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PresidentialErm is proving turbulent thanks to trying to juggle work and life as a widowed single mother to a 12 year old boy Running for re election is imminent and the critics are gunning for her Worse her famed icy cool is in danger of melting in the face of Emily’s passion commitment and charm Admitting the risin. This is difficult for me to review The book was just OK and it lacked the chemistry I want in a romanceBut ultimately this was so similar to 'The American President' that it bothered me Because the scenarios scenes and even some dialogue were practically copied I also feel this severely lacked originality I have no problem with retellings or remakes but this bordered a bit too much on that dreaded 'P' word Right down to the very same action where Annette Benning pats the bed when she comes out half dressed in opposition of slowing things downI enjoyed the movie Michael Douglas had a great presidential command and I genuinely felt the chemistry they had But it was not there in this book despite the overwhelming similarities I received an ARC from the publisher for an honest review

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Presidential Free download ä 104 ½ How can you find love when the whole world is watching High flying environmental lobbyist Emily Lawrence wants to save the world—literally Her disastrous first day in her new job puts her on a collision course with the most powerful woman in America President Calvin Constance “Connie” Calvin’s first term iG sexual tension between the women is just the start How can they act on it while in the public glare Giving into temptation comes with such risk In a world that lives and dies on opinion polls what will the country make of them A charged age gap lesbian romance that puts the power in power couple84000 word. I keep expecting from this author and she didn't uite reach it twice in a row now Or four if we consider that The Music and the Mirror and Major Surgery were not entirely to my liking But maybe it's just me since she has so many high ratingsBut in any case not being an uninteresting story as far as the approach is concerned I think that there is still too much vagueness in the story facts that are not entirely necessary that arise and are not developed and others that should have been relevant are overlooked and the characters apart from their beauty and good taste in fashion and accessories are superficial without much backgroundThe story has a lot of politics how could it be otherwise since it has the president of the United States of America Connie starring in the romance The other protagonist is an environmental lobbyist Emily who unintentionally confronts the president and her government in a somewhat brusue way and the subseuent meeting that should have been apologetic on the part of Emily ends with another tense episode this time on the part ConnieAnd between misunderstandings recriminations gaffes and attempts at conciliation suddenly the two of them start dating It is difficult to imagine that all this could be possible the story does not seem very realistic in some respects But in that I did like it in the optimism and positivism that it exudes within the tense situations and difficulties that occur in this storyThe final part is somewhat melodramatic and the ending a bit cheesy if I had enjoyed the whole story it might have seemed perfect to me But overall I think it has been a story with possibilities that has fallen short YLVA sent me an ARC for my honest review

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How can you find love when the whole world is watching High flying environmental lobbyist Emily Lawrence wants to save the world literally Her disastrous first day in her new job puts her on a collision course with the most powerful woman in America President Calvin Constance “Connie” Calvin’s first t. Edit 952020 There has been some talk lately about how similar this book is to the movie The American President Keeley had even mentioned that this book was like a love letter to Aaron Sorkin When I originally reviewed the book I had not seen the movie for at least 15 20 years so I didn’t notice any similarities My review and rating were based on my first impression of the book and without any knowledge of the movie situation Today I sat down and watched The American President To be completely honest I’m not sure what I really feel about this situation besides being uncomfortable What I will say is that in my new opinion of Keeley’s story is that it appears to be of a fanfic version of The American President I personally would have made multiple changes away from the original story before I released it Had I realized this when I originally read the book I would have taken a star off of my rating because the book had less originality than I initially thought 375 Stars I thought this was a nice mostly feel good romance I have to be honest that I didn’t love this like I was hoping for It wasn’t at the level of enjoyment for me as The Music and the Mirror or even Slammed I think it was on par with Major Surgery I think part of the issue for me was that there was another WLW presidential book that came out earlier in the year while it was totally wish fulfillment and a little less realistic than this book I just had fun with itI don’t know what it was but this book had trouble keeping my attention Most of the time I like to read a book in one sitting this book took me three days which I know doesn’t sound like a lot but it is very unusual for me While I thought the book was perfectly nice and I liked most of it there was nothing grabbing me telling me that I had to miss sleep to keep reading It wasn’t until around the 65% mark or so that things started to click for me and I finally had that drive back to finish the book There were also some scenes with a figure that was representative of someone we all know And while he wasn’t half as bad as the real thing I still felt a bit uncomfortable and anxious with him in the book There is so much of him in real life that his likeness in a WLW fiction book was almost too much for meI grew up around American politics my whole life My mother before she passed was very politically active and there are still people in the both The House and Senate that my mother considered friends and helped to get them elected While I didn’t catch her political activism bug I’ve always tried to be knowledgeable which is important for all of us to be right now So I found the political debates around gun control and the environment to be interesting in this book I actually wished there had been politics thrown in I think Keeley wanted to focus on the romance which is fine but I would have liked even scenes of what a president has to go through hopefully mixed with some excitement thrown in Instead I found certain plot points to be predictable and wrapped up easily than I was hoping for The romance is not insta love but it is pretty fast This uick romance happens in most of these political books since everything is magnified with publicity The characters have to decide very fast if each other is worth it This is a very low angst romance There is the one main spot of angst that is predictable but that is it This romance is much on the sweet side I enjoyed it and thought it was good but I could have used a bit chemistry Keeley has written some chemistry that was just amazing before and while I don’t think I needed anything that strong for this type of book I could have used a bit Overall this was a nice and mostly feel good read I was hoping to be a bit sucked into the story but I still liked it This does not have the passion level of The Music and the Mirror but I expect most Keeley fans will enjoy this I actually found myself interested in a side character of a Secret Service Agent I don’t know if Keeley would write a spin off but I could see some potential there for sure A copy was given to me for a honest review