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Tempt Me If You Can Summary ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ In the heartwarming yet sizzling seuel to The Man Must Marry Ben Sinclair falls for the one woman he had never expected to loveā€”and learns about the son he never knew he had He'll play by her rules until she falls for himhook line and siH in and change their lives forever Or so she thinks until his return mysteriously unearths a dangerous small town secret With Michael's help Ben will do whatever it takes to prove to fiercely independent Emma that he can be the fearless protector she never knew she wanted and the passionate lover she always thought she could resi. I'd give it a 25 stars if I could I didn't really DISLIKE it but I didn't really like it either Basically guy finds out that he has a son and goes to meet him Son is 15 but has wanted to meet his dad for years In fact he asks to call him Dad by day 3 And Son is amazing smart tall handsome yadda Not even too scarred by being left by Dad who didn't know Mom was preggo and also by Mom who we think has R U N N O F T but is really D E A D as that's the only reason anyone would abandon awesome kidSO Son is being raised by Aunt Who has been in love with Dad since she was 15 And then Aunt and Dad fall in love and have earth moving sex although that's really the earthuakes of Maine and thwart the bad guy with the help of a one antlered bull mooseNone of that is what got me though What got to me is that Dad was an Uber domineering Alpha Male who basically didn't listen to a damn thing that Aunt said Like don't kiss me' And even though she's supposed to be this tough as nails outdoorsy business owner she is just kind of goes along with what ever he says He officially announces that she's his and they're getting married I kept waiting for him to get caught peeing on the wall to mark his turfThere are also some random plot elements that could have been handled better Dad walks home after Father Son bonding to discover that Wanna be Suitor is actually trying to attack Aunt Dad kicks his assand thenthat story line just vanishes There are a couple other moments like that in the book tooI think it would have been a much better if it had stayed a romance not a romancemysteryadventure It was trying to get too many plot elements and didn't do justice to any of themAdditionally I abhor the repeated use of the phrase that little minx in any work of fiction

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In the heartwarming yet sizzling seuel to The Man Must Marry Ben Sinclair falls for the one woman he had never expected to love and learns about the son he never knew he had He'll play by her rules until she falls for himhook line and sinker When an anonymous letter stuns shipping magnate and confirmed bachelor Ben Sinclair with t. For me Janet Chapman is an auto buy author Not because she's all that but because I know I will come away with a good solid satisfying readTempt Me If You Can is just that kind of read Its the second in the Sinclair Brothers series and is the story of Ben and Emma Years ago Ben came to a small logging town in Maine to aid environmentalists who were attempting to keep loggers from clear cutting old growth forests While he was there he had a short lived romance with Kelly Fast forward 15 years laterBen receives a letter stating that he has a 15 year old son named Michael and isn't time he came and met himBen is floored He never knew Kelly was pregnant and he certainly never knew he had a son Determined to get to the bottom of what's going on he heads to Maine only to find that Michael has been raised by his aunt Emma for the last 10 years and Kelly is nowhere to be found by anyoneEmma has raised Michael since he was 5 Well really even before that because Kelly was never really a mother to Michael She's had him in her care since she was 19 years old and is in essence Michael's mother While she never told Ben that Michael existed she also never disparaged him to his father and made sure he knew who he was and where he came from Her view was that when Michael was old enough to make a decision of his own he could seek him out This is probably the only major gripe I have about the storyline I cannot see keeping a good person from their childThis is a smart sexy emotional read that is very satisfying The relationship between Ben and Michael is both parentchild and man to man Michael is an old soul and while he may be only 15 his maturity level is way beyond that thanks in part to his upbringing by Emma There is never any drama between the two but there are definitely a few teary moments for the reader as Michael and Ben bond Michael has an unusual yet extremely loving relationship with his Aunt Emma or Nemmy as he calls her Watching Emma go through the emotions when she thinks she is losing Michael is heart rending As for Ben and Emma the romance is slow to start but ignites with a passion when lit Ben is definitely an alpha male but he's not a chest beater and his attempts to be dominant over a strong willed Emma are somewhat comic yet touchingThrow in a one antlered lovestruck Moose a protective German Shepherd and a town full of colorful characters and you come away with a very nice afternoon readA B

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Tempt Me If You CanHe news that he has a teenage son he's determined to make good on the past But Emma Sands doesn't trust him The beautiful fiery blonde has raised her nephew in the peaceful woods of Maine since he was five and just because fifteen year old Michael is the spitting image of his tall handsome father doesn't give Ben the right to marc. A solid 35 stars for me This is the second of the Sinclair books and the second I've read I thought the role Ben played running his company was certainly underplayed but liked the interaction between Ben and Emma And of course Mike was uber cool Since I like hiking and camping many of the settings appealed to me as well You don't need to read the first book but they are loosely related