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free read ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Isabel Allende Contado pela voz de uma jovem mulher este é um romance histórico magnífico situado no Chile nos finais do século XIX e uma saga familiar portentosa onde reencontramos algumas personagens de Filha da Fortuna e de A Casa dos Espíritos romances cimeiros na obra de Isabel AllendeO tema princip. “only passionate people make interesting characters Nice people with common sense only make good former spouses” Keeping that in mind i usually have high expectations to see rebels outlaws eccentrics in Allende’s novels Much to my disappointment she fed me with a horde of former spouses That story kicks off with a character that belongs to the type i hate the most a teenage girl incredibly beautiful but also endowed with a less than peanut sized brain who didn’t do anything but daydream of a prince and then blindly fell in love with an asshole Thank goodness she died after the first 100 pages The middle was alright when Chile went to war with Peru and Bolivia and women fought for universal suffrage But then the ending was again frustrating with a boring character that repeated exactly the same stupidity getting married with a guy who symbolized the height of blandness All the interesting ones drift into the murky background I want to see of Nivea the suffragette Pidena the dissident Lowell the boisterous actress but they all disappear fairly uickly And I have a major issue with Allende she can never leave her female characters alone Somehow they’ll get married or fall in love in the end no matter how strange the relationship might appear But why Maybe that wasn’t normal in Chilean society But isn’t normality the last thing I want to see from Allende I’m afraid for Allende ordinariness is mediocrity

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review Retrato en sepia 103 Ñ Contado pela voz de uma jovem mulher este é um romance histórico magnífico situado no Chile nos finais do século XIX e uma saga familiar portentosa onde reencontramos algumas personagens de Filha da Fortuna e de A Casa dos Espíritos romances cimeiros na obra de Isabel AllendeO tema principal é a memória e os segredos de famíl Al é a memória e os segredos de família A protagonista Aurora del Valle sofre um trauma brutal ue determina o seu carácter e apaga do seu espírito os primeiros cinco anos de vida Criada pela sua ambiciosa avó Paulina del Valle cresce num ambiente privilegiado livre de muitas das limitaç?. I am not sure how I can review this book as a piece independent from Daughter of Fortune I have to admit though that I enjoyed the aforementioned than the book I am reviewing though they are closely relatedI will start with what I didn't specifically enjoy First there are all the details of domestic life I really do not need to know all that much about it personally; I just don't feel like it is a subject that interests me to an extent that I wanna read paragraphs at a time about it Second why skimp on the juicy stuff The narrator just mentions something that could be so great if elaboration was to follow but alas it is just a passing note and she goes back to failed love stories; why not elaborate on the coalmine workers and the massacre in the plaza that she witnessed Knowing that something like that could have been in the book makes me upset Third the love stories Way too many desperate love stories and triangles that sometimes made me feel like I'm watching a telenovela Fourth the protagonist although she had a horrible experience as a child and lived to be a great photographer I still was not very attracted to her character; she is not the usual strong female of Allende books but was rather naive too forgiving and so easily manipulated Her reactions to her marriage her desperation to have a child etc just made me not like her at all She also always had a rather bigoted tone which bothered me a whole lot But i guess maybe this is Allende's way of surprising us; you won't always get a different version of the same character sometimes the people in my stories can be silly even the womenOk so that aside I can now express how happy I was to learn of Tao Chi'en; he had left me with a sour memory after he fell in love with a woman because her feet were tiny in Daughter of Fortune but he than redeemed himself and is now one of my favorite fiction heroes I was also enchanted by the bits of history that Allende always enriches her stories with and this was was especially interesting because it was not only about Chile but also about 19th century and early 20th century America; the great melting pot of cultures that was filled to the brim with prejudice racism and so much hate I also enjoyed her paternal grandmother's enterprising character who represents the strong matriarch in this book much to my relief I absolutely loved the character of the protagonist's teacher who was definitely my favorite in this book; her strength her daring her political stance and her zeal She is the perfect Allende female character which sadly had a very small role in the novel And of course i can't fail to mention the usual beauty of words and brightness of descriptions that Allende never seizes to please the reader with I am always transported to whichever place she describes China town Valparaiso port the Del Valle castle or just a barn Oh how can I forget that there is a clairvoyant girl with green hair in this book too All in all I enjoyed this book And I guess after rambling about what i didn't like about it I realize that there is a point behind this novel; it is a story of someone's life not a story of a nation or a generation and sometimes a novel is only about the protagonist whether I fall in love with her character or not Nevertheless I can't wait to read something of Allende's that is powerful

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Retrato en sepia?es ue oprimem as mulheres da sua época mas atormentada por pesadelos horríveis uando tem de enfrentar a traição do homem ue ama e a solidão decide explorar o mistério do seu passadoObra de uma dimensão humana extraordinária ue eleva a narrativa da autora a cotas de perfeição literár. I wanted to love this than I did It's a fictional character's memoir but even so a memoir fictional or not should have a sense of plot arc The first half of the book was compelling but the second half was kind of flat this happened then this happened The ending seemed like it was supposed to be climactic but most of it I'd figured out a couple hundred pages earlier A little disappointing