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A Fish Caught in Time reader Í Paperback ¿ Just before Christmas in 1938 the young woman curator of a small South African museum spotted a strange looking fish on a trawler's deck It was five feet long with steel blue scales luminescent eyes and remarkable limb like fins unlike those of any fish she had ever seen Determined to preserve heTruck He recognized it as a coelacanth pronounced see la kanth a creature known from fossils dating back 400 million years and thought to have died out with the dinosaurs With its extraordinary limbs the coelacanth was believed to be the first fish to crawl from the sea and evolve into reptiles mammals and eventually mankind The discovery was immediately dubbed the greatest scientific find of the century Smith devoted his life to the search for a complete specimen afourteen year odyssey that cu I tried to see if this fish was featured in the Jason Mamoa starrer film AUAMAN but failed to find it there some scenes were uite a blur though But maybe it wasn’t really there For this is not a violent fishI consider this fish the Coelacanth pronounced “silly cunt” as the rock star of all the fishes in our seas and oceans The world was shocked when a live specimen of this fish was caught in 1938 just before the outbreak of the second world war Utter disbelief and amazement was the initial reaction of those knowledgeable in fishes who first saw it Another 14 years passed before a second live specimen was caught and this was even after tremendous efforts were spent catching it with handsome rewards put up for whoever would succeed in catching another oneOf course local fishermen have been catching this fish occasionally even before this but were unaware of its rarity and importance It was only in 1938 when the same was brought to the attention of scientists and experts and to the world in generalBut what’s so special about this fish? It is a living fossil Before this shock of a discovery in 1938 it was known only by the fossils it had left which had been dated to be around 400 MILLION years old How long ago is 400 million years? That was before human beings and their precursors ever existed before the dinosaurs before the early mammals before the early amphibians This fish was in fact among the early fishes suspected to have learned how to walk on land then evolved into reptiles and amphibians and dinosaurs and ultimately humans in an evolutionary process involving millions of yearsIt is even very much older than another living fossil subject of my earlier good review the Wollemi Pine called the “Dinosaur Tree” because prior to its discovery in a remote part of Australia it was known to have been extinct also after flourishing during the age of the dinosaursThis 1938 fish was said to have been caught by a deep sea trawler somewhere in the Indian Ocean near the Comoros Islands located between the African mainland and the island of Madagascar Several decades after however the world was again astounded when another live specimen was caught in the seas of IndonesiaAny fisherman who catches another Coelacanth in a place other than Indonesia and the Comoros islands could become rich and famous But it seems this is a fish which is not easy to find much less catch even though it is a large fish which can grow to as big as 6 feet and as heavy as 200 plus pounds For not only is it rare it also stays in underwater caves during daytime and go out only at night to hunt for food basically just staying in one place and waiting for food suid small fishes etc to come near it It also does not survive in captivity If you catch a live one and haul it up to shallow waters it wouldn’t be able to survive the stress and will die slowly even if you set it free No one knows how they mate but recent discoveries show that the female Coelacanth hatch her eggs inside her and give birth to baby CoelacanthsSome other strange characteristics of this fish aside from its appearance are it is edible but does not taste great; if you eat it yo

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Lminated in a dramatic act of international piracy As the fame of the coelacanth spread so did rumors and obsessions Nations fought over it multimillion dollar expeditions were launched and submarines hand built to find it In 1998 the rumors and the truth came together in a gripping climax which brought the coelacanth back into the international limelight A Fish Caught in Time is the entrancing story of the most rare and precious fish in the world our own great uncle forty million times removed The story of the coelacanth fish I didn’t know what this was but was completely hooked by the story so to speak ha ha Thought to be extinct fossils date back 400m years It may be humans’ ancestor in the evolutionary chain One was found in the Comoros islands in 1938 to huge excitement a uest ever since Loved the stories of the people involved especially the amazing Marjorie Courtney Latimer who saw its significance in 1938 Simon Winchester fans will enjoy I read this for #passportlitsy for ‘Comoros’ It gave me a good sense of life in the Comoros islands and was a great read as well All in all a winner

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A Fish Caught in TimeJust before Christmas in 1938 the young woman curator of a small South African museum spotted a strange looking fish on a trawler's deck It was five feet long with steel blue scales luminescent eyes and remarkable limb like fins unlike those of any fish she had ever seen Determined to preserve her unusual find she searched for days for a way to save it but ended up with only the skin and a few bonesA charismatic amateur ichthyologist JLB Smith saw a thumbnail sketch of the fish and was thunders This is what I look for in a book on a scholarly subject The author handles the facts well but is able to make the people involved come alive allowing the reader to care about them Weinberg's good writing makes the transitions from fact to biography in such a manner that you never feel disconnected from the story of the search I found myself getting excited about the search and the trip to a far away island to collect a specimen was almost daring do And amidst all of this publicity concern for conservation egos and political machinations the Coelacanth continues its fishy business surprising us with its unusual makeup and behavioursThe compilation of known facts about the fish found at the end of the book was a bonus as was the video of it available on the website still being maintained by one of its enthusiastic admirers