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Summary The Billionaire Bosss Innocent Bride (Hired for the Bosss Pleasure, #4)

Free download º The Billionaire Bosss Innocent Bride (Hired for the Bosss Pleasure, #4) å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ê Alexandra Hill is worlds away from Max Goodwin's usual choice of glamorous employee But this CEO needs a secretary fast He hires Ferent from Alex's convent school upbringing But Alex doesn't want to be just mistress to a billionaire However Max decided long ago that he would never take a wif. No just no

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Soon she's turned from dowdy assistant to stunning beauty and Max's thoughts turn from professional to very personal indeedMax's playboy lifestyle couldn't be dif. This book was really really sweet but it's also what made it rather boring The h is a rather young and rather sheltered orphaned 21 year old interpreter who is hired at the last minute by the rather older H mid 30's He's having a mare having just found out that he's got a 6 year old son that was hidden from him by a rather selfish ex lurver she's not a total witch but she is selfish and he's rather a workaholic He reluctantly hires the h on the proviso she gets a makeover Cinderella style She is of course marvellous with the son he doesn't really have a relationship with and hires her to nanny as well in between the interpreting and charming his guests He is kind of nice and looks after the h but dumbly considers marrying the OWmother of his child and therefore makes the h move on after giving her a snog She is of course heartbroken but accepts his decision though she's rather bloody sick and tired of hearing how wonderful the H and h were together I would be too She stoically moves on is kind to the ow and we then skip forward 5 months The H has hurt himself falling off a ladder but is keeping it on the down low but he goes in search of the h because he realises he has made a totally dumb decision and the h is the best thing that ever happened to him Our h hasn't a clue and thinks the meeting was accidental so pretends she's ok and moved on so off he skulks The h senses there's something not right with our H though and the next day she goes after him Declarations are made but the back injury means he can't seduce her and we half a saccharine 6 week wait for the wedding I felt our H wasn't much of a alpha male tbh he was honourable and wanting to do the right thing but the passion was missing big time Also title seemed very misleading they don't marry till the end

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The Billionaire Bosss Innocent Bride Hired for the Bosss Pleasure #4Alexandra Hill is worlds away from Max Goodwin's usual choice of glamorous employee But this CEO needs a secretary fast He hires Alex with one condition a makeover. And the trip down the memory lane of HP sleeping pills continuesLol It took a few minutes but I remembered this one God I have read a lot snooze fests in my time I gotta tell you This novel was phoned in by the author Seriously It was BORING I don't like this author's style of writing and there was a total lack of chemistry between the MC's At first I thought there would be so many possibilities but then the story line devolved into one where the heroine was playing child minderbabysitter to the H's illegitimate son that his former lover had suddenly dumped on his doorstep The kid was cute and he had an adorable dog but everything else was mind numbing I know the heroine was a shy introvert but she did nothing really to warrant attracting the H's attentions OK so she got a make over for her new job as his professional interpreter I think she's fluent in Cantonese or some such Chinese language but the author totally dramatized the H's reaction to the sudden upgrade in her physical appearance I don't know but I kinda prefer it when MC's have chemistry from the very beginning and not after she has a superficial make over I was also bored out of my skull with the H's baby momma drama The former OW was a delusional mess ok so her mother was dying if I recall correctly and didn't really serve any function in the plot development She was just put there by the author to play the role of baby momma and it was all just so stagnantFrom what I recall the back story between the H and his artist former OWbaby momma was given far too much attention I didn't enjoy hearing all about how hot and sexy the OW had been and how the son was conceived in a night of wild passion Hey I know these man whores have pasts but I wish the author would not focus so much attention on it because it detracts from the significance of the heroine in his life It didn't even seem as if the heroine was the real love of his life; it seemed as if the relationship with the baby momma had only failed because it was the OW who had called a halt and dumped him I don't wanna read about my H getting his walking papers from the OW It doesn't matter that in the present the baby momma has changed her mind and wants him back A real alpha male H is supposed to be wanted by every woman alive The importance of this OW ruined the novel for meThe MC's have a short separation he comes back into her life and meets her at some park where she's lazing around Whatever I didn't buy the love couldn't feel the chemistry and the even the dog couldn't make me raise this to than 1 star