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E Our pursuers aren't going to uit The only option is to put distance between us and them No easy. This book is part of the Planet Athion multi author series and is Cassidy’s third and final installment of her Survivor’s Heart series within that worldIn her first book in the series Rogue the story setting is on Vesper V and we are introduced to the characters and get to learn some background on them Then in her second book Rebel the story picks up where Rogue and her rescuers are on their ship traveling to their home planet of Athion We get a better understanding of the characters and a look at the developing relationships Then finally in book three Survivor the series comes to an exciting end on a spaceport as Rogue and her men fight to be free and live their lives together in peace Survivor picks up a couple of weeks after the malfunction that had them abandoning their ship in Rebel where they have landed on a spaceport and are trying to keep a low profile and get enough money to disappear for good They guys are working in shifts while Rogue has to stay secluded or risk being captured again or worse She is unhappy and bored with the situation but it gives her time to get to know her men better and develop a deeper bond with each of them When they have an unforeseen setback Rogue takes matters into her own hands The guys rescued her and have kept her safe so the least she can do is help out even if she has to sneak around to do it She has a plan and it is not going to fail However when pirates get involved the situation spins out of control and Rogue will have to risk it all to save herself and her men Their enemies are not done with them yet as Rogue and the guys risk everything to finally be freeJust like the other stories in the series Survivor is action packed and absorbing from the start The characters the scenes the hot steamy romance will pull you in and hold on tight This three book series was a fun adventure and great addition to Cassidy’s writings Wonderful seriesIf you enjoy Sci Fi reverse harem and just awesome books in general you definitely want to grab this series and the others in the universe Starting the series from the very beginning will give you a better understanding of the entire Planet Athion series and each individual author’s series contribution The reading order is as follows1 Marissa Farrar – Darkest Skies start of the invasion and sets up the overall plot of the series2 Lily Harlem – Euinox – takes place on one of the spaceships3 Angel Lawson – Pioneer – takes place on Planet Athion4 Debbie Cassidy – Survivor’s Heart series – Rogue book 1 – takes place on an asteroid – Vesper V and Rebel book 2 – takes place on a ship and foreign outpost and finally Survivor book 3 – takes place on a spaceport Marissa Farrar also has a spin off series connected to this world – The Tradrych Strain – takes place on Planet Tradrych

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Survivor; Planet Athion Survivor's Heart #3Task without a shipA Sci fi adventure with a Whychoose romance and part of the Planet Athion wor. I am sad this series is over but man what an great ending This installment is actually set in another series by multiple authors called the Planet Athion series Here Debbie has made her part into a three book Survivor's Heart series Which if you haven't read I suggest you start with book one and in Survivor we conclude Which was so fulfilling to see everything come to such a great conclusion Surrvivor happens just a couple weeks after Rogue and her guys had to crash now she is trying to get enough money so that they can disapear Which makes it hard since Rogue is still being hunted If things were not hardstressful enough we have pirates enter the picture Can Rogue and her guys get a HEAI always expect a good well told story when it comes to Debbie's strories and i was not dissapionted at all We all ways get acttion lots of sexy time and just a great plot This series seemed like it was a uicker read for me but it could be that i just could not put down my kindle So if you are looking for a great read that has a well thought out plot action hard as nails characters and just a plain good read Check out this series you wont be disapointed

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CHARACTERS Survivor; Planet Athion (Survivor's Heart, #3) 107 Å Don't miss the next installment in the Survivor's Heart trilogyWe've run but how long can we evade Our pursuers aren't going to uit The only option is to put distance between us and them No easy task without a shipA Sci fi adventure with a Whychoose romance and part Don't miss the next installment in the Survivor's Heart trilogyWe've run but how long can we evad. I gave it 35 starsI have very mixed feelings about this series On one hand I really enjoy the plot line as a whole I think it's uniue and I enjoy watching the characters get out of each situation they find themselves in Then on the other hand the books are too short and I always feel like situations needs information to make them whole It feels like we get the bare minimum and I WANT information or story development to happen SURVIVOR had so much going for it Lots of action sexy time when it made sense and a nice amount of danger What it lacked was a well rounded ending I felt like it was again the bare minimum to end out the series I wanted out of the major showdown to end Marick and his obsession with Rogue I really like the pirate aspect of the storyline but I don't feel like it was ended I feel like Cassidy put a pin in it Rogue and her men DID seem to get there HEA but I really wanted of the story that got them thereI enjoyed the overall story of Rogue and her men I would read it again but I wish we had gotten This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review