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Download Servant of a Dark God Book Ü 448 pages Ç John d. brown ☆ This is an obsolete edition The author completely revised and updated the book The new version is titled Servant and was released November 2013 A spirited blacksmith's daughter accused of using the dark and terrifying sleth magic The young This is an obsolete edition The author completely revised and updated the book The new version is titled Servant and was released November 2013 A spirited blacksmith's daughter accused of using the dark and terrifying sleth magic The young man who hunts her And the ferociou I remember the first fantasy novel I fell in love with Magician Apprentice by Raymond E Feist If you’ve never read the Riftwar Saga than you’re missing out Needless is it for me to say that after finishing all four books of that series I went on a searcha hunt of sorts I needed to find a novel or a series of novels that would uench my cravings for the type of world and mastery of the language that RE Feist had shown me Throughout the years I’ve found some that were lacking to accomplish this and some that were in my opinion better even But nothing ever reminded me of it and eventually I had forgotten what had got me started into the genre in the first place Until nowPutting comparisons aside for a moment lets look at Servant of a Dark God on its own Frankly it’s difficult for an author to start a book in a way that makes you fall in love with the world and the characters right away And honestly some authors have a hard time making you appreciate the lead character at all But this is not a problem for John Brown As a matter of fact I believe that this is one of his strengthsCan I stress how important good characters are to a story I don’t care what anybody else says if you don’t care for the character then you won’t care for the story From the get go John takes us into a world that is rich and well thought out full of characters that are uniue and lovable But though the characters themselves are original and uniue the emotions and feelings they express are not What they experience inside their minds and hearts is what most of us are able to feel at any given moment and its truthful It speaks to the reader because it’s genuine I’ve caught myself many times in the process of reading this book thinking “I can understand that” or “I totally know what he’s thinking that’s what I would think too” That is talent and it works to the advantage of the story itselfAs far as plot goes I thought it was brilliant but let me explain why and you can decide from there If you take the entire story as a whole you may think that it is similar to other things that have already been written and really there are so many books out there I’m sure you could say the same of any book But here’s what caught me off guard Keeping spoilers at bay the story you start with – or the story you think you are starting – isn’t necessarily the one you end with Servant of a Dark God takes you on what I like to call the “how the crap did it come to this’ journey Allow me to expoundIn simple words there are stories that allow you to expect what the outcome will be or needs to be You read the first few chapters and already know where the rest of it is going Then there are the stories that lead you in one direction but take two three fourhowever many turns before you get to where the author wants you When you get to the end and look at how it began you realize that you never could have guessed it Thus you wonder ‘how the crap did it get to this’Now this is not saying that every little aspect of the book is like this there are some elements that are expected and even maybe a little too predictable in my opinion I think I might have expected some twists here and there that never came to pass I was making myself hope for things that would have made the plot even surprising but they didn’t always come true But what’s to say that what I found predictable wasn’t a surprise to othersI’ll finish with writing style I found John’s writing and descriptions to be intricate and luring in the most simple of ways No big words no tirades and no lengthy descriptions It’s straight to the point subtly elouent and visually engagingNow can Servant of a Dark God and the rest of the upcoming series give me what I had lost after finishing the Riftwar saga Well my opinion would be completely biased say I’ll only say ‘We”ll see” But the fact that it reminded me of Riftwar by the style the character development and other factors is pretty substantial Anybody who has read Raymond E Feist will now that me even comparing anybody to him is making a bold statementProps to John Brown on his first novel Written and executed like an author who truly knows what he is doing

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Est If the three succeed they will save those they love the most If they fail the clans of the land fall with them Thus begins the towering fantasy series that introduces an elaborate new world a multifaceted system of magic and a cast of compelling characters and creatures IntriguingThe Good Uniue The nature of the world is uite different from standard epic fantasy with a very dark history Discovering a new and uniue world is part of the fun of this genreSecondary Good Guys Many of these characters are well defined and interesting it always helps a novel when the secondary cast improves the color of the world and aren't just placeholdersThe Bad Another Superman Farmer Can't the savior of humanity be from a cityViewpoint characters I just don't care much about the viewpoint characters a major issueThe bad guys none of them are that interesting there are a bunch of thugs and a few immensely powerful evil doers but they are about as interesting as a 500 pound leachI enjoyed parts of the novel and may read the next book of the series but I'm not dying to find out what happens

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Servant of a Dark GodS monster who only wants to be free Trapped in a web of lies and ancient secrets of right becoming wrong the three must struggle not only against each other but also a being of irresistible powers a creature who is gathering her servants to usher in the impending human harv John Brown’s debut and the first in a new series is a blend of both classic fantasy tropes and modern themes With its unassuming boy hero it might be easy to write this off as a return to the farm hands and kitchen help of fantasy’s yesteryear but Brown through delicate crafting of his world manages to avoid this potential pitfall creating something that while it hearkens back the roots of classic fantasy manages to become something slightly differentThe world of Servant of a Dark one is ruled by the mysterious and powerful Divines who ask for and wield the “fire” or life energy of their subjects in order to power their magic We learn over the course of the novel that the Divines weren’t the only ones in charge and a multitude of conuered people are not necessarily satisfied with their rule One such people the Koramites are a subjugated minority servants to the powerful Mokkaddians who in turn serve the Divines Tossed into this mix is a magical abomination and the machinations of unknown powers throwing one small corner of this world into near chaosRead on for though some minor spoilers may occurIf the background of Brown’s world sounds a bit confusion then you’ll likely hit upon one of the novel’s slight weaknesses The relationships between the various clans and peoples Koramite Mokkadian Shoka and Fir Noy is never uite clear excepting the lesser place of Koramites of course and even the glossary is not always helpful in this regard Regardless a tenuous grasp of the various interrelationships between clans and people is certainly possible and even that much is enough to spot the tensions between these groups particularly the hatred and distrust the Fir Noy sow with regards to the KoramitesThe novel’s other main problem comes with pacing Part of the trouble here lies with the number of characters who while all interesting make for a narrative that is spread rather thin by a desperate juggle of world building and plot Save for a few minor stumbles here and there Brown manages to pull this off uite nicely and while the plot certain stalls in some sections such as Argoth’s encounter with the Divine skir master which while interesting did little to serve the novel’s main conflict at least initially there is always something interesting and exciting going onThen again despite a large number of character viewpoints to follow along with each manages to create a sympathetic and well drawn character The sections from the monster Hunger’s point of view I found particularly enjoyable and it was great to get inside a villain’s even if he was something of a henchman head Brown’s attention to character is the in my opinion the novel’s strongest uality I mean the novel begins with a character Talen sitting sans pants calmly eating breakfast and waiting to enact revenge on the siblings who he believes stole his pants which is followed by a bit of madcap scene that reveals with excitement humor and action precisely the kind of relationship this family has That as far as I’m concerned is some excellent storytelling While the split perspectives mean we never have a clear protagonist Talen I think comes closest to the role of traditional fantasy hero We learn early on that the way in which Talen perceives the world is not precisely correct and is even somewhat ignorant While the reader comes around rather uickly to another way of thinking Talen’s glacial move towards that same point of view while frustrating is wholly believableServant of a Dark God is at times a serious novel It is a story full of heartbreak and sadness but it isn’t all doom and gloom Brown manages to inject seeds of hope to much of his narrative even in Hunger’s point of view and freuently leaven’s the darkness with dashes of genuine humor that never feels forced While it does take a while getting there Servant of a Dark God comes to a stellar conclusion with a climatic battle that in the best possible way leaves the reader and the characters with as many uestions as answers Servant of a Dark God’s flaws are slight and easily overlooked for what amounts to an exciting and well realized debut novel that fans of fantasy are sure to enjoy I will definitely be looking forward to future work by Mr Brown