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BackflashS some unsavory friends who happen to have plenty of guns And a reporter on the casino has enough sense to know that something on this cruise isn't uite right Suddenly Parker's surefire plan is blowing up like fireworks on the Fourth only these bangs make people dea This is the sort of Parker novel that I like best it focuses fairly narrowly on Parker planning and executing a heist and then dealing with the aftermath So why didn't I like it ? Why did I actually find it a wee bit tedious? The answer I think is that while Starklake ably executes the Parker formula it feels like a formula this time out Starklake doesn't play with his own conventions as he sometimes does he just marches through them Of course this wouldn't be my reaction if this were my first encounter with Parker in which case I would probably think this was a great book More than anything this all suggests that I ought to take a break from Parker CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT ALERT In Backflash Parker laughs at a joke

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He money off Parker has it all planned out There are only a few little problemsThe guy who tipped off Parker in the first place is a bureaucrat who has a moral streak or a yellow streak plus a story that doesn't uite add up The guy who's steering the getaway boat ha Right after finishing this book I jumped right into the first book in the Parker series The Hunter I don't know if it is just the twenty year hiatus that came between Butcher's Moon and Comeback or if the change comes gradually in the first sixteen Parker novels but the amoral criminal in the later books seems like an easy going live and let live type compared to the angry man in the rumbled suit that walks over the George Washington Bridge to exact revenge on the people who fucked him over in the opening novel to the series I thought that Parker was a 'hard as nails' character in the this book and Comeback but now I'm seeing he's a much mellower version of what he once was But not to mix up books that I'm talking about too much I'll just focus on Backflash for now and talk about The Hunter in my future review for that book I'll probably end up repeating things I said in my last Richard Stark review The story is no nosense Parker is enlisted to rob a riverboat casino on the Hudson River in Upstate NY 518 Represent during what is supposed to be a trial period for New York to have some casinos of it's own that aren't run by Native Americans And that is the story for the book how Parker sets up and executes the heist I was a little disappointed that the story was told in a traditional and linear manner than the sort of cubist manner of Comeback But my disappointment in formal ualities was soothed by the plot itself I really liked this book a lot I even thought maybe I should rate this one higher than Comeback but I don't know if where the two Parker novels I've read stand in the entire body of Stark's work so for now I'm giving it the four stars just so that if I'm totally blown away by some of the other books I have something higher to rate them with Brian commented on the last review that Stark and Parker as a character don't waste any words and that is dead on accurate The book is lean as fuck there is nothing extraneous Every line is necessary to the story there are no words in the book or said by Parker that aren't necessary The text like the protagonist is single minded and ruthless in its goal which actually makes the first chapter of The Hunter a little jarring since it contains so much description compared to the leaner prose that even follows in later chapters of the first book it's like Stark had to get all those extra superfluous adjectives out of his system to get the Parker ball rolling and then could get streamlined and economical side note the basic premise of this book is wildly implausible taking into account the political climate of New York State the massive influence of the New York Racing Association and general priggishness in the mid to late 90's regarding morality when it comes to adults risking money in different manners that don't involve horses running in a circle Also in the logic of the book the trial run of river boat gambling would be overlapping with the start of the Saratoga racing season something that at the time would never been allowed to happen The very existence of a casino river boat thirty miles from the track that sits next to Yaddo would excite the ire of a majority of moral hypocrites in Albany and would have been a very different political climate from the one described by Richard Stark but this is fiction so ignore all of that

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Download Backflash Doc â 292 pages Å Richard stark Ð It's not in Parker's nature to gamble; he steals instead So when it comes to ripping off a big fat floating gambling casino on the Hudson River Parker leaves nothing to chance From the phony politician to the getaway boat from bringing the guns on board to getting thIt's not in Parker's nature to gamble; he steals instead So when it comes to ripping off a big fat floating gambling casino on the Hudson River Parker leaves nothing to chance From the phony politician to the getaway boat from bringing the guns on board to getting t When Parker takes a boating trip along a river you know that it’s not gonna be a pleasure cruiseAfter a narrow escape from his previous robbery Parker is contacted by a retired government bureaucrat named Cathman who has a proposition Cathman has the details on a new riverboat casino that is always loaded with cash and while Parker doesn’t much like the idea of pulling a job on a boat it’s too tempting a target to pass up Parker assembles a top notch crew of thieves to pull off the heist but he’s worried about Cathman’s real motives As always with a Parker story there are some other monkey wrenches lurking around just waiting to be flung into the works at the worst possible momentsThis is second Parker book that Stark aka Donald Westlake wrote a long lay off from 1974 until 1997 While I don’t find the second phase of the books uite as strong as the early Parker novels a weaker Stark is still better than most other crime novels and this one was particularly fun to re read The riverboat heist is a nice change of pace and as usual there are some clever gimmicks as to how the job gets pulled off Another aspect I enjoyed was that for a while in the series most of Parker’s problems were coming from loose ends that he would leave hanging In this one most of the obstacles come from directions he couldn’t have reasonably anticipated so he comes across as smarter in this one as well as ruthless in the way he deals with themSomething that did strike me funny was the idea that there’s a riverboat casino that actually goes up and down a river When the riverboat fad hit Kansas City in the ‘90s there was the usual battle between the puritans and the capitalists and the riverboat compromise was sold as being a way to do gambling with strict limitations But then the so called boats were essentially just buildings along the river We all played along with the joke for a while There was a brief period when you actually had to get boarding passes and could only step ‘on board’ at certain times with a time limit that meant you had to leave the ‘ship’ Most of those rules were tossed out pretty uickly so what we were left with are casinos along the rivers in areas no one goes to except to gamble which pretty much eliminated all the projections of bringing tourism inAnyhow that’s why I found the idea of a riverboat casino that actually cruises on a river hilarious Are there parts of the country where they actually do this? Anyone got an actual cruising riverboat? Parker should have just hit one of these KC casinos and he wouldn’t have had to worry about any of that boat nonsense