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Stuck with YouStuck in lockdown with the one guy she can’t stand what could possibly go wrongSeventeen year old Clary’s senior year has gone up in flames Thanks to a pandemic sweeping the world school is canceled and everyone’s going into lockdown To top it off her parents are stranded overseas wi. Sitting at home in my pajamas was definitely not how I saw things going That was the reality of living through a pandemic though And right now this reality was just as uncertain and just as frightening as trying to survive a horde of the undeadHe was a total player and because I refused to be affected by his charms he seemed to take great pleasure in annoying me insteadIt was strange how uickly things had changed since the lockdown restrictions were announcedIt felt like the world had pressed the pause button None of this felt realI wanted the girl I couldn’t have and my heart refused to give up on herI didn’t deserve Clary not in a million years but that didn’t stop me from wanting herGiven the number of books she’d packed she probably did a lot of reading But since I couldn’t be certain my curiosity was killing me“Girls like guys that make them laugh”Given the direction the pandemic was heading I’d had a feeling this year might not end the way we wantedThis was what lockdown did to you you got so bored you were willing to give just about anything a try“Love isn’t always obvious or exactly how you expect it to be”“So you think we can make this work”“I can make anything work as long as I’ve got you”Well this book was freaking adorable I had a feeling that I was going to like but I ended up loving it Aiden Clary are The Pandemic Couple This was the first book that I read that the plot was about the pandemic and the virus I’m sure that there will be books that iswas set during the pandemic and the virus This book was cute fun original and so cute I really enjoyed the feelings about being in lockdown and the uncertainty about seeing your family and friends We all can relate to this book because of those feelings The descriptions about the feeling of the pandemic and the virus hit so close to home I hope we get a book about Elliot when he’s older because he was freaking adorable I also hope we get a book for Seth and Zoey I read this book on my kindle so now I'm going to have to buy my own copy because that's how much I love this book 5 stars

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Stuck with You Free download ☆ 5 Ë Stuck in lockdown with the one guy she can’t stand what could possibly go wrongSeventeen year old Clary’s senior year has gone up in flames Thanks to a pandemic sweeping the world school is canceled and everyone’s going into lockdown To top it off her parents are stranded overseas with no way to get home JTh no way to get home Just when Clary thinks things can’t get any worse for her she finds out she’s being sent into lockdown with the most irritating guy on the planet Harford High’s notorious heartbreaker Aiden Moore Sure Aiden is gorgeous but he’s also completely arrogant and con. The characters are likable and the story is fun but I couldn't really get into it because the main premise is not very believable not the pandemic part sadly just the living situation There were a few main issues that I just couldn't get over 1 What parents in their right minds would send their daughter to stay with a friend who is a doctor during a pandemic who would spend all her time working in a high risk environment where she might bring home the disease Particularly since the daughter is almost 18 years old and capable of taking care of herself she is probably safer at home on her own 2 What parents in their right minds would send their teenage daughter to live in a house with a teenage boy she is not related to especially given the fact that the only adult in the house works most of the time 3 Read number 2 again 4 Read number 2 again 5 okay you get the idea I get that there needed to be some reason for Aiden and Clary to be allowed to spend time together during a lockdown but it didn't work for me There needed to be a compelling reason that she needed to stay with him For example if Aiden was injured and someone needed to be there to take care of the boys while the mom was working I could imagine the parents being okay with that; or if something was wrong with Clary's house such as being under construction or being tented for bugs then it would make sense that she couldn't stay home As is there just didn't seem to be enough to justify her staying there Besides all that the characters were fun and I liked the development of their relationship It took time and getting to know each other on a deeper level Aiden proved to be thoughtful and kind while still being a normal guy He didn't magically turn into a different person for her to like him so it seemed genuine I also like that Clary legitimately didn't like Aiden when she moved in She wasn't secretly hiding some major attraction that turned to instalove the moment he said something nice to her

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Stantly trying to get under Clary’s skin For most girls uarantining with Aiden would be a dream come true For Clary it’s a total nightmareBut they’re about to become lockdown buddies whether Clary likes it or not and resisting Aiden’s devilish charms might be harder than she though. This was a really cute book I loved their banter Love that it was told from both sides It was a good sorry to read on how the pandemic might have happened for others Spoilers I did think it was weird that even though they had been living together and kissing that their parents would tell them they had to follow the rules of lockdown and not see each other That just doesn't make sense to me Maybe it because a part of me isn't carrying about the virus Yes it's bad but there are a lot of bad things in the world and I'm not gonna let this let me be afraid and make me stop living But I get it and why she wrote it with them having so much caution that how it was for a lot of people