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review Crossed Bones Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ In an expensive London restaurant Julia Lovat receives a gift that will change her life At first glance it is a book of exuisite 17th century embroidery patterns belonging to a woman named Catherine Ann Tregenna Yet in its margins Julia discovers faintly written diary entries that date backIn an expensive London restaurant Julia Lovat receives a gift that will change her life At first glance it is a book of exuisite 17th century embroidery patterns belonging to a woman named Catherine Ann Tregenna Yet in its margins Julia discovers faintly written diary entries that date back to 1625 They reveal that Catherine and others were stolen from their Cornish church by Muslim pirates. I am a real sucker for books that are about books making The Tenth Gift my kind of story However within the first few pages of this book I was predisposed to dislike it because the main character Julia Lovat has been involved in an affair with her best friend's husband for seven years This caused me to start the book feeling decidedly unsympathetic toward Julia In spite of this I uickly became captivated by the storyline which switches back and forth from modern day Julia to the life of early seventeenth century Catherine Ann Treganna Due to the lack of empathy I felt for Julia I enjoyed Catherine's story much through the first of the book Before long I became just as interested in Julia's story and I ended up caring about what happened to her as much as I did about Catherine I thoroughly enjoyed this book and although I was anxious to find out what happened to both women I was sorry to see the story endJulia Lovat is devastated when the man she has had a seven year affair with Michael suddenly breaks off their relationship As a parting gift he gives her an early seventeenth century book that contains embroidery patterns Julia runs a crafts store in London and she does embroidery on commission As Julia studies the book she discovers that the pattern book was also used as a journal by a nineteen year old girl from Cornwall in 1625 She becomes caught up in the story of Catherine Ann Treganna and reads about her life as a servant to a family of means Catherine is well treated and doesn't have difficult duties but she dreams of a adventurous life as a master embroiderer Julia reads of the despair that Catherine felt when she was told by her employer that she must marry her own cousin Robert Bolitho Catherine believed Robert to be a very good man but boring As Julia continues to read the book the tale becomes so fantastic that she isn't certain whether it could be true She reads of the horror of Catherine's capture by pirates from a church in Cornwall Catherine and about sixty others are taken by Moroccan corsairs and she describes the horrific journey she endured with its atrocious conditions During the journey Catherine's skills with a needle cause her to be separated from the other catives A battle with a Spanish ship leaves the corsair captain with serious wounds that Catherine must stitch Catherine finishes the journey in comfortable conditions in the captain's cabin Just as they arrive in Morocco Catherine angers the corsair and he sends her back to the horrible treatment and conditions that are accorded the other captives Catherine is soon sold in Morocco moved to comfortable uarters in a beautiful house and given the duty of teaching a group of women embroidery skills Catherine becomes somewhat comfortable in her new life but she doesn't know the identity of her master Julia continues reading Catherine's tale until it ends abruptly Julia is fascinated by Catherine's story and she decides to find out if it is true Julia travels to Morocco where it is soon apparent that Michael has followed her and is deparate to retrieve the pattern book he gifted to her He even searches Julia's room while she is out Julia becomes frightened and she seeks shelter from her tour guide Idriss el Kharkouri She shares Catherine's story with Idriss and he helps her try to verify the information Michael's messages to Julia attempt to lure her to him by tempting her with letters that he has that were written by Catherine's cousin Robert Bolitho A deal with Michael's wife gives Catherine access to the letters so she is able to find out a little of what happened to Catherine after the abrupt ending of her journal Robert's letters show his determination to ransom Catherine and take her back to Cornwall as his wife They chronicle his own journey to Morocco and the horrors that he endures Julia reads in Robert's letters about the difficult choices that Catherine made and she realizes that she must make decisions about her own future Once I got over disliking Julia for her adultery with her best friend's husband I found this to be a very engrossing and enjoyable book to read Reading some about the Moroccan culture in the stories of both Julia and Catherine was very interesting The decisions that both women made regarding their futures were not common to most books I would have liked a little bit closure to both of the stories It would have been nice to have information about the rest of Catherine's life and to know what Julia's future held Overall I found this to be a very good book and I am very glad that I did not put it aside when I became frustrated with Julia at the first of the story

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And taken on a brutal voyage to Morocco to be auctioned off as slaves Captivated by this dramatic discovery Julia sets off to North Africa to determine the authenticity of the book and to uncover of Catherine’s mesmerizing story There in the company of a charismatic Moroccan guide amid the sultry heat the spice markets and exotic ruins Julia will discover buried secrets And in Morocco she. OK first this doesn't mix genres so much as it is part of a sub genre the centuries apart parallel stories I uite enjoy this sub genre; it's why I picked this book Unfortunately it wasn't that good The parallelism between the two stories was pretty tenuous consisting mainly of the fact of ending up in love in Morocco It's not like Julia got caught up in modern human trafficking or had any real love triangle breaking choice to make or even turned out to be a descendant of anyone in particularMore unfortunately though it was boring Cat didn't get abducted until a good third of the way through Julia didn't head off to Morocco until some time after that and only the last third of the book really dealt much with what actually happened in Morocco for both women — and even at that point a good chunk of that time was actually spent with Cat's cousin Rob and his attempt to rescue her rather than seeing what happened to her and maybe seeing of the development of her relationship with asem Except that when you get statements like she'd been there seven months and generally it was pretty pleasant I can only assume that telling us about those seven months would have been pretty dullSo then we have the relationships Julia and Idriss I have no problem with Predictable sure but that's OK You can see the chemistry between them and we're told that when she goes back to Cornwall they spend enough time on the phone that they know each other better in a few weeks than Julia and her adulterous lover of seven years ever knew each other So that's greatThe adulterous lover in uestion and his wife Julia's former best friend are a weird pair Anna knows about the relationship and has for a long time and seems to have forgiven Julia and that's OK That happens But she doesn't really seem to have forgiven Michael and doesn't even seem to like him so despite her being pregnant and declaring with a shrug that she still loves him I'm just not sure I can really accept their staying together I foresee him leaving sometime after the baby's born as he evidently doesn't even like kids and their relationship is pretty terrible at this point anyway I really don't think it'll lastI suppose an unhappy marriage there could be another instance of parallelism mirroring Rob's marriage with Matty after Cat rejects him but it seems a bit of a stretch And as for Rob and Matty well I kind of feel that Johnson really screwed them over and for no good reason Frankly if one of those two had a reason to be angry and suicidal it would probably be Matty Yes Rob went to heroic lengths to try and save the woman he loved and yes he spent some pretty brutal time as a slave as a result only to eventually be rescued from that and still be rejected by his beloved I'm not saying he should have left happy But Cat didn't screw him over She never gave him any encouragement even when their marriage seemed a foregone conclusion and she didn't ask him to come and save her He's presented as uite a decent fellow and I just would have thought that even if he were angry in the beginning he could eventually get past it I'm not saying he ever would have been as in love with Matty as he was with Cat but I think he could have learned to love her and their children instead of apparently being an asshole to her until he killed himself and became a vengeful ghost on that in a bit As for Matty we're not told what she was doing during her seven months of captivity but realistically I think we can guess Cat was extraordinarily lucky in what happened to her; there is no reason to think Matty would have been anywhere near as fortunate Frankly it's astonishing that asem was even able to track her down to send her home with Rob In any case if she could get past what happened to her and I'm just assuming that she did fairly or otherwise Rob should have been able to pull his damn socks up tooSo then there's Cat and asem I get why he falls for her But I have a really hard time wrapping my head around her falling for him True he treats her exceptionally well and his actions at the end with Rob and Matty and Cat herself are fairly noble Further I totally get what Julia says to Rob's ghost about how Cat's situation in Morocco gave her the opportunity to pursue her craft in ways that she never could have back in Cornwall But is Cat really so self centred that she can just forget that this is the same man who stole sixty people from their church subjected most of them to horrendous conditions on the ship that killed several of them and then sold those people into horrific slavery that most likely killed most of the remaining ones Just because she always got pretty sweet treatment from him doesn't change the rest And what about the next season Nothing is said about his changing his ways and not doing all of the above again every season until he's too old to captain a ship I understand that slavery in general wasn't a deal breaker at the time but when it's your own people and you've witnessed firsthand the kind of treatment that slave trading actually entails Can you still look past it I can't imagine ever forgiving all that — certainly not without some kind of assurance that he at least wouldn't do it any — and the fact that Cat obviously can makes me respect her less I think I'm supposed to see her as a strong empowered woman but I don't I see her as a weak self centred woman who can ignore atrocities for the sake of a pair of pretty eyes and her own comfort And that than anything else ruined this story for meAnd two final notes 1 If you're going to make a comment about the fact that Julia and Cat both apparently write their as in this typographical style as opposed to the o with a tail that most people produce when writing by hand perhaps the font you choose to represent Cat's diaries should feature a letter a that corresponds with that statement Just a thoughtAnd 2 a ghost really I had no objections to the supernatural stuff in the 1625 part of the story but do we really have to end with a ghost so angry he drove a totally unrelated man to suicide

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Crossed BonesWill lose her heart just as Catherine did before herThough they live almost 400 years apart the stories of these two women converge in an extraordinary and haunting manner that will make readers wonder is history fated to repeat itself The Tenth Gift is wildly yet convincingly romantic a rare comboboth a sensitive portrayal of Muslim culture and a delectable adventure of the heart USA Today. I read this because one of my favorite authors Anne Fortier said this is one of her top 5 favorite books of all time So I had to read it It's not at all what I expected and I did enjoy the story This is not a bodice ripper but is a well researched story based on actual events and some real people The primary subject and setting is 1625 Cornwall and Morocco Different for sure There were times the story dragged and it honestly was slow to start but after I hit the 10% mark I was pretty captivated