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REVIEW × Loved and Lost é Blake Fortier and Rachel Kaplan are the perfect couple Driven and successful in their own pursuits they're fifteen years into a marriage that will seemingly last forever When a tragic accident tears them apart Blake is left with nothing but the harsh light of hindsight and the bitterness of regret But what if it could've been diffeBlake Fortier and Rachel Kaplan are the perfect couple Driven and successful in their own pursuits they're fifteen years into a marriage that will seemingly last forever When a tragic accident tears them apart B. There are some books that can be read over and over again and they still remain amazing Then there are book that you read once and you never forget them This is one of those booksConfession time Before I started reading this book I read the blog post Stephanie Kusiak wrote about what inspired her to write this story That along with this book has tugged relentlessly on my heartstrings over the past few daysI won't recap this since there are several great reviews out there that already do a good job of that This book managed to make me laugh smile and cry until my eyes and heart wanted to file assault and battery chargesAlthough I really liked this book I would have liked dialogue between the characters because the book is told from Blake's POV and we're stuck in her head as she pines away for RachelThe final issue is the ending If I knew beforehand that the book ended the way it did I wouldn't have read it yet This was released four and a half years ago and the seuel who knows when or if that will ever appearOh well 425 rating for this amazing book that will knock your socks off if you're a hopeless romantic


Lake is left with nothing but the harsh light of hindsight and the bitterness of regret But what if it could've been different Loved and Lost follows the redemption of Blake as she's given a chance to relive her. Oh mythis book This is NOT some piss ant fluffy lesbian romance—oh no this is epic I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around it all and predict a major book hangover in my immediate futureI’ve been struggling to piece together a synopsis of this 450 page story of two women’s idyllic life together that gets blown apart then resurrected A story about a love so strong it bests the grim reaper or God orWTH was that Finally in a moment of rare clarity I decided there’s no use in doing that There’s no use because the details of the story though elegantly written are not what you’ll remember months from now There’s no use because even though the believability of a redo re second chance at life is almost impossible to pull off you’ll find yourself tucked in immersed with nary a doubt There’s no use because depending on your personal depth of human connection to empathize belong love and suffer this story might mean something very different to your best friend than it did to you Finally there’s no use because even though the chemistry between Rachel and Blake is off the charts you’ll soon realize that’s not what the book is about either What you WILL remember is how you felt turning the pages You’ll remember Ms Kusiak’s precise vision filled passages saturating your senses and enveloping like a vivid dream blacking out whatever mundane tasks you had planned for the day You’ll remember the perfect pitch and timing of the dialogue You’ll remember the full circle of emotions that at times left you speechless You’ll remember the lovely meditations on big ass ideals destiny forgiveness altruism and karma You’ll also remember how the story gnawed at you Made you think Made you long for what Rachel and Blake had Made you re examine your own priorities Personally I like a story like this one that bares the bones Any author that can drag all these feelings outta me through the power of her words alone is one to be cherished Make no mistake though this story is not for the uncommitted or those looking for a causal read Nooooo Be prepared to get sucked in completely and kept prisoner ‘til spit back out at the bitter end an emotional hott mess All I ask is that you proceed without caution The sooner you surrender the sooner the real fun begins It might just tap into a place you didn’t know you had Happy reading xo

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Loved and LostLife right all of her wrongs and absolve herself of her past mistakes But even as she struggles to build a beautiful new life Blake must keep a watchful eye on the future and hopefully change the course of fate. So apparently I've been reading Faberry fanfic for these last couple of daysLet's see shall weFirst we have the main character Blake aka uinn Fabray from Glee Blake is her middle name you see Her first name is Sarah but she goes by Blake uinn's first name is Lucy but she goes by her middle name Both are blonde cheerleader good Christian HBIC etcThen we have Rachel I mean the author didn't even bother to change her name Which let me tell you we see a couple of familiar names from Glee For example we still have Hiram as Rachel's Dad and there's still Beth Anyway Rachel is a diva future Broadway star who is being bullied in high school by uinn – sorry I mean Blake – and her two bff's Malina the angry Latina and Lindsey the bubbly blonde Oh wait you mean Santana and Brittany And then some magic happens and boom Blake and Rachel get from enemies to loversIt's exactly the same story we've seen in so many Fabbery fanfictions Well I mean not exactly the same story but you know what I meanDon't get me wrong I don't usually mind fanfics becoming books – hell I loved Second Chances which is Faberry fanfic as well – but I do have a big problem with this one It's just why didn't she at least try and change some stuff And I don't mean having Rachel have Mom and Dad instead of two Dads Her Dad's name was still Hiram so that doesn't count I was really excited to read this book According to all these reviews it had to be amazing But it wasn't Not for me The dialogues were cheesy I mean do real people talk like that All these hearfelt words It actually annoys me in most ff romances All the unrealistic dialogues but I guess that's just my pet peeve The story itself was good I don't have complains It wasn't very original because I've read Faberry fanfictions about time traveling So yeah but it was different I guess We are watching the story through Blake's eyes and maybe it wasn't the best idea I'm not really a fan of first POV in general and Blake's thoughts and feelings were sometimes too much We've had full pages of only her thoughts and nothing happening and that's probably the reason the book was so long Okay so I guess I've had complaints after allBut overall it's a good book for those who didn't watch Glee Probably it's even good for Faberry fans Maybe I'm just disappointed because I expected too muchAnd what the hell was the ending There should be a seuel and I hope it's going to be better than this one