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Download Ì The White Darkness 106 ↠ Winner of the Michael L Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature“Completely gripping” —People“Dazzling”—The ObserverGeraldine McCaughrean—two time Carnegie Medalist for Where the World Ends and Pack of Lies—takes readers on a spellbinding journey into the frozen heart of darkness wWinner of the Michael L Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature“Completely gripping”  People“Dazzling” The ObserverGeraldine McCaughrean two time Carnegie Medalist for Where the World Ends and Pack of Lies takes readers on a spellbinding journey into the f. So many people have loved this book I think it's just not my thing After the death of her father 14 year old Symone excruciatingly shy hearing impaired geek with an imaginary friend is whisked away on a surprise trip to Antarctica by her Uncle Victor From the start you can sense that something's not right here Victor's acting fishy lying to Sym about their destination stealing her mother's passport so she can't come with them and things just get bleaker and bleaker as the journey goes on My frustration is that Sym is so blinded by admiration for her Uncle who's actually just a close family friend not a blood relative that she can't see that things are horribly wrong I kept waiting for her to take charge and save the day or at least save herself but she just kept going with the flow as things got worse and worse Also the fact that Sym is so shy and the person she talks to most is a dead historic figure who only exists insider her head well it's a very odd perspective I will say that there is some great writing in this book though The plot and characters just didn't do it for me

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Rozen heart of darkness with this lyrical riveting and imaginative young adult novelSymone Sym Wates is not your average teenage girl She is obsessed with the Antarctic and the brave romantic figure of Captain Oates from Scott's doomed expedition to the South Pole In fact Oates. When I think about this book all I want to do is sigh Sigh because it was a frustrating read sigh because of the main character's situation throughout most of the book and sigh that it won the Printz I read it and I read it fast I stayed up all night to finish this mother I was so worried about this girl's retarded fate that I couldn't sleep I needed to find out what happened So in that sense yes it was excellent In the sense that the story traps you like you've gotten snowed in while you're on holiday in the wilderness There is no choice You have to finish You have to surviveHowever I hated myself for caring I hated myself for my inner optimism which compelled me to keep reading And maybe that is really where its brilliance lies That you can hate everything about it but still feel as if you have to finish it

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The White DarknessIs the secret confidant to whom she spills all her hopes and fearsBut Sym's uncle Victor is even obsessed and when he takes her on a dream trip into the bleak Antarctic wilderness it turns into a nightmarish struggle for survival that will challenge everything she knows and love. I have a friend who says she can tell if she’ll love a movie with the first ten minutes And I can often say the same for a book; I can tell I love it within the first twenty pages or so But The White Darkness took me until page 73 to get really hooked And then I couldn’t put it down It’s about a teenage girl Symone who gets her dream vacation a trip to Antarctica She is obsessed with Antarctica and one of its brave explorers Captain Oates from Scott’s doomed expedition to the South Pole She always has been And her Uncle Victor has always supported her But there’s something off about Uncle Victor He’s even obsessed with Antarctica than Sym This is a devastating explosion of a plot that delivers aftershock after rolling aftershock