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PDF Ò BOOK In Peace Lies Havoc Midnight Mayhem #1 ´ AMO JONES ´ My name is Dove Hendry Mine is Kingston AxtonI was captured by darkness She has always been oursThey groomed me for Midnight Mayhem Like a trained possession weak against their control She has been conditioned with our blood for years She just doeE I never had to I’d hear his whispers through my internal screams feel his shadow brush against my nightmares He was my the monster that tormented meAnd maybe lived under your bedWhen I started Midnight Mayhem his presence fadedHis whispers were silencedHis shadow dissolving without a traceI wondered why that was She didn’t have to wonder for lon Wild dark entertaining and steamy af In Peace Lies Havoc is a crazy experience that only Amo Jones can provide I swear this author's creativity and ability to screw with your mind is next level If you've ever read one of her books you know things aren't ever what they seem so you start trying to figure shit out from page one You will try and fail to spot plot twists coming and you won't actually breathe easy until you reach the end If it's a series you can forget that sigh of relief too because there is no way she won't leave you dangling on the edge of your seat You honestly never know what Amo will do and that's a huge part of the appeal of her books for me Everytime I finish one of her stories I'm left wondering what the fuck I just read I have to sit there until I can process what happened enough to form some type of coherent thought Even then I don't feel like I'm ever able to adeuately describe my feelings about her books If you're waiting for me to discuss any specifics when it comes to the plot I'm not going to be doing that I think everyone should just go into this book blind Go in knowing only what you get from the cover and the blurb and that's it Don't expect to never get aggravated with any of the characters because if you're like me you will Probably than once I don't think I have ever read one of this author's books where I didn't want to throat punch somebody at some point Lol The characters are imperfect individuals with an abundance of issues though and normal is boring anyway right? You might not always agree with everything that goes on but you will be entertained intrigued and engaged the whole way through Just strap in and hold onto your ass because Amo is going to take you on an insane fucking ride Your mind will be fucked your panties will be wet and you'll be left satisfied What could want?  If you enjoy alphaholes morally gray characters and insane storylines this one's for you

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Hat she is about to become the center ofThe Brothers of Kiznitch come in fours and they’re not happy about me being hustled into their acts Or are we? Careful Little Bird A warning is a warning for a reasonMind tricksStuntsDeceit PowerBut there’s something uglier that has been haunting me for years upon years So ugly that I have never seen its fac OMG When Amo Jones said she is bringing her readers a whole new series she definitely did not pull her punches Good Lord In Peace Lies Havoc IPLH was FIYAHHHH Kingston and Dove were PHENOMENAL Their story was filled with crazy sexual tension shocking plot twists and the high octane adrenaline pumping writing style we have come to love from this author I LEGIT die for this Midnight Mayhem world This is Amo Jones at her finestIPLH was absolutely incredible I loved the entire cast of characters and the engrossing imaginative and addicting storyline What I loved than anything however was how much Jones' writing has evolved This story was dark powerful gritty and full of epic WTF moments The shocking twists and turns kept me on edge Further the sexy AF tension between King and Dove GAVE ME LIFE Their sizzling chemistry and the shadowy secrets between them put this book on another level This is hands down the BEST book Amo Jones has written to date and I am so deeply entrenched in this world it isn't even funny Overall this was an AMAZING first book in a fabulous new series I loved meeting the Sons of Kiznitch and the entire Midnight Mayhem family It is evident after reading this book that Jones brought her A Game to the table and once again did the damn thing Bravo 5 stars Ratula

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In Peace Lies Havoc Midnight Mayhem #1My name is Dove Hendry Mine is Kingston AxtonI was captured by darkness She has always been oursThey groomed me for Midnight Mayhem Like a trained possession weak against their control She has been conditioned with our blood for years She just doesn’t know it yetBut Midnight Mayhem was the stained glass that concealed a very dark culture A culture t AVAILABLE NOW COMPLETE STANDALONE 5 ACE OF SPADES CROWNSWell in true Amo fashion I’m sitting her at the end of In Peace Lies Havoc just staring I don’t want to pick up another book I don’t want to do anything I want to stare at my kindle and hope chapters appear because I’m so in love with not just Kingston and Dove’s story but the whole Midnight World she created I am head over heals in love with Kingston and all the Brothers are just to die for I love all Amo’s alpha heroes And while I have my favorites Kingston is one to rival them all He is broody and protective and dangerous he will most certainly bring readers to their knees throughout the story on multiple occasions I couldn’t help but fall under his devious and dangerous charm Dove’s story is truly what makes her interesting Her back story the glimpses shown in the short flashbacks reveals just enough to keep readers guessing about this new heroine Dove does have all the standard characteristics we admire in a Amo Heroine and I loved the extra component or the show and what it brought to her character This story in true Amo fashion is 100% a wild ride I couldn’t put this book down and just when I thought I had it figured out Amo flipped the script and I was back to staring at my kindle dumbfounded Dumb Founded It has all the twists and turns we love and a new world that just ensnared me I’m Already dying for In Peace Lies Havoc is your next must read dark romance The uniue plot line the alpha males the feisty heroine and whole Midnight Mayhem world has me already begging for Beta