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Book À 1000 Comic Books You Must Read É 271 pages Download ☆ Randarenewables ☆ Comic Books You Must Read English Edition eBook Achetez et tlchargez ebook Comic Books You Must Read English Edition Boutiue Kindle Antiues Collectibles fr Comic Books You Must Read ebook ePub Tony ComiHis com Comic Books You Must Read But Comic Books You Must Read weaves the tale of all the comic companies with a dash of Manga and VERY SERIOUS COMICS through short lively thumb nail reviews and images of the covers that made a fun trip down memory lane as well as an educational experience Read people found this helpful Helpful Comment Report abuse Chihiro out of stars It shows you Tlcharger Ebook Livres Romans en EPUB PDF gratuit Tlcharger des milliers d'ebooks livres romans en format EPUB PDF gratuitement et sans inscription sur Uptobox fichier Lots of good comics in a lot of different genres over the decades I've been out of the comic collecting hobby for a few years now but this made me tempted to get back in I collected comics not out of a desire of completeness but because I actually like reading comics It's obvious the writer of this book does as wellreturnreturnThere are a few flaws that kept me from giving this a four and a half star rating instead of five The first is that several entries end abruptly as the last line or two of the page must have been cut Second a fear of whitespace lead to pulling out almost random uotes in some pages from the summaries Occasionally these were good but often than not they were puzzling

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E legs By Doug Zawisza Mar Share Share Tweet Email Comment Any comic fan over the age of thirty is familiar with the name Tony Isabella whether from Black Lightning The Champions Hawkman Comic Books You Must Read | Tony Isabella | Comic Books You Must Read is an unforgettable journey through years of comic books Arranged by decade this book introduces you to of the best comic books ever published and the amazing writers and artists who created them See Superman from his debut as a sarcastic champion of the people thumbing his nose at authority to A nice introduction to the genre and the cover reproductions are fantastic

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1000 Comic Books You Must ReadComic Books You Must Read English Edition eBook Achetez et tlchargez ebook Comic Books You Must Read English Edition Boutiue Kindle Antiues Collectibles fr Comic Books You Must Read ebook ePub Tony Comic Books You Must Read Tony Isabella Krause Publications Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction Comic Books You Must Read | CBR Comic Books You Must Read This is Tony Isabella's personal reflection on the Comic Books You Must Read and it is an interesting start to an idea that could really grow som To be honest when I picked up 1000 Comic Books You Must Read at my local library it seemed to be a glorified coffee table book I didn’t really think it would have much information that I didn’t already know Yes pride goes before a fall but I just couldn’t resist all of those color photographs of famous comic book covers I figured some would make me feel nostalgic for the Silver Era and some would remind me of some of the great first appearances of my favorite characters To uote Gary Oldman’s Zorg from The 5th Element “You are so wrong” At least that’s what I discoveredTony Isabella creator of DC’s first black superhero with his own book Black Lightning is the author and between his contacts in the industry having worked in Marvel’s editorial department as well as writing for several publishers and his own vast knowledge of the industry from anthologies in the ‘30s and ‘40s through the free flowing underground “comix” of the ‘60s and failed new universe of the ‘70s to the reimagining of famous characters in the first decade of this millennium Again cue ZorgLet’s give you a trivia test and see if you automatically know than I did1 What comic book hero went after unscrupulous car dealers and manufacturers of unsafe cars in 1939?2 What famous comic hero was introduced in a comic sized newspaper supplement in 1940?3 What superhero was created by the same psychologist who developed the lie detector?4 Jack Cole created what superhero in Police Comics who received his powers after falling into a vat of acid?5 Walter Gibson wrote a 1942 comic for Street Smith Publications which eerily predicted Hiroshima by having the main character drop a U 235 bomb and almost wiping out Japan Which character?I’ll put the answers in the next to the last paragraph for you to check but I will confess that I would have gotten all these uestions wrong So much for pride I honestly didn’t think you could learn so much from what seemed to be indicia about authors artists publishers and dates and captions a little longer than usual Cue Zorg againNow although 1000 Comic Books You Must Read may have been like many of the sister publications of special interest publisher Krause Publications primarily an indicator for collectors on what to collect at shows comic shops and estate sales many of the early books cited by Tony Isabella are in the public domain As a result when I read about Will Eisner’s editing and writing Blackhawk in the first issue of Military Comics as well as Jack Cole’s Death Patrol in the same issue I had to see if it was available online It was available at comicbookpluscom I uickly found it and savored those stories and the rest of the magazine For the first few chapters this resource which might not have been available in 2009 makes the book intensely valuable I have a whole list of Pep Comics Prize Comics Street Smith adaptations from pulp characters and Fiction House titles to check outNow the first thing Isabella worried about when he accepted the commission to write this book was the fact that he was ipso facto restricted to writing about one thousand comics With that in mind it is clear that some of one’s own favorites would be missing For Marvel’s failed New Universe titles Isabella only chose DP 7 which I thought of as a weak version of the X Men I thought Nightmask the bedridden character who infiltrated people’s dreams to solve their psychoses and neuroses as though they were super villains was the most interesting I also collected Justice from that series the alien who dispensed “justice” uicker than Judge Dredd but had to learn his decisions couldn’t strictly be binary But those books passed on so fast I can’t really uibbleOn the other hand a four issue limited series called Damage Control was absolutely one of my favorites In this Marvel series the eponymous team cleaned up the messes and resolved the property losses after the big superhero fights Hmm After just seeing the Dr Strange movie they would have had uite the job there wouldn’t they? Another pleasant surprise was seeing Steve Gerber’s Destroyer Duck legal defense issue displayed It doesn’t seem like Eclipse Comics lasted long but this was one of two titles I collected from that company Later in the early days of Compuserve a dial in information service I had the pleasure of emailing Gerber about a sermon I preached called “The Gospel According to Howard the Duck” He was intrigued by my approach even though as I had pointed out at the beginning the character of Howard had a certain existential weltschmerz which I wasn’t advocating He was also gracious about the Lucas movie which I still don’t think was that bad for its time—I’d see it again before I’d watch the recent Green Lantern movie againBut what really shocked me was that The Rocketeer was missing from this line up The title was interesting enough to inspire its own film and video game as well as recent stories by Mark Waid So I’d think it would be significant And since lesser titles by Jack Kirby are represented why not at least acknowledge the Jack Kirby Comics series of the mid ‘80s? And the answers are 1 Would you believe Superman? Still appearing in Action Comics 2 Will Eisner’s iconic “The Spirit” 3 William Moulton Marston the psychologist who created the DISC profile and the lie detector created Wonder Woman 4 I always think of the Joker’s origin when I think of acid or chemical vats but the answer to this uestion was Plastic Man 5 Magician and prolific pulp writer Walter Gibson created The Shadow but the answer to this trivia uestion is Bill Barnes America’s Air AceAll in all this was an extremely enjoyable experience I’ll probably read it again after I read some of the oldy moldy ones I can read online Today I have an even better chance of getting to read some of these 1000 Comic Books You Must Read than I would have in 2009 when it came out