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Deaf Sentence Free read Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ð uando decide pedir a reforma antecipada o professor universitário Desmond Bates nunca pensou vir a sentir saudades da azáfama das aulas A verdade é ue a monotonia do dia a dia não o satisfaz Para tal contribui também o facto de a carreira da O levará a envolver se inadvertidamente com uma jovem cujo comportamento imprevisível e irresponsável ameaça desestabilizar por completo a sua vidaDivertido e comovente A Vida em Surdina é o relato brilhante do esforço de um homem para enfrentar a surdez e a morte a velhice e a mortalidade a comédia e a tragédia da vida humana. This novel provides an interesting story within a setting that describes the living situation of many in today's boomer generation—newly retired with an older parent in failing health along with adult children and grandchildren with their own needs In this story Desmond Bates the main character is in a second marriage with step children and older parents on both sides which enhances the potential for relationship issuesDesmond is a retired linguistics professor who is plagued with hearing loss which complicates life in all sorts of ways Much of the story is narrated in first person by Desmond so we learn a lot about linguistics while also learning about hearing loss and the experience of maintaining a hearing aid The experiences of attending a number of lip reading classes is also described Desmond's retired life is contrasted with his younger wife's booming entrepreneurial home decorating business which provides some peripheral stress for their relationship This is a novel so of course there has to be a suspenseful and potentially dangerous element in the plot to make it worth the reader's time This element is provided by a young attractive female graduate student who tricks Desmond into providing her academic advice and assistance Desmond doesn't tell his wife about all the details which of course makes things complicated As we learn about this graduate student the potential danger to life and career reputation becomes apparentThe title's conjuring of thoughts of death fits well with the treatment and discussion of death included in the book near its ending I thought the author provided an excellent and thoughtful treatment of the subject I particularly liked the following uotation that the book attributes to the journal of Bruce Cummings an early twentieth century naturalist In the book Desmond's son reads it at his grandfather's funeralTo me the honour is sufficient of belonging to the universe—such a great universe and so great a scheme of things Not even Death can rob me of that honour For nothing can alter the fact that I have lived; I have been I if for ever so short a time And when I am dead the matter which composes my body is indestructible—and eternal so that come what may to my 'Soul' my dust will always be going on each separate atom of me playing its separate part—I shall still have some sort of finger in the pie When I am dead you can boil me burn me scatter me—but you cannot destroy me my little atoms would merely deride such heavy vengeance Death can do no than kill youHere's another uotation of a short poem read by Desmond's wife There was no attributionWhere do people go to when they dieSomewhere down below or in the sky'I can't be sure' said Granddad 'but it seemsThey simply set up home inside our dreams'The following is from the July 27 2015 PageADay Book Lover's CalendarKnown for his sharp sense of humor British author David Lodge tickles the intellect as well In this book elderly and hard of hearing Desmond Bates is rather bored in his retirement from teaching while his wife continues to be in demand as an interior designer One day Desmond meets a curvaceous American student named Alex and agrees to help her with her thesis As Desmond becomes embroiled in Alex's problems his whole settled life is turned upside down Lodge is a master of dry wit and his 13th novel does not disappoint DEAF SENTENCE by David Lodge 2008; Penguin 2009

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Uando decide pedir a reforma antecipada o professor universitário Desmond Bates nunca pensou vir a sentir saudades da azáfama das aulas A verdade é ue a monotonia do dia a dia não o satisfaz Para tal contribui também o facto de a carreira da sua mulher Winifred ir de vento em popa reduzindo o papel de Desmond ao de mero acompanhan. David Lodge is not a flashy writer but he is an extremely good one Superficially his predilection for working the same relatively narrow ground he is a master of the academic novel might seem constricting But each of his novels delivers fresh insights with his signature blend of intelligence wit and genuine affection for his characters Deaf Sentence is no exception Although it's not as hilariously funny as some of his earlier books it is like all of his work compulsively readable and ultimately very moving in an understated kind of way Lodge's description of the various indignities that deafness brings is hilariously funny and so utterly convincing that you know it has to be based on first hand experience There is far wisdom about aging in this unassuming story by Lodge than for example in Julian Barnes's recent migraine inducing bloviation about his own mortality When I think of the trio of Julian Barnes Martin Amis and David Lodge I try to think of Christoper Hitchens as little as possible restaurant analogies come to mind Amis is the risk taking molecular gastronomist brashly confident of his own genius and hey if the diners don't always appreciate the flashiness that’s not his problem To his credit when he’s on target he can be sublime But the brilliance is hit or miss Barnes is closer to Amis than he might care to admit thought perhaps not writ uite so large In general the uality of his work doesn’t fluctuate uite as much but he is still capable of succumbing to navel gazing and cleverness or perhaps his consciousness of his own cleverness is definitely his Achilles heel You’ll be served some extraordinary meals chez Barnes but there will be an occasional inedible mess At the risk of beating this analogy to death David Lodge perhaps at the cost of never reaching the Olympian heights attained sporadically by the others never disappoints reliably serving hearty nourishing comfort food that leaves the reader satisfied and looking forward to the next visit That might sound like damning with faint praise but is actually meant as the highest compliment I can think of very few novelists working today who are consistently such a delight to read He joins a very short list of authors Margaret Drabble in early and mid career Anne Tyler whose work is reliably intelligent thought provoking and interesting without being flashy Such craftsmanship is rare and not something one should take for granted I look forward to each new novel by Lodge and thus far have never been disappointed

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Deaf SentenceTe e dono de casa Mas o ue o aborrece verdadeiramente é a sua crescente perda de audição fonte constante de atrito doméstico e constrangimento social Desmond apercebe se de ue na imaginação das pessoas a surdez é cómica enuanto a cegueira é trágica mas para o surdo é tudo menos uma brincadeira Contudo vai ser a sua surdez ue. What a lovely and beautifully written novel about a hard of hearing linguist trying to navigate through the noises and silences of his life These noises and silences are at turns confounding illuminating disturbing comforting and tragic comic Lodge takes his time telling this story and some people may not like the pace of the book which can meander seemingly aimless at times The beauty nuance and insight in this story lay in these perambulations though All in all a lovely and fulfilling read told with humor sensitivity and insight