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read Beauty and the Beast mobi å Kindle Edition ´ On the eve of her wedding to the heir of Saiturn Manor the stunningly beautiful Gytha is shocked to learn that her betrothed a man she barely knew is dead Now she must marry the new heir Thayer Saiturn a battle hardened knight known as the Red Devil With a face scarred in battle andHardened knight known as the Red Devil With a face scarred in battle and a heart broken in love Thayer has no interest in marriage But not even the Red Devil can break the promise his foster father made years 25 starsI hesitated between a 2 3 on this so 25 stars it is I sorta liked it Which is between 'it's ok' and 'I liked it' I supposeThe hero was insecure but to my surprise we weren't treated to someone who was violent or emotionally abusive as so often happens with this plot line I get so tired of that The H largely kept his insecurities to himself and only truly showed his deep down insecurity driven mistrust of the heroine once Otherwise you just kinda wanted to shake him for being such an insecure blind fool yet he inspired no anger in me He was overall a likeable fair guy who treated the heroine well In fact I was bit surprised that he was such a reasonable fair minded man considering the times I'm not saying those men didn't exist in the Middle Ages but found it rather odd that he never really got angry with the h for disobeying him or insisted she submit to his will like a dutiful wife of the timesI suppose I expect a medieval to be a bit raw This would have been in line with a Regency as far as the lightness of it Not that terrible things weren't going on during the regency period but we've been rather conditioned to Regencies being much lighterfluffier while expecting much violence and extremely domineering behavior from the males in a medieval After all that was a extremely rough time in history There was violence in this since the H was a warrior but it was glossed over and I didn't find it immersing at all The Beauty and the Beast title was misleading This was a case of someone who was plain of face with the rock hard bod of a warrior and a giant penis of course paired with someone who was a celebrated beauty There was nothing 'beastly' about him at all He sounded like what I'd describe as a carrot top sort of redhead versus someone with the sexy auburn hair gasp the horror He also had some battle scars but nothing disfiguring There were no blatantly unattractive features He just wasn't a pretty boyFor the most part I felt this lacked tension overall It's the type of thing I probably won't recall a week from now However if you're looking for something lightersweeter and not likely to tax your emotions in a negative way you may love this I was pleased with the passing nod to the plague and how it had so changed the feudal structure of England It's not a romantic subject but it was one that made huge changes in the economy and social structure of Europe It's weird that it's rarely mentioned in most medieval romances

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Ago and soon finds himself married to a woman whose exuisite beauty and sweet innocence intrigue him But can his new bride look beyond his scars to find a hidden passion and undying love locked deep inside him? 35 stars It's okay It has nothing from the other world it is simply entertained It is a book that hooks you when you are reading it as soon as you leave it at least for me it was difficult for me to pick it up again but once I started reading it hooked me again I liked the story At first I thought it was a version of beauty and the beast and on the one hand it is when it comes to the subject of inner beauty The protagonist has a lot of scars and is not very attractive but the protagonist likes him from the beginning and does not care about his physiue As for this I do see a similarity but otherwise not So I say it reminded me a little bit of beauty and the beast As for the characters I liked many of the main ones Although Thayer gave me a lot of sadness because deep down he has many insecurities I liked Ghyta very much she is a woman who does not keep uiet even who could be considered shameless for her time and I liked that She is also super good nice and brave at certain times in the book As for secondary characters I really liked Roger and Margaret both of them with Thayer and Ghyta always supporting them and being their confidants and advisers In conclusion I liked the book and was surprised because I thought I was not going to like it as much It has a nice love story with a nice message I recommend it35 estrellasEsta bien No tiene nada del otro mundo está entretenido sin más Es un libro ue te engancha cuando lo estás leyendo en cuanto lo dejas por lo menos a mí me costaba volver a cogerlo pero una vez ue empezaba a leer me volvía a engancharLa historia me gustó Al principio pensé ue era una versión de la bella y la bestia y por una parte si ue lo es en lo ue se refiere al tema de la belleza interior El protagonista tiene un montón de cicatrices y no se es muy atractivo pero la protagonista le gusta desde el principio y no le importa el físico de él En cuanto a esto si ue le veo un parecido pero por lo demás no 😂 Por eso digo ue me recordó un pouito a la bella y la bestia😄En cuanto a los personajes me gustaron muchos los principales Aunue en si Thayer me dio mucha pena porue en el fondo tiene muchas inseguridades Ghyta me gustó mucho es una mujer ue no se calla nada incluso ue podría considerarse descarada para su época y eso me gustó Además es súper buena simpática y valiente en ciertos momentos del libroEn cuanto a personajes secundarios me gustó mucho Roger y Margaret los dos siempre con Thayer y Ghyta apoyándoles siempre y siendo sus confidentes y consejeros En conclusión el libro me gustó y me sorprendió porue pensé ue no me iba a gustar tanto Tiene una bonita historia de amor con un bonito mensaje Lo recomiendo

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Beauty and the BeastOn the eve of her wedding to the heir of Saiturn Manor the stunningly beautiful Gytha is shocked to learn that her betrothed a man she barely knew is dead Now she must marry the new heir Thayer Saiturn a battle This book features something new at least to me a hero who isn't drop dead gorgeous and is insecure because of itThayer thought he was about to attend his cousin William's wedding soon discovers he is the bridegroom of the beautiful Gytha ugh what a name due to a twist of fate Thayer is appalled at this news Years earlier his heart was broken by a beautiful but heartless well bred woman and he promised himself he would never become that vulnerable again Gytha slowly breaks through the barriers he's constructed around his heart with her innocence and loving ways But deep down Thayer still isn't convinced she is as pure as she seems and dreads the day when he will find her in bed with another man Because of Thayer's mistrust a greedy uncle and Thayer's ex love Elizabeth who decides she wants him back in her bed he and Gytha have a very rocky road ahead of themI really enjoyed this delightful Beauty The Beast retelling It was refreshing to read about a heroine who had no care for looks and although she was physically perfect she didn't feel it was an important part of who she was This book was very funny in part while still being emotionally intense and the chemistry between the hh was smoldering This one teared me up had me smiling at the same time I hated to see their story come to an end Definitely one worth pulling out of the tbr pile