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Сон смешного человека characters ß 7 â Descreve a experiência de um homem determinado a suicidar se por considerar ue nada na vida lhe interessa e ue tudo e todos lhe são indiferentes Dostoevsky debruça se mais uma vez sobre a figura do homem alienado Desconcertando o leitor contudo o autor russo desenvoIndiferentes Dostoevsky debruça se mais uma vez sobre a figura do homem alienado Desconcertando o leitor contudo o autor russo desenv. “Only perhaps in our children in their earliest years one might find some remote faint reflection of this beauty Do you remember losing that treasured innocence that we were born with that old childish ‘innocence’ there might be a better word to describe it but my vocabulary is poor the nausea of which we live with for rest of our lives We know or at least we think we know that it can’t be helped and we would consider someone a weakling a divine fool or ridiculous if he or she retained that innocence beyond a certain age We even lough at our own foolishness of old days They hardly remembered what they had lost in fact refused to believe that they had ever been happy and innocent They even laughed at the possibility of this happiness in the past and called it a dream Yet we look at children ever cheerful and feel sorry for the loss they are bound to suffer one time or another in their lives – they too will eat that fruit from 'tree of knowledge of good and evil' – which will show itself to them in some hardship of life or some light jest or some injustice too brutal for their innocence; and get thrown out from that imaginary paradise which n their ignorance they had so naturally surround themselves with till then; only to discover inferno of reality where noble hearted Abels will be killed and Cains realizing the injustice inherit in the world will revenge themselves by contributing to the very injustice that had repelled them and be marked in a way that will make them or at least make them act as if they were indifferent to if not actively causing sufferings of others Oh at first perhaps it began innocently with a jest couetry with amorous play perhaps indeed with a germ but that germ of falsity made its way into their hearts and pleased them Then sensuality was soon begotten sensuality begot jealousy jealousy — cruelty  Oh I don't know I don't remember; but soon very soon the first blood was shed Some of them will fight for their innocence with all their might but that fight itself shall slowly kill the innocence they are fighting for The only way it would seem to stay innocent is to die youngOur ridiculous man r man is one such person whose failure to fight for innocence has left him with this same indifference we mentioned – an indifference that came so dangerously close to Camus’ Stranger; and turned him into a Nihilist Tormented minds have always reasoned themselves into finding everything meaningless “But since I grew to manhood I have for some unknown reason become calmer though I realized my awful characteristic fully every year I say 'unknown' for to this day I cannot tell why it was Perhaps it was owing to the terrible misery that was growing in my soul through something which was of conseuence than anything else about me that something was the conviction that had come upon me that nothing in the world mattered” Having given up on the world and since nothing whatsoever matters he is planning to kill himself – when a little girl in misery invokes his sympathy The discovery that he still had sympathy for her in him frustrated him and made him treat her badly Why should he who already has that mark of indifference feel sorry for her His reason told him nothing should matter – and yet it did matter You see though nothing mattered to me I could feel pain for instance If anyone had s

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Descreve a experiência de um homem determinado a suicidar se por considerar ue nada na vida lhe interessa e ue tudo e todos lhe são. “How hard it is to be the only one who understandsthe I learned the thoroughly I understood that I was ridiculous”The confessional style of this short story reminded me of Notes from Underground The protagonists from both stories are of course tortured However the Underground Man cares deeply what other people think of him That’s one of the ways in which he suffers The Ridiculous Man is indifferent to other people and to life itself until a little girl pleads for his help Then instead of killing himself as he had planned he has a dream In the dream he does kill himself and is transported to a place where no sin has been committed His influence on the people here is uite interesting 375 stars

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Сон смешного человекаOlve nesta narrativa fantástica o tema da utopia onde o sonho aparece a libertar o homem reconciliando o com a vida e com a realidade. Fyodor Dostoyevsky is uite a reading experience After my somewhat dubious encounter with Crime and Punishment a few years back I wasn't sure I'd undertake another FD novel but then this short story appeared on my Goodread's feed and I thoughtit's only 40 pages Ha Throughout the entire story of extremely small print pages my first thought was this guy is writing at 100 miles per hour like his thoughts were just exploding from his mindor that's how it felt to me His writing so intense the story so deep that it was almost as if FD was the Ridiculous Man and the dream had happened to him At first I didn't like the character or his pathetic view of the world especially after his treatment of the desperate little girl but I knew he too was desperate and troubled as we learn early on of his suicidal plan no spoiler here so did feel empathy for him Then after the spiritual dream and his reflection of having seen the truth his turnabout kind of reminded me of Scrooge and his awakening with a total new outlook on life and the world Simplistic comparison but how I will remember this complex character and philosophic read with its religious undertones The message here for me is love others as you love yourself and enjoy every day above ground to the fullest Was so glad for the last line in the novella