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Read » Highland Rebel 100 ñ Meet the irresistible Highland Rebel He’s music’s hottest pop idol a Celtic bad boy whose tradition drenched rock rules the charts But Ian MacGregor hails from 18th century Scotland And nothing can make him return except perhaps a certain blue eyed lassie Ellie Graham is his tour manager But when she’s swept back almost 3Is his tour manager But when she’s swept back almost 300 years into the past and into treachery only Ian and his passion can save her. Ian became a bit of a dipstick Guess I've watched Back to the Future too many times there's always a chance that your changing the past might alter your own future In this case his changing his family's future might cause her to cease to exist So he's resolutely going about trying to change things trying to send her back to her own time and she's trying to convince him to stop and come with her At least there were no editing mistakesI had a bit difficulty believing she'd totally drop her goth chick appearance so uickly particularly since she's cultivated that appearance since she was 12

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Ut Ian MacGregor hails from 18th century Scotland And nothing can make him return except perhaps a certain blue eyed lassie Ellie Graham. The heroine has decided that for the sake of her heart and her sanity she must uit her job as tour manager for the biggest celtic rock band and get as far away from the lead singer as possible When she started her position she found herself madly and hopeless in love with the man He is sweet and kind and completely wrong for her He is hansom and charismatic and women fall over themselves to be with him Why would he want a slightly overweight and emotionally fearful woman who never allows anyone including her own family in past her defenses In typical fashion she took to guarding her heart but putting up a shield between her and anything that risked hurting her She may still love the hero but he'd never know that not with the way she treats him and anyone around her She is known as an ice maiden and she took that title to heart She makes the hero believe she doesn't even care for his friendship let alone love the man and that's the way it must be The hero doesn't understand where the young woman he first hired as his manger went Gone is the girl excited about life and the discovery of life on the road In her place is an emotionally dead woman who wears horrible black clothing and thick black makeup almost like she's wearing a mask A woman who persists in talking with such a morbid outlook on life A woman who is obviously unhappy with her job and with him personally He doesn't want her to uit but he also wants her happy The night she hands in her resignation the heroine finds herself in the same magical runes that her sister used and the hero himself used to travel forward in time though she doesn't know it Suddenly she and the young scientist working in the cottage are thrust back into a world of kilts and rebellion The hero fearful for her safety rushes back in time to help her There though he finds himself confronted with the knowledge that while he lived his dream in the future in the past his family has come to ruin They have fallen on harsh times and have even surrendered to the English and given up he fight for Scotland Now the hero realizes that he must right the wrongs and fight to change the future for the good of his family But the heroine knows she must save the hero from himself With her new outlook on life and her desire to love the hero for the man he is not the man he thinks he should be she desperately fights to find a way to convince the hero his future is with her not in the pastI will say this book was not as bad as I was expecting Reading the blurb on the back about sexy rock stars and time travel I imagined a book with little to offer me and while there were a great deal of things wrong about the story I can say there were also a great many things right as well We'll start with the storyline I uit liked the whole notion that this man who was outcast from his family and eventually found himself in the future living the life of a rockstar with a happy outlook on life When he's sent back he changes Instantly there comes a dark cloud over him and the man he was is replaced by a man who believes it is his duty to save not only his family but an entire country He knows in his heart that what he is attempting to do is pointless He's seen the future he knows what becomes of Scotland and the fight against the English and he also knows that his country is at peace But in that situation in that environment of repression and rebellion he tries to become a warrior and a man who can lead his people into freedom You can't fault him for this dream though he was rather foolish to attempt it The heroine on the other hand I had real issue with Both sides of her personality the antisocial Goth who snapped at everyone and the carefree lust for life and love woman who she became in the past were both super annoying She admits to the reader that she is a woman without a true grasp on who she is and all the traits of her scattered personality were both reckless and stupidly stubborn She was that typical female who thought she knew it all She put herself and her companions in real danger spouting off with sass and demanding ways and if this romance novel was a historical fiction she would have been killed because of it I didn't like her as a character and grew tired of her trying to find herself But with the storyline and the hero as a lead character as well as the supporting characters and some actually uit humorous scenes I can say this was not so bad

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Highland RebelMeet the irresistible Highland Rebel He’s music’s hottest pop idol a Celtic bad boy whose tradition drenched rock rules the charts B. The Highland Rebel is one Ian MacGregor hot Celtic music pop idol whose music and looks tend to make women swoon Ellie Eleanor Graham is his Goth clothed tour manager What Ellie doesn't know is that Ian time traveled from the year 1711 to the current year During one of his concerts Ellie realizes she's in love with Ian but a past hurt causes her to block out her feelings for himWhen Ellie accidentally travels back three centuries Ian follows to save her and they both end up engaged in the trials of highland life during the Jacobite era Ian finds himself torn between the life he had and changing the outcome of a rough future for his kinsmenOne of the humorous uotes in the book happens while Ellie is clueless to the fact that she has time travelled to the 18th century Ian Ellie said let's just get out of here These guys think they're on the set of Braveheart or something Highland Rebel was an enjoyable read Highlanders kilts romance and time travel Definitely my kinda thing