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A World Without IceRe and the potential conseuences as we face the possibility of a world without ice A World Without Ice traces the effect of mountain glaciers on supplies of drinking water and agricultural irrigation as well as the current results of melting permafrost and shrinking Arctic sea ice a situation that has degraded the habitat of numerous animals and sparked an international r Very sobering treatise on climate change Includes a point by point refutation of the denier's pointsThe major point that sticks out in my mind is the comparison between the extensive peer reviewing of the IPCC report versus the comparatively slap dash process of the other side It also explains to me why the IPCC report has been described as being on the conservative side of the projections and that things may actually become worse than the report saysHighly recommended to all with an interest in the subject of climate change

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mobi ✓ doc A World Without Ice 9781583333570 ↠ randarenewables ´ A co winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize offers a clear eyed explanation of the planet's imperiled ice Much has been written about global warming but the crucial relationship between people and ice has received little focus until now AsAce for seabed oil and minerals Catastrophic possibilities loom including rising sea levels and subseuent flooding of lowlying regions worldwide and the ultimate displacement of millions of coastal residents A World Without Ice answers our most urgent uestions about this pending crisis laying out the necessary steps for managing the unavoidable and avoiding the unmanageab I met the author whoopee for me in an informal gathering in December 2015 What a pleasant unassuming humble yet brilliant and erudite fellow If you believe that humans are largely responsible for climate change then this book summarizes what we know and what we can do and will simply reinforce your beliefs If you are a climate change denier in Pollack's words a contra then first off shame on you You really need to read this book I think it will change your perspective Let's hope so

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A co winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize offers a clear eyed explanation of the planet's imperiled ice Much has been written about global warming but the crucial relationship between people and ice has received little focus until now As one of the world's leading experts on climate change Henry Pollack provides an accessible comprehensive survey of ice as a force of natu This is a fascinating book about climate change that is very readable for the average lay person and very reasonable avoiding the extremes of There is no climate change; it's just liberal propaganda and Climate change has already negatively impacted the earth and life as we know it is over The author recalls the history of early explorers including the British Captain Cook sent on the Endeavor not only to study the transit of Venus but also to look for a southern continent which he never did discover He included bits about Robert Scott Roald Amundsen and Ernest Shackleton and their explorations I loved the uote by Russ Manning Royal Marine who commanded the British Antarctic Survey scientific station in the South Orkney Islands and uite an expert on Antarctic issues For scientific discovery give me Scott; for speed and efficiency of travel give me Amundsen; but when you are in a hopeless situation and are seeing no way out get down on your knees and pray for Shackleton The implication is that we need the strengths of all 3 of these explorers the need to look at science the need to act uickly and the need to figure out solutions to seemingly impossible scenarios Pollack lists interesting differences between the Poles in the Arctic and Antarctica The North Pole sits on a 10 20 foot layer of ice and the sea ice moves 3 4 miles per day The South Pole sits above 10000 feet of ice and the sea ice moves 30 40 feet per year The Arctic ice has been systematically studied and mapped out since the end of WWII with the advent of the Cold War as Russian and American submarines explored the Article Ocean always on the lookout for possible enemy hiding places With the end of the Cold War these nations have shared their information and been able to accurately gauge real changes in the ice Pollack lists interesting facts about climate change that seems to be natural The tilt of the earth varies between 21 24 degrees which causes changes every 41000 years The fact that the axis wobbles also affects climate making a complete cycle of the seasons every 23000 years The elliptical orbit of the earth around the sun varies often affected by the gravitation of the largest planet Jupiter Depending on the tilt and where the earth is in relation to this elongated ellipse also determines climate changes this on a cycle of every 100000 years Satellite images of the earth seem to confirm these natural cycles of cold and warm Volcanoes which send ash into the atmosphere and stays there for several years doesn't allow the sun's rays to fully penetrate the atmosphere and are always followed by seasons of much colder weather It was very interesting to learn about ice how glaciers move pulled down by gravity how ice shelves and icebergs are formed and how now the ice is definitely melting rapidly than in previous eras Pollack points out that with the population Increase and modern technology the earth has exhibited much higher levels of warming than in previous ages The atmosphere contains water vapor carbon dioxide and methane gas which keep the warmer temperatures in which is usually good bc it keeps at least 60 degrees of heat within the atmosphere that is absent higher up However higher temperatures melt the ice which raises the sea levels and reduces the heat that can be reflected back into the atmosphere As the ice melts the seas become acidic and problems arise Pollack encourages us to look at scientific models forecasting future realities but also warning us that no model is totally accurate bc of many unknown variables I found it interesting that he compared the inevitable climate changes to come with the unexpected financial collapse of the banking systems in 1998 and in 2008 Their financial models underestimated the risks involved and sent the global economies into a tailspin that has not been experienced for decades Rather than wait until an environmental collapse is unavoidable the author encourages us to act now to make changes in energy use to help offset these changes