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Daisy's Back in Town Download ✓ 109 ´ Daisy Lee Monroe thought she'd brushed the dust of Lovett Texas off her high heeled shoes years ago but she's come back home only to find that little has changed Her sister is still crazy and her mom still has pink plastic flamingos in her front yard And Jackson Lamott Parrish the bad boy she'd left behiIs still so sexy it hurts She'd like nothing better than to avoid this particular man but she can't Daisy has something to say to Jackson and she's not going anywhere until he listensJackson learned his lesson about Daisy the hard way and now the only word he's interested in hearing from Daisy's red lips is. I started this book because I was looking for books read by Kathleen Early She is great narrator and I enjoyed that aspect of the book That’s about it for enjoyment I just find it infuriating to read about a spineless woman who is confident enough to ask for sex with someone and participate fully in it but she doesn’t have the guts to tell that same someone they are pregnant Then to go years perpetuating a lie The whole premise at the beginning of the book is that Daisy wants to finally tell Jack that he fathered her baby yet she over and over and over just whines ‘we need to talk’ but never gets to the talking part I was irritated with the character for being so weak and irritated with the author for using this putting off techniue to drag the book out It sucked so I packed it in at about 40% What a waste of time

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Good bye But she's popping up everywhere and he doesn't believe in coincidence It seems the only way to keep her uiet is with his mouth but kissing Daisy had once been his downfall Is he strong enough to resist her now Strong enough to watch her walk out of his life again Is he strong enough to make her st. This is a hard novel to read at times The secret baby plot is a lot harder to swallow here because the baby in uestion isn't really a baby he's 15 For me it's easy to forgive and forget when the heroine doesn't tell the hero right away about a baby but only if it's cleared up early on It's a lot harder to justify after 15 years of silence I remember having an argument with a friend about Daisy's actions several years ago She couldn't accept that Daisy had kept her son a secret for so long I on the other hand understood Daisy's reasons for not telling him in the beginning I also understood how the longer she went without telling the easier it was not to I can't say I agree with it or condone it but I understand On the night of Jack's parent's funeral Daisy and Steven confronted him to tell him they'd gotten married leaving out the part about the baby 15 years go by Steven dies and Daisy realizes she must tell Jack the truth about their son She goes back to Lovett TX her hometown where Jack still lives to tell Jack the news leaving Nathan her son behind in Seattle All along Daisy always thought she did the right thing by not telling Jack something Steven always fed into But once she's back she realizes she made a mistake that she robbed both Jack and Nathan of a relationshipI think one of the reasons this works for me is that Daisy realizes she made a mistake and tries her best to make it right She doesn't let Jack run all over her but she understands his angerJack is one of those over the top alphas who oozes sexual menace While that can be off putting in a lot of ways it really worked here I can't exactly say why it worked but it did His anger at Daisy is completely and totally justified as is his anger at Steven When he realizes the enormity of their betrayalwell my heart broke for him Not only did he lose the woman he loved and his son but he lost his best friends as well Watching Daisy and Jack move forward with their lives and come back together was really hard at times I wanted them to work things out but I wasn't sure how Jack could let go of his anger I worried that the resolution would come too easily or that the true conflict would be brushed aside But that wasn't the case Gibson did a credible job of showing us how that anger can eat at a person Although parts of this novel are tough to get through it's well worth reading The characters individual struggles and hardships just make them that much rounded and believable

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Daisy's Back in TownDaisy Lee Monroe thought she'd brushed the dust of Lovett Texas off her high heeled shoes years ago but she's come back home only to find that little has changed Her sister is still crazy and her mom still has pink plastic flamingos in her front yard And Jackson Lamott Parrish the bad boy she'd left behind. If you like the secret baby theme that is sometimes common in romance novels then this book was written for you I personally hated DAISY'S BACK IN TOWN with a passion and would give it less than one star if it were possible It was poorly written the characters were not very well developed and the secondary characters grated on my nerves There were too many holes in the story and the love scenes were weird to say the least The back cover promised a fun read with hints of pink plastic flamingos crazy relatives and muscle cars Some poor publisher was obviously stretching the truth in hopes of selling a book that shouldn't have made it to the presses in the first placeDaisy had several opportunities to tell Jack about their son Instead she was a coward for fifteen years and couldn't bring herself to say anything to him When she finally went home to visit Lovett Texas she flirted with Jack and she managed to seduce him but up until the day she was leaving town she didn't say a single thing about their child By the time I hit PAGE 193 in the book I was irritated and ready to slam it against the wall THE KID is the one who finally reveals himself to Jack Keep in mind this is not a baby either Nathan said kid is a snot nosed punk hair wearing teenager with an attitude Did I mention the worst part Daisy's husband was Jack's best friend They married when she was pregnant with Jack's baby and took off to start a new life together in Seattle There is no valid excuse for Daisy's withholding of the child Jack is not a bad guy In fact Daisy is still very much in love with JackThis book wreaks of immorality and promotes stereo types that women have been trying to break down for centuries Maybe I am annoyed because I have worked in family law and have dealt with a few cases like this Yes it makes sense to hide the identity of a child if biological daddy is a child molestor or is dangerous or was abusive But the hero is this book was a Very Nice Guy who treated Daisy with respect He was a gentleman The minute he was made aware he had a child he instantly tried to bond with his son He went out of his way to spend every available moment he could with that kid Jack's internal thoughts about missing out on his son's toddler years were heart wrenching It made me wish Daisy would get run over by one of those muscle cars or stabbed by a pink flamingo Hated this book Don't waste your money on it