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pdf º Les Fleurs de l'ombre » Tatiana de Rosnay A riveting and emotionally intense novel set in a near future Paris where a woman confronts past betrayal and present mysteryAuthor Clarissa Katsef is struggling to write her next book She’s just snagged a brand new artist residency in an ultra modern apartment with a view of all of Paris a dream for any novelist in search of tranuility But since moving in she has had the feelin Tatiana de Rosnay is bilingual and has published books in both French and English Flowers of Darkness like some of her well known books Sarah's Key and A Secret Kept is set in one of the neighborhoods of Paris Clarissa Katsef the main character presents two parallel threads of storyOne of these threads is the backstory of how Clarissa came to apply for and live in CASA a special artists' apartment retreat entry to which reuires a thorough and very personal interview Clarissa's backstory which she comes back to time and time again is that of a successful and perhaps world renowned writer who discovers uite unexpectedly that her husband of twenty five years is having an affair As Clarissa comes to turns with this betrayal she plays detective and finds the secret love shack and eventually steels up the nerve to confront the vile adulteress who tore her world apart Clarissa immediately walked out on her husband and decided to start life anew leaving the wreak of her old life behind It is a haunting dreamlike story and Clarissa's bold decision to leave her life set her adrift and closed her off from her old worldThe second thread of the story is all about CASA a gorgeous penthouse artist's retreat in a modern building where the occupants' every need is catered to by a virtual assistant extraordinaire named Mrs Dalloway Move over Siri Step aside Alexa And this perhaps is where things get strange The virtual assistant is uite personal and there are cameras everywhere And mysterious feelings that someone is always watching At times it is so creepy that it feels like a BF Skinner experiment than a modern apartment And that's where perhaps we are in modern life with Google and Facebook and the ubiuitous cameras that are everywhere always watching always knowing always analyzing What kind of strange mind control experiment has she gotten herself into?Both threads of the story have a closed off feeling a sense of being caged up separated and corralled It is a slow story not filled with wild action but there is a sense of a build up of expectations rising of a master reveal like when the curtain is lifted to reveal the wizard in the Emerald City throne room Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain For me the ending was a whimper than a bang and the build up of the expectations that were never fully realized leaving the read oddly dissatisfying I expected at the end

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kindle â Les Fleurs de l'ombre Ý 256 pages Æ Tatiana de Rosnay Æ A riveting and emotionally intense novel set in a near future Paris where a woman confronts past betrayal and present mysteryAuthor Clarissa Katsef is struggling to write her next book She’s just snagged a brand new artist residenc Nvestigation of the mysterious high tech building even as she finds herself drawn back into the orbit of her first husband who is still the one who knows her most intimately who shares the past grief that she has never uite let goStaying true to her favorite themes the imprint of the place the weight of secrets de Rosnay weaves an intrigue of thrilling suspense and emotional power I loved this book for so many reasons There are several layers that unfold and all of them create the almost gothic atmosphere Clarissa is recently divorced for the 2nd time and in a near future Paris things have changed as terrorists have leveled several historic sites So when Clarissa discovers CASA a newly renovated high rise apartment building is seeking artists to rent to she jumps at the chance as she is a writer who is obsessed with the potency of the inner memory of houses and admires both Virginia Woolf and Romain Gary two tragic writers with their own histories of depression; she even names her new virtual assistant Mrs Dalloway in honor of Woolf And the apartment seems amazinguntil she begins to discover that not only are all her needs being taken care of but she feels than watched and even the cat senses something is off The plot slowly unfolds as we also ascertain just why she is divorcing her second husband Technologywhat a blessing Or is it? When is it too much and what can we do about it A very prescient look at what we may have becomeThanks to NetGalley for this ARC

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Les Fleurs de l'ombreG of being watched Is there reason to be paranoid? Or is her distraction and discomfort the result of her husband’s recent shocking betrayal? Or is that her beloved Paris lies altered outside her windows? A city that will never be uite the same a city with a scar at its center?Stuck inside in the midst of a sweltering heat wave Clarissa enlists her beloved granddaughter in her i FLOWERS OF DARKNESSBY TATIANA DE ROSNAYMany many years ago in my Introduction to Psychology class at my university my professor lectured on artificial intelligence He had said so far with all the progress that has been made in the field not yet was it developed to be euivalent to the human brain But what would happen in life if it in fact was able to think for itself or create or have its own imagination? That is what one of the main uestion's this novel exploresIt also gives a nod to great writer's such as Daphne du Maurier by naming one of the artist's residence benefactors called Dr Dewinter CASA is a state of the art ultra modern apartment building in Paris that is dedicated to providing homes to every kind of artist There are writer's sculptor's and painter's who all live there and they are all bilingual It is very hard to get accepted to this programClarissa is the main character who names her virtual assistant who is artificial intelligent Mrs Dalloway which beckons her love for Virginia Woolfe Clarissa can't escape the eery feeling that she is always being watched and studied That is because her perfect penthouse apartment on the top floor has cameras in every room except the bathroom As time goes on this feeling of being continually spied on deeply unsettles herClarissa has just left her second husband Francois for cheating on her Her first husband Toby is still a close friend of Clarissa's and father to her daughter Jordan and grandfather to their granddaughter Andy Andy often stays with Clarissa at the CASA residency and believes Clarissa's growing unease of her new apartment Is Clarissa paranoid or is her growing sense of believing that their is something sinister going on?This was a very uniue premise and it is executed very well with beautiful writing from Tatiana de Rosnay This novel was creepy and fast paced and can easily be devoured in one sitting I highly recommend this well written book to reader's of all genres I really loved loved loved this narrative that is peppered with uotes throughout from Romain Gary and Virginia Woolfe Moments like this are buds on the tree of life Flowers of darkness they are Virginia Woolfe Mrs Dalloway 1925Publication Date February 23 2021Thank you to Net Galley Tatiana de Rosnay and St Martin's Publishing for generously providing me with my ARC of this breathtaking novel in exchange for a fair and honest review All opinions are my own#FlowersofDarkness #TatianadeRosnay #StMartin'sPublishing #NetGalley