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I was wor It's disturbingly tempting to give this book a high rating just so everyone knows that I'm a feminist which I am and that I'm comfortable talking about sex you mean coitus? And I think Ensler depends on that tendency Because here's the thing VM's politics may be admirable but as theatre it's really uite bad Also Ensler is a self serving egomaniac Think about it she could fund an endowment for female playwrights and premiere a new feminist play every year but instead she's set up an organization to promote the performance of this same play every single year all over the country with strict rules so that no one takes too many liberties with her vision and apparently the plan is to continue this for all time Don't get me wrong I see why this play is so eye opening for so many people and I think everyone should see it once just to get the ideas out in the open After several years of V Days though I'm through

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The Vagina MonologuesT vaginas I don't really see the need for the stances of overwhelming crassness many of the reviews take against this book here on the GR Is Ensler's collection of performance pieces the final word on feminist ideology? No not at all But is it a sincere work that approaches with humor and gravity the notion that especially men and especially women should view the female body outside of the bullshit male centric patriarchal perception that many people seem utterly oblivious to their own culpability in helping perpetuate? And by breaking out of this narrow longview of gender identity help the reader the female and by extension the male reader learn to appreciate their own owness that is neither defined by societal expectations nor cultural pressures? Emphatically yes and yes Besides how can you not find joy in a work that has a section entitled My Vagina is Angry? The Vagina Monologues is another welcome bit of social upheaval in the never ending variegated discussion of gender identity

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read mobi ✓ The Vagina Monologues ô Paperback õ eve ensler Í I was worried about vaginasRied abou I don't understand a lot of the reviews on here Especially the one star ones First of all over the vaginavulva debate Ensler addresses that almost first thing She purposefully chose the hideous word to make people uncomfortable and eventually hopefully comfortable with the subject matter The low goodreads reviews make me think those people didn't actually read the play Maybe they just saw a sub par production that didn't have all the pieces Fine ForgivableSecond people are sick of V day? Really? You have a problem with women becoming comfortable with their sexuality and finding ways to overcomeprevent violence? Shouldn't we keep going until all violence against women ends? And when the hell will that happen?Third and lastly if this is bad theater what constitutes good theater? Let's see genuine raw language relating stories that are transformative not only for the speaker but for the listener as well Are people on here aware of the purpose of monologues? Now I can understand if some women are so comfortable with their sex that they just don't get these but they should appreciate that there are other women in the world who were not raised with the same amount of honesty and information I'm a Utah guy It's rampant over hereI'll insert a letter that I wrote to the person who gave this to me later Until then I think everyone should read this and think about what they're saying before they review