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EBOOK Ù EPUB The Handle é FREE º RANDARENEWABLES Õ The Baron ran a gambling island off the Texas coast in the Gulf’s blue waters To Parker it was just a floating crap game with class To the Big Boys it was competition they couldn’t stomach They wanted a specialist to rob the Baron blind pluck him like a chiPecialist to rob the Baron blind pluck him like a chicken and burn this paradise island into the sea That’s why they sent for Parker His price was 200 grand in cash and Crystal a beautiful little blonde S Number 8 in the series that Richard Stark wrote about Parker who on screen have been played by Lee Marvin in Point Blank Jason Statham in Parker Mel Gibson in Payback All movies are worth your while and fairly true to the character that Richard Stark wrote aboutAfter having his identity and modus operandi burned in the previous book Parker is in need of some serious cash So wisely of not he accepts a job from the outfit in robbing a casino on an island outside of the US territories The job is twofold take the money and burn the place to the ground If it were up to the feds the job would be threefold and Parker is not really in the position to say NO At least to their faces So the proprietor of the island also becomes a target and as nobody likes a former Nazi war criminal he is the one with everything to loseStark aka Westlake really has the skills to tell a straight forward tale in a way that makes the story exciting than it actually is Which is something I greatly admire and enjoy reading Once again a strong story in the Parker series and looking forward to the next installment which coincidentally lies ready to be read

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The Baron ran a gambling island off the Texas coast in the Gulf’s blue waters To Parker it was just a floating crap game with class To the Big Boys it was competition they couldn’t stomach They wanted a s When Parker finally settled his differences with the Outfit he didn’t expect to get any job offers from them However a guy named Baron has set up a profitable casino operation on his own private island in the Gulf of Mexico and the head of the Outfit can’t stand that they aren’t getting a piece of the action so he enlists Parker to rip off Baron and burn down his operationSince he needs cash after the events of the last couple of books Parker agrees and begins planning his own version of D Day with a small crew of stick up men invading the island As usual Parker will have to contend with people he can’t trust and a twist that puts him on the radar of the US government Another short but solid Parker adventure The thing I continue to enjoy the most about these books is Parker’s blunt but efficient nature The thief continues to be annoyed at anything he considers a waste of time like small talk or details he doesn’t need to do the job Despite being a ruthless pragmatist who will kill or double cross anyone that he thinks can’t be counted on this book again has Parker going to some trouble and risk to save one of his crew when he could have easily left the man to die But when he’s thanked for it Parker can’t grasp why anyone would make a big deal out of it The story starts with the standard Richard Stark formula of Parker getting pitched on an odd robbery the recruiting of a crew the planning and gathering of euipment the concerns about someone double crossing them and a job that doesn’t go as expected Then the plot takes some detours and has a different ending than I was expecting and it was fun having the ending be so far off from where I guessed it’d go

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The HandleO the pot was sweet but the heist soon had so many twists it smelled like a brand new lemon and Parker knew the line between success and failure on this score would be exactly the length of the barrel of a3 4 ½ stars Several times I laughed or enjoyed something surprising or unexpectedParker is on a job Things go wrong How he and his partners respond is neat to watchA fun scene The Outfit assigned Crystal to help Parker with part of the job They were on a boat going to an island She talked too much Parker discovered the way to handle her When she paused he grunted She turned his grunts into whatever words she wanted to hear and went on with her monologue again She’s deathly afraid of water She asked Parker “If this boat sinks or anything you won’t leave me or anything will you? You’ll help me get to shore?” If the boat sank Parker knew this girl would be hysterical and would drown with her anyone she could get her hands on If the boat sank Parker would get as far from her as he could as fast as possible But he said “I’ll help you Don’t worry about it”The narrator Stephen R Thorne was good but I wish he had a rougher darker or menacing voice for Parker His Parker voice was too clean cut and normal soundingTHE SERIESThis is book 8 in the 24 book series These stories are about bad guys They rob They kill They’re smart Most don’t go to jail Parker is the main bad guy a brilliant strategist He partners with different guys for different jobs in each bookIf you are new to the series I suggest reading the first three and then choose among the rest A few should be read in order since characters continue in a seuel fashion Those are listed below with my star ratings The rest can be read as stand alonesThe first three books in order 4 stars The Hunter Point Blank movie with Lee Marvin 1967 Payback movie with Mel Gibson3 ½ stars The Man with the Getaway Face The Steel Hit4 stars The OutfitRead these two in order5 stars Slayground Bk #145 stars Butcher’s Moon Bk #16Read these four in order4 ½ stars The Sour Lemon Score Bk #122 ½ stars Firebreak Bk #20not read Nobody Runs Forever Bk #222 ½ stars Dirty Money Bk #24Others that I gave 4 or stars toThe Jugger Bk #6 The Seventh Bk#7 Deadly Edge Bk#13 Flashfire Bk#19DATANarrative mode 3rd person Unabridged audiobook length 4 hrs and 27 mins Swearing language none Sexual content 3 sex scenes vaguely referred to no details Setting 1966 Galveston Texas and island in the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico Book copyright 1966 Genre noir crime fiction