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Roger's Version kindle ë 352 pages Ð John Updike Ð As Roger Lambert tells it he a middle aged professor of divinity is buttonholed in his office by Dale Kohler an earnest young computer scientist who believes that uantifiable evidence of God’s existence is irresistibly accumulating The theological scientific debate thaCientific debate that ensues and the wicked strategies that Roger employs to disembarrass Dale of his faith form the substance of this novel these and the current of erotic attraction that pulls Esther Roger’s much younger wife away from him and int This book is mired in uestioning and uncertainty and bitterness; it feels grimy potent And I loved it though the experience of reading it was uite uncomfortable Thing is this book isn’t accessible I wouldn’t recommend starting here if you’re interested in Updike It’s filled with techie computer talk which is way over my head and lots of theology It doesn’t help the starring characters are all unlikable unsympathetic and it seems their arcs are merely further plunges into the mud The convalescence of technology and God in this novel is an endlessly fascinating one one I’m still thinking of weeks after finishing the book Oh and you can’t forget the sex All the sex Dirty sex classy sex risué sex forbidden sex Updike loved writing erotic scenes and they’re done uite well here Let’s just say this book isn’t for the Ned Flanders sort Roger’s Version seems to be forgotten almost never mentioned in discussions of Updike’s best works Though this is only my second work of his it certainly made me hungry for —and it led to my reconversion to the faith Talk about an extreme experience

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As Roger Lambert tells it he a middle aged professor of divinity is buttonholed in his office by Dale Kohler an earnest young computer scientist who believes that uantifiable evidence of God’s existence is irresistibly accumulating The theological s roger’s version concerns a young scientist who believes he can prove the existence of god on his computer as he puts it “these numbers are the basic physical constants of the universe these are the terms of creation” recurring patterns in these numbers the glue of the universe prove something beyond the mere physical Dale explains in hope of receiving a grant from professor of hereticism Roger Lambert as laughable as it sounds his arguments are made convincing as updike is never ready to dismiss or accept creationism evolution god or technology without a knock down brawl one is constantly awed by how much information knowledge and wisdom updike manages to pack into his novels contrasted against this are the fragile human characters who as deeply and powerfully as any characters ingmar bergman has given us suffer greatly in a cold and indifferent universe and like bergman’s characters they turn to religion and sex and drugs and consumerism and well anything to create chatter where god’s silence prevails given how horrible even in 20th21st century america is the human condition how terrible the burden of existence updike seems to ask over and over how and why rather than huddle around the fire for warmth and protection rather than band together and flee plato’s cave do we choose to turn away from one another do we remain alone and content with flickering illusions on a stony wall and the way he writes about sex in this novel as a means to flee rather than to come together; with minds that are infinite and bodies horrifyingly finite with bodies that shit sweat stink and exist in a perpetual state of decay ”Esther’s surprisingly substantial downward conical breasts with their bumpy mud colored nipples the left one of which has around it a few unnecessary hairs She likes to thrust her breasts alternatingly into her young lover’s mouth while her wet nether mouth stretches around his prick; with Esther it all becomes a matter of mouths opening interlocking and contorted like the apertures and intersections of hyperspace Veronese surfaces graphed in colors than nature can normally hold and that not even insects can see Dale feels at times intertwined with her caught up in an abnormal geometry his body distended on a web of warping appetite”kind of terrifying huh?updike didn’t write a single ‘great’ book a moby dick or a scarlet letter that will stand the test of time but in my mind the totality of his body of work represents the post war 20th century american experience in a way no other writer’s does from the majesterial smallness of the Rabbit cycle to the ‘post pill paradise’ of couples from the 80s middle class disillusionment and turn to eastern religion of S to roger’s version’s mix of theology technology science and god there is perhaps no one who depicts with accuracy and courage how we lived at thisthat point in time

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Roger's VersionO Dale’s bed The novel a majestic allegory of faith and reason ends also as a black comedy of revenge for this is Roger’s version Roger Chillingworth’s side of the triangle described by Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter made new for a disbelieving ag Has anyone ever said John Updike didn't like women?Yeah it certainly could be possible I hated this book I hope that Updike was trying to show us the moral weakness of the main character in his toleration of child abuse I'm not that moralistic but stillRoger was not a pillar of moral strength by any standards The critics of Trollope's day would have had a bonfire with this book I was really ready to give this two stars; however in some form the ending was oddly satisfying satisfying than most modern novels Of course the plot turns because one of the most flawed characters in the book sees a therapistThe book took me back to Cambridge MA in 1984 and the one likable character was a bacteriology professor so the book had its few redeeming facets