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READER Ã DOC Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life à RANDARENEWABLES ☆ Hang on for the ride with characteristic poetry and pluck Barbara Kingsolver and her family sweep readers along on their journey away from the industrial food pipeline to a rural life in which they vow to buy onlAnd also better on the tablePart memoir part journalistic investigation Animal Vegetable Miracle makes a passionate case for putting the kitchen back at the center of family life and diversified farms at the center of the American diet This book gave me desires Deep dark desires forgardening And making my own cheese And doing things from scratch And doing them nowThe thing is these are all things I have aspirations to do anyway but my way is rather slower than the way Barbara Kingsolver and her family approached trying to eat locally for a year I'm trying to make small long term changes one at a time hopefully in a way that I'll stick to it But it was fun to read about someone else's experiment in mostly non preachy tones and you know uite a lot about turkey birth sex and death Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision hereIn the meantime you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

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Hang on for the ride with characteristic poetry and pluck Barbara Kingsolver and her family sweep readers along on their journey away from the industrial food pipeline to a rural life in which they vow to buy only food raised in their I do not want to have lunch with Barbara Kingsolver I do not want to sit across the table from this self satisfied woman and have her gently scold me for eating imported world traveler foods like bananas I also do not want to hear any of her stories about how awesome she and her family are and how they were able to eat primarily off what they could grow in their backyard plenty of fresh vegetables or buy from local farmers who are all personal friends anyway Aren't we cool I don't want to hear any about how her family is doing their part to stop global warming by reducing food processing and transportation costs and now they all managed to do it without fighting Who are these people Everybody gets home from work or school and has to go garden until dark every freaking day and there's no fighting There's no salmon or packaged cookies or Cheetos and there's still no fighting Even though some members of the family are 17 and like 10 What I wanted most of all was to hear the stories about how she caught her daughter hiding Little Debbie under the bed or how her teenager was too embarrassed to bring her friends over without soda to offer them But nooooo No such humanizing details Some small bumps in the road such as when the teenager craves fresh fruit in early spring but none is in season But a ha easily solved with rhubarb from the farmer's market Give me a break This is cheating the readers It had to have been interesting than this But that aside it actually was pretty interesting She's a wonderful writer and much of the information and storytelling was totally fascinating I will be thinking about this book for a long time and it really has inspired me to pay attention to local growing seasons although in California I guess we're a little spoiled and do shopping at farmer's markets and cook and perhaps even grow my own tomatoesheirloom of course I just don't want to hang out with Barbara Kingsolver Ever Unless she's prepared to talk about what really went down

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Animal Vegetable Miracle A Year of Food LifeOwn neighborhood grow it themselves or learn to live without it Their good hud search yields surprising discoveries about turkey sex life and overly zealous zucchini plants en route to a food culture that's better for the neighborhood I can forgive the obvious shortcommings of this book for three significant reasons First I believe wholeheartedly that by purchasing as much locally grownmade food as possible we can solve our fossil fuel dependency Secondly by the luck of the draw I can afford to purchase food from the weekly farmer’s market And finally our household is committed to making around 95% of our meals from scratch which started as a response to our collective allergies nondairy meat eaters but like the Kingsolver tribe once our taste buds were reawakened by the flavor of our delicious made by scratch food there was no turning back I agree with most of what she says and respect her reminder that I need to buy as much food as possible from local farmers and I am going to try a few of her recipes I do on occasion enjoy a frozen Snickers barIn general I endured this book and it certainly motivated me But the book has many problemsSeveral critics have said it was not her intention to convince “everyone” but I don’t buy that When a well known author writes a book like this it becomes persuasive argument Hey every book you write is an argument Besides The Farmer’s Market Choir is already convinced Rather uickly Kingsolver's tone is preachy and well whom is she yelling at but the uninitiated It reminds me of the old saying there is nothing worse than listening to the recently reformed After all she did spend a huge amount of time in Arizona and that other life eating and drinking Poor Arizona The only answer this evolved American author can come up with is to abandon you I was both an inspired and a reluctant reader; I wish I had edited this book to help cut out some of the unnecessary fat One moment she has me right in the palm of her hand the next she veers off shoe horning that well warn and skewed stereotype about how the French given their high calorie intake manage to stay thin and how Europe has nude beaches where Americans could never show up with rolls of fat hanging out and suddenly I feel cornered by the marginalized relative at my family reunion At first I am nodding with agreement when she argues that eating freshly prepared food is a matter of attitude but then she says “take a look at Mexico” and I stop nodding Having stayed on many a ranch in Mexico I wonder why she fails to recognize the rigid gender roles The economic problems Then much later on page 127 she admits that “Full time homemaking may not be an option for those of us delivered without trust fundsReuired participation from a spouse and kids an element of the euation” and well it all comes much too late This book had the potential but missed the chance to change the minds of the other people the unconvinced the people she most needs I wanted her to stop meandering stop arguing every counter argument and stick to her narrative nonfiction story and its strongest argument how a renewed connection to food transformed her family and their relationship with the community By purchasing your neighbors food you can help with the fossil fuel problem AND keep their farm in business Small yet significant gestures such as buying butter from the same family in your area keeps them in business and it is a huge step in the right