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FREE EPUB Æ MOBI A Mermaid's Ransom í 9780425230688 È RANDARENEWABLES í A story of two lovers who could not be differentDaughter to an angel and a mermaid Alexis has grown up in peaceful waters So when her nightmares begin the mer angel has little idea what to make of them In her dream is tThe leader of the underworld he longs to escape it How better than to hold for ransom the Prime Legion Commander's daughter? But there's one thing Dante never planned on the way Alexis steals his hea As long as the authors name is Joey hill I know I am in for a treat The Mermaid series was my first intro to Joey Hill's writing I have yet to find a story of hers that is less than fabo This book maintains that record Dante is a scary motherhubbard He is as rare a being as Mina's dark spawn mermaid witch character Born in hell Dante is a dark spawn vampire who can't leave hell until someone says his real name We also have Alexis who is a sweet innocent angelic baby girl who is about to fuck around with a devil's spawn who is I repeat scary beyond f'in beliefThis story is by far the darkest story It's premise is hopeless than Mina's storyThe brutal violence and horror is made intense at the thought that our pure angel Alexis being basted in the horror juices The extreme contrasts make for an exciting story Dare I say epic fantasy at it's best I read another review that best describe this story as than erotica and than fantasy I would even call it erotic literature It is in a class by itself and I am glad to have taken the journey To me Ms Hill sets the standard for erotic fantasy novels

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A story of two lovers who could not be differentDaughter to an angel and a mermaid Alexis has grown up in peaceful waters So when her nightmares begin the mer angel has little idea what to make of them If someone is looking to read about a dark character who struggles to find the light this is the read for you For me the darkness in Dante was hard to overcome At times he seemed reedemable but at other times I had my doubts There were times his actions were so dark it was hard to see him as a hero There were moments when he would protect Alexis but the other moments of darkness overshadowed this for meHaving stated this however Dante was a product of his environment Growing up in The Dark One world he only knew it took killing and sacrifice to survive He didn't see what he was doing was wrong because it was all he knewDante has to overcome a lifetime of killing and seeing every move as a threat When he's brought into the human world he begins to see things differently through Alexis Warning this book contained two sex scenes that seemed a bit like rape to me In both scenes Alexis was in pain One was early in the book while still in the Dark One world the other was later in the human worldThis read was the same as the first two in the Arianne series; I thought I would enjoy the books than I did The book wasn't a bad read I just didn't feel a deep connection to Alexis or Dante Their love didn't pull at my heart Perhaps it was the two scenes mentioned above but something just wasn't there for meSPOILERAlso something near the end left me usatisfied with their HEA Dante is told by those whose females were sacrificed by him in the The Dark One world Because all worlds are just it is when you love her the most that Fate will take her from you I like my romances to have a forever HEA

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A Mermaid's RansomIn her dream is the loneliest man Alexis has ever met and she's strangely drawn to him Until the night her dream comes trueBorn of a vampire and a Dark One Dante only knows brutality And although he's Sometimes a story by Joey W Hill takes time to drawn you in and at other times I'm sucked in from page one A Mermaid's Ransom is the former one While Dante captured my attention from the first page the story itself and Alexis needed uite some chapters to have me fully investedI absolutely adored the badness in Dante and his efforts to understand the human world His temper and his complexity made for such an interesting personality It countered the inate goodness of Alexis whom I found too nice at times Together however they created such a fantastic dynamic which made their dialogues going from endearing to steamy sensual The eroticism is up to par with what I'm used to get from Joey W Hill It reads like verbal viagra though I would love for this author to venture in to different kind of ways to explore the characters sexuality Or perhaps this is due to the fact I've read my fair share of erotic romances which resulted in certain positions becoming normalWhat I thought was cleverly done is the integration of the vampire world in the Daughters of Ariana series The encounter between Lady Lyssa and Mina was one I enjoyed from start to finish From this point on I was invested in the storyline and was intrigued by its possibilities With the final chapters the romance crescent in to a satisfying high but I also wonder if their are stories to come for Alexis and Dante It seemed of a beginning for them and the journey ahead one filled with challenges I hope Joey W Hill can further explore their journey in her vampire series Like Lyssa and Jacob whose story is told in three books and countingLike always Joey W Hill has used her incredible writing skills to give characters of depth searing eroticism and a story to sink your teeth in