was edgy and intense and like a drug I need I am so in love with him it isn't even funny The minute he rolled up on the page I sat at attention I loved his fierceness and the way he was drawn to Saskia Their connection could not be denied Likewise Sass was the epitome of an Amo Jones heroine She was so damn strong but also filled with real vulnerabilities and raw emotions hidden deep inside She was closed up on the outside but when she loved she loved deep and all consuming Overall this story was hands down magnificent The sexy and fiery banter the passion the deep love and loyalty within the brothers and sisters of Kiznitch the fantastic playlist I read along with the sensual and mystical vibe of Midnight Mayhem itself and the dark and hidden secrets of this world we are only just learning about took my breath away I am so here for the next book and look forward to from Jones in the future Killian and Saskia are hands down 5 Star Goals Bravo Ratula 

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The palm of his hands The same hands that possess so much cruelty were the very same that comforted meI thought I knew himHe thought he knew meThis isn’t a fairy tale or some achingly beautiful story about two soul mates who instantly fall irrevocably in love with each otherThis is a story about a love. “I'll figure your shit out Little Villain and when I do”In Fury Lies Mischief is the second book of Midnight Mayhem series It can be read as a STANDALONE We can read the story from Killian Saskia's POV When I take an Amo book or write a review about it I just can't help myself I'm flooding the story all the time It is what it brings out of me I read from a lot of authors but she's my BEST EVER The highlight of my life when I start to read a new book from Amo Everytime when I got her books in my hands the real world is disappears From that moment only that world exists what Amo's created And this world ruined me Fucking Ruined Me This feeling this characters I can't explain with words This is FUCKING EPICI thought there is no character who I liked better than King I was wrong again KILLIAN IS PERFECT He is occupant and savage but simultaneously he is a protector and a real likeable character We can know a new heroine She is Saskia Her character has long been a mystery to me I didn't understand if she didn't know about Killian why did she fight so vehemently against However that there is no escaping because yes it's LOVE Twisted dark and maybe ugly but LOVE Meanwhile I felt that this whole thing isn't that simple Something is happening in the background Somewhere there is a missing piece which makes it a whole picture I thought nothing new already she can't surprise me Yeah I was wrong again She masterfully twist the story The whole thing taking place before my eyes and I didn't see She did it again she gave us a PERFECT STORY again Although I still don't understand why I'm so surprisedYou need to read

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In Fury Lies Mischief Midnight Mayhem #2So painful so rich that it destroys everything and everyone around itIncluding ourselvesMidnight Mayhem is the platform to which Killian performs his tricks on but the greatest trick wouldn’t come from himIt would come from meTricksters don’t have heartsThey just pretend that they do Tick Tock Tick To. ”When I was ten years old I told the world to go fuck themselves”It’s a rather dreary day the sun isn’t shining but it’s there and the air is a bit oppressive making you feel agitated And then you hear them The sound of tires rolling down asphalt cutting through the humidity and bringing with it the taste of desire The sound draws closer and that’s when you catch the first glimpse of the black tour buses By now the city residents are starting to clog the sides of the street and you push and shove your way to the front as the first lilac logo passes by Midnight Mayhem has returned In Fury Lies Mischief is the second book in Amo’s standalone series Midnight Mayhem And where In Peace Lies Havoc brought you your first taste of this decadent traveling stunt show In Fury Lies Mischief brings you the illusions and sins Long story that doesn’t have anything of importance short I’m hard wired to be this way I was born human but crafted to be this Trickster The fucking Mayhem in MidnightFollowing Killian Cornelii and Saskia Royal Amo takes you back into the world of the greatest traveling stunts and performance show your dark bleeding heart has ever imagined This time around we jump into the mischievous mind of Mayhem’s very own mind manipulator Where your thoughts and his become woven as one and every scent sight and lingering touch you are never sure what’s reality and what’s his own doing telekinesis hypnosis and coercive persuasion Saskia Royal is a lot of things but non of them include being a name on Kill’s extensive list of bedmates His very presence brings sickly sweet desire to the surface of her otherwise cold and aloof facade But they didn’t nickname him The Trickster for nothing In the headiest push pull performance Amo sucks you into her very own illusion where you are constantly uestioning who the villains are and if you yourself might be one of them The chemistry between Sass and Kill are like gasoline to a lot match sparking a tangible heat that is unlike any flame you’ve encountered And right when you think you’ve got everything figured out You are thrown into a mirror maze that leaves you hungry for and not enough pages to fill your starving appetite Amo yet again brings her famed air of suspense and provocative characters into a dark underworld filled with detailed plot points and story arcs that will not only have you begging for the next book but also have you wondering ifjust maybe you fell prey to the Trickster himself tick tock tick tock “What so the two villains in each other’s story won’t get a happily ever after” I joke winking down at her She smiles softly “I guess the story is still being written”