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Saving Gracie kindle ✓ Hardcover read µ A compelling true story of one dog's rescue from a Pennsylvania puppy millThis touching narrative uses the poignant makeover of Gracie a sickly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to tell the story of America's hidden puppy mills commercial kennels that breed dogs in horrific living conditions and churn A compelling true story of one dog's rescue from a Pennsylvania puppy millThis touching narrative uses the poignant makeover of Gracie a sickly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to tell the story of America's hidden puppy mills commercial kennels that breed dogs in horrific living conditions and churn out often diseased and emotionally damag possible spoilersI knew this book would not be an easy read but I just had to read it Just 2 weeks ago a family member rescued a four year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel like Gracie from a Georgia puppy mill This dog is the sweetest little lap dog ever but everything is foreign to him his bed toys leash grass the sound of cars birds all of these things are new to a puppy mill dogSaving Gracie How One Dog Escaped the Shadowy World of American Puppy Mills is not all about one dog later named Gracie It is a story about a raid on one particular puppy mill Mike Mar Kennels in Oxford PA It is also a wake up call to law enforcement state and federal agencies about the nationwide problem of often unregulated breeding facilities or puppy mills and the need for stricter laws and the enforcement of these laws as wellIn the case of Mike Mar Kennels owner Mike Wolf back in the 1960's raised top show dogs and in the 1970's began breeding dogs Sadly his interest grew to thoughts of profit instead of the humane treatment of the dogs in his care Beginning in 2000 evidence began to mount against Wolf and the kennel He was cited for failure to maintain the kennel in a sanitary and humane manner and paid a fine of a laughable 8750 In 2004 the AKC stepped in and revoked his kennel and AKC license But then both the State of PA and the AKC lost track of him and his operations Finally in February of 2006 following a tip the SPCA prepared intervene and to seize what was believed to be some 136 dogs from this facilityWhat the team found was worst than expected The conditions were beyond deplorable I'll spare you the details Nearly all of the dogs had some health issue and these dogs had most likely never left their cages All these dogs were simply a number never a name Some 30 people took part in the rescue and a total of 327 dogs 3 cats and 3 parrots were rescued On a scale of 1 10 10 being the worst this case was rated as a 100The public was outraged and some 3000 animal lovers flooded the shelters with calls of concern and uestions about adoption The owner and associates were put on trial jailed andor fined and banned from owning animals For the rescued dogs at least for a while it was not easy going nearly every puppy mill survivor refused to walk on a leash some avoided human contact This was especially true for Dog 132 later adopted by Linda Jackson and her family and named GracieMY THOUGHTS Gracie was one of the lucky dogs but this story has just a little to do with Gracie and her new life Lucky Gracie but what about all of the puppy mill dogs that never get to live their life outside of a wire cage This book made me shed a tear or two but it is an important story which hopefully will help to raise public awareness to get people involved in petitioning to change the laws on large scale dog breeding operations The author Carol Bradley is a former newspaper reporter who has written many publications on animal welfare animal hoarding and animal cruelty This is not an easy book to read but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 455 stars

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To get the word out about the millions of American puppy mill dogs who need our helpA touching story of survival and redemptionWritten by award winning journalist Carol BradleyNewsworthy issues call animal lovers to actionJoin journalist Carol Bradley as she draws back the curtain on the world of illegal puppy production in Saving Graci One of the most engaging nonfiction books I've read recently I love dogs and know the Cavalier King Charles dogs fairly well The author of this book has taken one rescued dog Gracie or dog 132 and woven her story around the real horror story of puppy mills If you don't know much about puppy mills or are unaware of what a pervasive problem they still are this book will do much to add to your education Plus you'll love the story of Gracie's happy life after six years as an over used breed dog for a puppy mill

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Saving GracieEd puppies for sale Saving Gracie chronicles how one little dog is transformed from a bedraggled animal worn out from bearing puppies into a loving healthy member of her new family; and how her owner Linda Jackson is changed from a person who barely tolerated dogs to a woman passionately determined not only to save Gracie's life but also I hate waiting to review a book because I'm bound to forget certain things but here goes and I only finished this yesterday so maybe I will remember all I wanted to sayThis first thing is I actually met a Cavalier King Charles from deplorable Mike Mar kennel that is no longer in business thanks to a lot of local heroes Yesterday I went to the vets office to get my dog his pills and saw the beautiful little dog I'd have went over anyway because I love all dogs but since I was currently reading Saving Gracie I mentioned it to her She wrote the name of the book and the author down and when I told her of what it was about she asked me if this kennel was talked about I told her it was the main kennel featured Then she proceeded to tell me this little dog I was petting was a survivor from that same sad kennel I plopped right down on the floor and spent some time with her and talked to her person How much of a coincidence is thatAbout the book unless you're an expert on puppy mills you'll be enlightened I knew what a puppy mill was I knew there are a large amount and the highest concentration in Lancaster PA and I knew Missouri is the other main large place where they exist Everyone knows the conditions are horrible that the dogs meet with much abuse that they need to be gone for goodI didn't know a lot of other things for example how much PA Governor Ed Rendell is a dog lover and did so so much towards helping these animals I didn't know about all of the heroes in the day to day business of saving animals right down the street from meReal uick I want to add that I think Bradley did a great job with this book there is nothing biased or similiar about it She told many great things were credited to Rendell and also wrote about where and how he fell short along with others That impressed me because so many animal lovers are so passionate they forget to give the whole story and the complete truth in their uest4 million dogs a year are put to death FOUR MILLION dogs a year Yet we have breeders all over the country breeding dogs to exhaustion I'd love someone to explain that to me I never knew much or cared much about my pets being AKC registered so I never cared much about the AKC If people knew how much of a hand the AKC had in the PA puppy mills they wouldn't think it was such an exclusive and well rounded organization I also assumed because of what they claim to do that their rules and regulations are air tight They aren't As long as you tell them the parentage of a dog that's good enough for them basically Sometimes proof is needed If you breed a certain amount of litters for example The rest No proof Yet they claim that an AKC registered dogs parentage is 100% They couldn't care an iota less about dogs They care about their dues and making money and that's it The very people whose jobs it was to check these kennels out passed them even when the kennels were atrocious This is an example of how Rendell stepped up in PA He fired the entire group of them and hired all new people and all of a sudden the horrible kennels were being shit down Maybe breeders stopped on their own instead of taking the chance on losing out in the form of jail time monetary loss in one manner or another etc In one case in Virginia rescuers took just under 1000 small breed dogs twice as many as the breeder was licensed to have The breeder was convicted on animal cruelty and neglect charges and his sentence To pay slightly under 5000 in vet bills a 12 year suspended sentence probation and the agreement that he won't own any than 250 dogs Another judge upheld this verdict after an appeal F% the 250 dogs I suppose St Francis of Assis patron saint of animals If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity you will have men who deal likewise with with their fellow manI haven't spent much time on the site yet but wwwanewstartonlifecom looks like a good one to learn and possibly help out Bradley mentions this site and at least one of the sites creators in Saving Gracie If you're an animal lover of any kind Saving Gracie will touch you I'm so thankful that I found this book and I only wish I had known much of this information sooner I will never set foot in another pet store than sells animals Never I had already made up my mind on this a long time ago but this book only reinforced my resolve that I will not buy another fullbred puppy unless it's at a shelter Probably not even then Luckily I love dogs enough that I'm far from being done with them and I have the chance to help some I'll be buying an older dog from now on because the puppies are the first ones to go and the older dogs also much deserve a good life and home I urge people to do some research and find out about this subject the people with the knowledge the better Maybe one day we can be assured no dogs are living in sub standard conditions like the ones attributed to the kennels in Saving Gracie