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Lolita AUTHOR Vladimir Nabokov characters ì 4 º Lolita es sin duda una de las novelas más importantes del siglo XX no solo por su sofisticación literaria sino también por las controversias ue ha generado desde su publicación hasta hoy Narrada en primera persona por un profesor cuarentón enamorado de niñas púberes a las ue denomiEl límite mismo de la moral y escribe allí frente al abismo ni un paso más allá ni un paso más acá La escritura exuberante e increíblemente precisa de Nabokov consigue dibujar de manera inigualable el retrato de las contradicciones del deseo al mismo tiempo ue bosueja un paisaje de América transformada en geografía de la predación Escrita en inglés en 1955 fue considerada pornográfica y escandalosa y rechazada por todos los editores ameri. An old friend used to say that Ulysses was a good book to read but not a good book to read After reading Lolita I understand what he meantNabokov was a man obsessed with word games and this book is crammed cover to cover with many brilliant examples Language delighted the man and that certainly comes across What makes this acheivement even amazing was that English was his third or fourth language It is mind blowing that he or anyone could write so fluidly in a foreign tongue If this was enough to make a novel great then this would be one of my top tenBut what if as a reader you demand that an author make his characters compelling and the narrative involving I would say then that this book is not for you Humbert and Dolores Haze Lolita only ever to my mind become three dimensional at odd moments here and there He comes off as a mincing foppish but ultimately unbelievable sort I never bought into him until very near the end when for a few sentences Nabokov makes his remorse credible But it is too late for that I was already annoyed as hell by his rococo narration The character of Lolita as well is shrill and one note through out Only intermittently does she come across as worthy of compassion As for the story once the seduction takes place it loses a lot of its forward momentum It begins to feel repetitive and only comes alive again when Humbert reaches the very end of his self control and attempts to lash out at one he believes wronged him All in all I think this is a book that could stand to lose about fifty pages There is much to love about it though It could have been truly replusive Nabokov knew that his concept was already off putting and that the execution need not be so Rather than serving up spewing fluids and hungry orifices he treats us to healthy doses of wit and charm BravoLolita is obviously literature with a capital L It is a work by a man of letters who happened to be a genius for that reason alone it deserves reading Just don't be surprised that once you're done you don't feel like recommending it to anyone

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Lolita es sin duda una de las novelas más importantes del siglo XX no solo por su sofisticación literaria sino también por las controversias ue ha generado desde su publicación hasta hoy Narrada en primera persona por un profesor cuarentón enamorado de niñas púberes a las ue denomina “nínfulas” la novela presenta la historia de la caída en los infiernos del héroe y de su víctima la jovencísima Dolores Nabokov empuja el lenguaje hasta. Now this is going to be embarrassing to admitAs we all should know reading and enjoying a book is largely about interpretation People are not the same and we all view things differently; one individual might see a relationship in a book as passionate while another could see it as damaging When characters make bad decisions some will view it as stupidity and others will view it as an accurate representation of humanity's imperfections Not only that but time often changes the way one person sees things A teenager does not usually have the same outlook on life and relationships that someone of thirty does and neither of them have the same outlook as someone of seventy doesSo it's time that I admit when reading this at thirteen my younger brain actually romanticised Humbert's depravity and saw the relationship between him and Lolita as some tragic love affair It was surprise surprise Tatiana's review that made me wonder if I'd had a screw loose when reading this years ago Her interpretation was so far from what I remembered that I simply had to find time for a re read This summer I did just that I am going to point the shameful finger of blame at my age when I first read it I was as fooled by Humbert as the young Lolita wasHumbert is not a reliable narrator; his declaration that Lolita was responsible for seducing him is repulsive and wrong Because in the end an adult has no excuse for having sex with a child even if they're walking around half naked and offering themselves up adults have a responsibility not to take advantage of children And I now realise this case is no exception This is not some tragic romantic tale about forbidden love; it is the story of how a grown man repeatedly raped a young girl The fact that it is so easy to be taken in by him either says something about how brilliant a writer Nabokov is which he is or how much society still loves to blame the victimI don't know whether to feel better about my original feelings or be horrified that even the description for the audiobook describes the novel as a love story almost shocking in its beauty and tenderness And I also know that I have no right to criticise other people who saw it in such a way but I would ask you to read it again to look beyond Humbert's snivelling and self pity to see the man who considers murdering a woman so he can be free to have sex with her twelve year old daughter the man who feels sorry for himself when a young girl doesn't want to have sex with him because she's still hurt from the last time Is that love Maybe it was for a thirteen year old looking through Humbert's perverted eyes but I'm glad I understand it better nowNabokov has written a brilliant and disturbing novel; my opinion of it hasn't changed in that respect I found it surprisingly easy to read and became absorbed uickly even all those years ago His portrayal of Humbert's perverted mind is scarily good perhaps even too good if people can so easily be convinced to side with a paedophile which is often regarded as the ultimate crime of all isn't it Even cold blooded murderers go after prisoners who've messed with kids And as much as I feel ashamed for being so taken in by Humbert I know that it's not just me who was

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Lolita AUTHOR Vladimir NabokCanos Publicada finalmente en Francia por el editor de libros eróticos Maurice Girodias no pudo ser distribuida libremente hasta 1959 Tras el fin de la censura Lolita se convierte en un clásico de la literatura mundial En tiempos de MeToo y más allá de hipócritas prohibiciones puritanas Lolita puede leerse hoy como una obra maestra y el retrato de una sociedad llena de secretos inconfesables Extraordinaria terrorífica insuperable Paul B Preciad. I once represented a man who had been accused of statutory rape and sexual exploitation of a minor I did it because it is my job and I fundamentally believe that everyone no matter how heinous the crime alleged deserves a fair trialThat said it was the single most unpleasant experience of my legal career and high in the running for most unpleasant all timeIn popular culture we are inundated with scenes of crime and violence we live in a morally relative landscape where “to each his own” is taken to Bohemian extremesBut sexual attention towards children in any context is universally reviled and vilifiedLo Lee TaVladimir Nabokov’s 1955 novel is masterful prose Like Joseph Conrad before him it is understatement to say that his virtuosity in English not his first language literature is impressiveYes it is about a pervert a sex offender a child rapist A brute A monsterHumbert Humbert names himself such Whether sympathetic chronicler or unreliable narrator I will leave for each reader’s interpretation but either way Nabokov has demonstrated his consummate skill with a character as enigmatic and iconoclastically established in modern literature as to be a shadowy lurker in the black alleys of our most maligned societyNabokov’s narration told from the prison diary of HH is erudite witty and humorous The author’s stylish ability is incomparable In spite of the subject matter I had to laugh many times at the way he crafted his narrative especially his droll word play and numerous double entendresThis is presented as a first person letter recommended by his lawyer of his unfortunate attraction to “nymphets” a girl child between the ages of 9 and 14 and to his particular seduction of his erstwhile step daughter Dolores whom he affectionately calls Lolita Several times throughout the chronicle the tragi comic protagonist entreats the attention of the “gentlemen of the jury” He describes his yearlong affair with the child in words that are at times repentant and remorseful and at other times attempting a justification and explanation of his actsHumburt a European émigré to our shores also fills his account “joyriding” as they do across America with an ongoing ironic observation of our culture Nabakov could use this all as an extended allegory for old world attraction with our new world s and customs Lolita then would be the central focus of this fascination and a living metaphor for America at once childlike and alluringBrilliantly written with a shamefully outrageous subject once the reader recovers from the shock uotient if the reader recovers this is a wealth of literary genius and style